Franchisers are forced to contend with the highly challenging task of managing multiple locations and simultaneously upholding brand credibility at the HQ level. Franchise management software helps bridge this gap as a platform wherein franchisers and franchisees collaborate.

Here are 4 important features to look for while choosing one.

  • Automated workflows with Franchise Management software

When it comes to franchising workflows are key components. It calls for an ingenious platform to sketch, design, and put a comprehensive workflow into action. Franchise management software listens to your business needs and creates a customized system with a view to pulling off the far-reaching goals of your business.

By putting correct workflows into the effect, both the franchisor and the franchisee can effortlessly collect information about various activities taking place at various stages. After all, you’re here to improve lead conversions for all intents and purposes.

The responsibilities of automated workflows are:

  • Converting mundane, low-yielding jobs into independently running operations and in so doing bring in increased efficiency

  • Allowing sales team to put more focus on high-value tasks and maximize profits

Franchise management software can do the mapping of processes and set alerts and notifications to automatically send and record communications and follow-up tasks. Thus, with automated workflows brought into being you not only devise normal activities and reporting all through the overarching brand presence but also standardize performance measurement.

  •  Multichannel marketing

When it comes to keeping up the consistency of marketing materials franchisees need to accept the policies and principles laid down by the franchise marketers.

This extends over:

  • In-store branding

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Point of sale displays

  • Social media branding

  • Training models

The marketing efforts put down by franchises must be encouraged by their customers on every plane. All intents and purposes must be complemented by positive responses and feedback.

Ideal franchise management software needs to find its feet in this ever-evolving marketing goal.

Since marketing and franchise software development always have their point of intersection at campaigns, a fragment of the workflow processes needs to take email campaigns into consideration.

Such workflow processes have immeasurable values as far as the movement of leads via the sales cycle is concerned.

Therefore, franchise management software should make the creation of the following possible.

  • Automated email responses

  • Personalized links

  • Text campaigns

  • Trigger-based delivery scheduling

After the successful integration of the setup, the system permits the franchisor and franchisee alike to put more focus on several other efforts to upscale the business with substantial money-saving opportunities in the long term.

  • Streamlined production time frames

The foundation of streamlined well-timed production depends on how you eliminate obstacles. Franchise software should have the ability to adjust to changes in and grow alongside your business. When your business expands your data does too. Herein the brand management software has to come to your succor to sustain the ever-increasing workload.

The software must permit the franchisor to include more users and locations without causing any disruption in existing workflows. It should make the task of digital asset management smoother for speedy correspondence. Now, if your team members are bogged down by sorting through different databases looking for information, emails, or images then who will do the real work?

Best-in-class franchise management software modernizes the process in just a few clicks. Through digital asset management feature, it ensures a whole lot of data is conserved in a centralized, cloud-based location with maximum security and accessibility thereby speeding up the production process.

At times, workflows may get interrupted by the marketing needs of incoming franchisees, new requests for marketing materials, or hiring of new employees.

Franchise management software comes up with a suitable location where all marketing materials approved by the brand can be stockpiled which eventually leads to the empowerment of the local marketers belonging to the franchise.

  •  Reporting capability

In the absence of a deep-seated comprehension of the impact a franchise is bringing about, all the above ingredients are simply meaningless to a franchisor. The most proficient franchise management software comes up with all-embracing reporting capabilities that can be easily created, customized, and analyzed to project crucial marketing data based on your preferences.

In an ideal scenario, in-built business intelligence tool must exist that proffers real-time insights through reporting and analytics concerning key business aspects. Franchise management software should have the competence to promulgate insights revolving around the success or failure with reference to:

  • All workflows

  • Internal and external communications

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Sales funnels

  • Sources of leads

Gaining these insights you can draw inferences on whether the right talent is attracted and retained by the franchise, follow-ups on leads are done properly, high conversion rates of leads are maintained, user engagement has shown encouraging numbers, and basic financial goals are realized.

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