Business owners today are constantly looking for ways to expand and decide to drill down the route of franchising. While this decision comes with unparalleled growth and the potential to make money, it is also one element that necessitates serious consideration to comply with the franchise codes.

Can you imagine to avoid these shortcomings and strict penalties for running away from the franchise compliance, without proper software? Definitely not!

To help you with that, we bring you franchise compliance software to ensure that you meet all requirements under compliance guidelines while staying focused on the core operations of the business. Maintaining the same quality of customer engagement and the consistency in the products and services across franchise chains can be quite a task without compliance software.

There are hundreds of benefits of using compliance software for your franchise business. Let us quickly move our eyes through a few of them:

  • Improving customer engagement.

  • Attracting a greater number of leads and retaining them.

  • Nurturing the potential as well as existing customers through email campaigns

  • Collaborating with more and more franchise owners and expanding the business.

  • Automating unimportant tasks such as making calls or keeping track of sources.

Congratulations! Your employees can now channel their time and focus their undivided attention on attaining larger business goals!

Not so convinced yet?

Still thinking! Why at all do you need software for managing tasks that could be done otherwise? Allow us to explain:

  1. Imagine you run out of stock when customer orders won’t stop coming in:

franchise compliance software

Monitoring and keeping a check on all the inventory stock across all the franchise stores without software. Sounds impossible? Yes, to us too. A franchise compliance software will help you to keep an eye on all the inventory stocks so that it doesn’t fall short during the most crucial times. As a franchise owner, you must make sure that there are enough raw materials for the existing orders. Get a grip on inventory management and never lose a chance of earning more and more revenue.

   2. Without franchise compliance software, your business growth strategies will not be feasible

Franchise Compliance Software

What is your ultimate goal as a franchise owner? We are sure it is expanding your franchise chains all across the globe. Without proper compliance software in place, you will never get enough time to strategize the growth of your business. Automation of all such tasks that do not require your creativity, such as lead management, tracking sources from where your customers are driving in or even running pre-planned marketing campaigns is all a huge time saver. Instead, you can tell your employees to use their time for more productive tasks such as focusing on the goal of the number of sales in a month.

    3. People are more interested in your brand than your products and services:

Franchise Compliance Software

Do you know the most common feature of all the successful franchisees? We will tell you it is brand consistency. Many other franchises have been able to build that kind of presence, due to their consistent brand image. A franchise compliance software will help you reach out to more and more customers by establishing a brand reputation and spreading more and more brand awareness. You will have to make sure that there is consistency in pricing and quality across all outlets.

   4. Drastically improve the quality of the products and services provided by your business:

franchise compliance software

Why would customers come back again and again to your franchise outlets? The answer is simple, the superior quality of franchise software. Now this goes the same for all businesses, not just franchise business. But what makes the role of a franchise software so special? We all know, how difficult it is to manage all the tasks at the operational level, strategizing growth tactics as well as ensuring a standard quality throughout, especially, in a franchise business. It is quite possible, that as a franchise owner, your attention might get distracted from the quality of the products and services. Such a disaster that would be for your business! But using franchise software, managing all these difficulties become easy while improving the quality of your product and services.

      5. Your customers will be undoubtedly the greatest source of revenue, so you need to take care of them:

franchise compliance software

We are not telling you this. Statistics reveal that almost 85% of the revenue of any standard-sized franchise business comes in from only 27% of the existing customers. So imagine a customer rise by only an insignificant amount can bring in so many profits! Loyal customers further help in expanding the reach of your business by “word of mouth”. A franchise compliance software will help you build a more trustworthy connection with your customers and prospects through lead management, effective communication, and even email-marketing without wasting a single minute of your employees. Your franchise software will collect for you all the relevant customer data, starting from their social media profiles to the last time they were contacted by your sales team. No wonder, you will manage to top their priority lists.

     6. Wait! It’s 2020 and you can’t spend your marketing bucks like it’s a game of poker.

franchise compliance software

Well, as a franchise owner, you must know how important an effective marketing strategy is currently for any franchise business. There are recently ample trends in the world of marketing to remind your target audiences that you exist. But what exactly works for the type of business you are running? Is it social media or company website? We suggest, no matter how much expertise your marketing team has, avoid wild guessing. There are statistics everywhere. Once you successfully integrate a franchise management software with your business you will get access to plenty of data and graphic reach insights. With the help of such detailed analytics and reports, you will exactly know where to spend.

  7. Now, this is no surprise that collaboration with more and more franchise owners, will help your business grow:

franchise compliance software

So how does a franchise compliance software help you collaborate with other franchisors whose visions might align with your goals and ideas? The strategy is simple. Use your franchise software to conduct virtual collaboration or training sessions where you can discuss your strategies for business growth. Other like-minded franchise owners can show interest and actively engage in the sessions. Together you can figure out ideas for running a collaborative business.

Summing Up

In a nutshell, with the use of a franchise compliance software, your business is sure to achieve a skyrocketing growth. You will soon achieve a solid structure, to ensure franchisee compliance and keep moving forward if you stick to the above practices in combination with the value for brand consistency for franchise innovation.

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