Are you looking ahead to improving the customer service process of your franchise? Do you want to unjam the labor hours for your sales reps or propel your marketing campaigns to greater echelons? Well, you can do all of them by availing yourself of Brandwide’s franchise management software!

Does your business need franchise software?

The necessity of franchise management software is crucial for maintaining excellent customer relationships and long-standing business survival.

When it comes to small businesses, it might be feasible to have sway over your customer relations by simply making use of Excel spreadsheets or Google Sheet. However, the process is time-consuming and unwieldy. Thus, as far as large-scale franchises are concerned it’s highly unlikely to run your brand off simple spreadsheets. The values you derive by using franchise management software are outstanding.

Benefits of Brandwide’s franchise management software

  • Enhanced customer experience

With our franchise management software put into action, you get to secure more knowledge about your prospects. This enables you to have each of your messages aptly personalized and by doing so the software offers more value right from the very beginning. Brandwide’s franchise solution makes it plain-sailing to keep a tab on the personal history, communications, and several other details of your prospects. The information so garnered can be leveraged to fabricate cogent, engaging messages to attract individuals.

  • Boosted productivity

Brandwide’s franchise management software comes to the aid of sales reps in eliminating mundane, time-consuming, low-value tasks such as data entry duties and many other administrative jobs so that they can focus more on dealing with core, high-yielding assignments while interacting with prospects and resulting in added conversions.

The franchise software also simplifies the process of extracting essential information, prior to, in the course of, and after engaging with client calls. This saves plenty of time which subsequently can add up to months’ worth of labor-intensive time in the long term.

  • Improved collaboration

The franchise management software put forward by Brandwide can be effortlessly customized in such a manner it empowers teams and departments to set up close interaction and exchange of information with one another and bring about speedy closure of sales, completion of projects, and resolution of customer problems. The software agrees to let share relevant documents by the use of cloud-based document folders, franchise intranet, or via establishing a chat to easily touch off real-time collaborations.

Along these lines, Brandwide’s franchise software literally makes it a no-sweat task for sales reps to dispense best practices and act as a substitute especially to attend to an emergency on the off chance a team member goes on a vacation or becomes sick.

  • Superior insights

Brandwide offers franchise management software that carves up precious insights meant for the knowledge enhancement of both the franchisors and franchisees. With the software put into service, you can collect valuable information pertaining to the performance of the sales reps, the average size of the deals, and individual and team-wide conversions rates. Besides, the software addresses the issues of red flag alerts in relation to persistent problems involving the sale cycle, for example, the measurement of deal velocity, identification of the stage of the deal having a maximum abandonment rate, etc.

In a nutshell, franchise management software that Brandwide comes up with empowers you to evaluate the competence of your sales reps and business productivity at a glance. In fact, gaining these insights is extremely helpful for franchises running in fiercely competitive domains. They help you discern potential leaks inefficiency and polish up your sales processes and customer service.

If truth be told, with roughly a 700-word article, it’s impossible to gauge the overarching benefits of Brandwide’s feature-rich franchise management software. It’s because of this reason we espouse an introductory approach following which leaves it to the virtual demonstration we offer to do the rest of the heavy-lifting work. That’s exactly where you can gain an in-depth understanding of the potency of the solution and how your business can capitalize on it.

You can look up to the Brandwide Demo page and write out briefly about your company in the contact form to schedule a preliminary demo with one of our experts. Alternatively, you can also directly get in touch with us as (510) 413-9000 / 1-800-763-3766.

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