Are you planning to improve your franchise growth, but not able to decide where to start? don’t be worried, we’re here to help. Before getting into any kind of improvement, the first step is to understand franchise management system. How can you improve something, if you do not really understand what to change? Right isn’t it?

Franchise management is all about planning and a lot of analyzing so that your business clearly knows which way to move towards.

Having a franchise management system is crucial to any franchise that wants to achieve success and growth. Now the question that pops up in your mind is that how do you know if the strategy you implemented will benefit your franchise or not?

The answer is trying and sees it yourself! Below you’ll find 16 easy tips to improve your franchise growth using franchise management software.

  1. Improve your communication using Franchise Management System

Has it ever occurred to you, that you’ve found the answer but don’t exactly remember how you reached it? Well, if it’s still happening to you while working in a franchise world, it’s really bad. That’s why the franchise management system is of utmost importance to improve communication, document everything from process, formulas and business objective.

  1. Attract new leads through online posts and make your research easy

If you’re an entrepreneur dealing with sales, then you probably know how hard prospecting is! Do you know the secret of enticing prospects? Sell them their dream. Research into the next franchise opportunity online and find out what your prospects want to have. Share information across websites and social media also update testimonials from current franchisees to attract leads.

  1. Make bigger plan to grow and achieve goals

If your business is planning for growth, so will your franchisees. So before, you’re planning to do so, make sure you have the resources and systems rightly set up to support multi-unit operators. Ensure the business plan of your brand, marketing, systems and culture are all set up to gear your franchise growth.

  1. Communicate with people and encourage bigger investments

The best way to check if your franchise management system will work them or not is to consult with them. Make your existing franchisee connect with the future ones and sell your business. Enlist the best performing, trustworthy, reliable and confident franchisees, talk to them to know if they’re willing to help with your business growth. Finally, start selling it out to new and future franchisees.

  1. Don’t crush your stakeholders with overloaded information

Too much of information may overwhelm your stakeholders. At the same time, you may fail to convey a critical piece of information that could hurt your organisation negatively. Now, what to do? You need a way to trim the excess information through drip-feed information. Consider creating a weekly or twice-weekly newsletter with easy to grasp information.

  1. Looking behind the closed doors will change or sell nothing

Before it’s too late, try and meet your potential franchisee. Keep in your mind, unavailable CEO’s can be a deal-breaker to someone, who’s looking to invest huge money into your business. Find a professional point on which both you and your lead can discuss freely. Conduct your research on prospects, find their interest areas and keep making them feel special. Remember, your first impression has a lot to do!

  1. Go paperless with automated Billing

When a task is complete, the franchise can check out or mark the job as complete on their mobile device. Do you know how? That’s certainly by using a franchise management system that lets you instantly sent an invoice through an email containing the payment link.

  1. Replace your old dusty manuals with an intranet

How old are your manuals, that you’ve been using like last decade? Physical ones especially. And carrying out all your franchise documentation in a traditional way doesn’t really count, because you have to send out new information every time you update or add. So, how do you do that? Yes, you’re right using a franchise management system that does all your documentation include being able to upgrade things automatically.

  1. Make your administration simpler for franchisee

All of the convenience of scheduling and booking signifies a huge saving of time and money for franchise owners. This leaves plenty of margins for you to take care of core business areas. Instead of having team members on each location, a franchise system allows the job to appear on the calendar for them so that they can easily complete the tasks.

  1. It’s time to Get on to the cloud

If you’re already at it developing your cloud-based intranet make sure you put everything in it, including software functionality, communication database, your documentation, everything. Unfortunately, if you’re that franchise owner who hasn’t yet tried cloud system yet, we understand your doubts but honestly, you’re missing out a lot of benefits, that only cloud system can offer.

  1. Scale your franchise success at every step

As franchising is mostly about leveraging products, service and solutions, it’s imperative that you ensure that all your system and products have been thoroughly examined. Not just financial success, scale all other important metrics to improve your customer satisfaction at every level.

  1. Develop individual landing pages for franchisee

Why do you need another landing page, when you already have a good-looking website to promote? It’s time to think local. Your customers like to shop local they are willing to purchase from local people. So, your national website may not come up on the search ranking, but your local site will come up.

  1. Conduct smart recruitment

For every franchise reporting decline in leads, there’s always a franchise experiencing growth. How do they do that? That’s because one in ten has implemented a franchise management system to find a new way to grow, improve their franchise recruitment content.

  1. Offer online and offline training

The main reason for franchise conflicts is the perceived lack of franchise support. But franchise owner can’t be present everywhere, especially if you have large franchises. That’s where the beauty of the franchise management system comes in to play by providing superb training and support without any need to be physically present.

  1. Improve your franchise marketing

No matter how many customers you have, your priority should be to look for more. So, keep identifying new leads and convert them into customer which is paramount to any franchise success. But this is impossible without a franchise management system which is integral to generate leads using franchise marketing tools.

  1. Customer relationship management

None of the franchise can survive without their customers. Customers management is all about understanding, organizing and communicating with your customers. And the best way to get this done is by using a high-quality CRM software integrated into the franchise system.

Benefits of Franchise Management Software

So, you see the benefits of using a franchise system are many, but your job is to re-evaluate the tips and ideas we’ve shared. These will lead you to attract new customers, have efficient employees and strategies leading to gain better results.

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