The franchise management system is the best in managing the business efficiently for both the franchisor and franchisees.

Franchise Management Solution: 10 Features

Stable Intranet Connection

To maintain the documents for specific brands and assuring all the franchisees are engaged as per the updated conditions related to these brands, the franchisor thus should implement a stable intranet connection under the franchise management solution.

Interactive Support Desk

The franchise management software offered by Brandwide should involve a must-have feature of a support desk supported by innovative discussion boards and an information-based forum. Thus, when the franchisor shares the help functionality among the franchisees, all of the retail outlet manpower can take advantage of customized educative experiences.

Automatic Monitoring for Royalty

The franchise solution has the attribute of automatic tracking of invoices, specifying the due dates for royalties to be collected. So, this feature offers the franchisors the details of achieving the sales revenue.

Integration for Accounting

The franchise owner should integrate the accounts application with the franchise management system, to save time and also to mitigate the threat of manual mistakes. The integration is done by transferring the fiscal information from franchise software to the Chart of Accounts included in the accounting solution.

User-Friendly Interface for Call Center

The franchise management solution must entail a call center link for assisting to emphasize the controlling and retaining of crucial notes about the franchisees and end-users, enabling it to be shared between them. Thus, the solution should ensure that the concerned notes are always well-maintained in a record, and decked up with the latest updates.

Access to Mobile Version of System

The franchisors should be assured that the automated franchise software should optimize the requisite applications in mobile app versions to help the team working in the field. The system should thus provide the route maps and schedule of the field agents. Moreover, the software should be programmed to obtain the customers’ initials and payments digitally, even from a remote location, like the franchisor’s office system.

Optimizing the Service Routes

The franchise management system by Brandwide should render automated route strategies to the field service agents. Thus, it generates the optimized service routes for the field staff and offers live job roster notifications as per the priority of calls from the customers. Besides, it also includes live maps with GPS technology to reduce the driving time, while exactly forecasting the time for the arrival of the field agent.

Program to Allocate News for Sharing Business Adjustments

The franchisor should utilize the software to send business updates to make the franchisees abreast of the latest information and improvements as per the industry.

Round-The-Clock Access to Advertising Resources and Informational Supplies

The franchise management system ensures that the franchisees are independent in obtaining crucial evidence, resources of advertising, and information continuously.

E-Forms of the Franchisee

E-Forms generated by the software eases out the process workflow and negate the requirements to purchase forms for initiating order requisitions.

These prime attributes of the franchise software boost the franchise business operations in an optimized way with successful coordination.

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