The franchise management software (FMS) helps the franchise business through its automated application by filling up the gaps that may appear when the brand has been satisfactorily accepted in the market. These gaps which may arise from differences in the adjustment of the management processes may ruin the franchises’ overall business, if not eliminated beforehand. Therefore, it is necessary to generate a harmonized methodology utilizing the franchise software system, while combining each domain for optimizing the performance of the franchises.

Risks of Not Using the Right Franchise Management Solution

Brand Misconfiguration

If the franchisor does not implement the franchise software, the primary method of transmission and administering the business and brand would not be possible. Thus, if the owner wants to secure the brand which forms the essence of the franchise, he should integrate the software, and bring every aspect of business in a harmonious condition.

Discontented Prospects

Whenever the franchisors are not able to monitor the business of the Brandwide’s retail chains, it will affect the business with incorrect data showing a negative growth trend. But the bitter truth is that the franchise owner is not capable to understand the adversity until the enterprise exhibits a declining tendency. Therefore, a franchisor needs to implement software for synchronizing all activities, which supports the franchise outlets.

Inaccurate and Deferred Payments

The franchisor should take care of additional business when the number of franchisee chains starts to increase. So, if the increasing numbers of outlets are not traced accurately, the linked sales earnings will be lost, and the relative commissions can never be amassed. Thus ambiguity may arise between the franchisor and franchisees, showing an adverse effect on the operations. Therefore, the franchisor needs franchise management software, with unique aspects like automatic commission calculation, which will seek and acquire the relevant royalty.

Invalid Fiscal Data

The inaccurately documented data can harm the operational functionalities of a franchise. Therefore, the franchisor needs to mitigate these errors by integrating the Chart of Accounts, and QuickBooks Online system, with the franchise management software.

Losing the Franchisee Sales Leads

For aligning the new franchisee chains of Brandwide, and enhancing the firms’ prospects, the franchisor needs to initiate optimized marketing campaigns for managing the leads with responsive emails and phone calls. Therefore, to negate the mismanagement, the owner should implement the franchise software and synchronize with the Franchise Sales CRM, administering the leads through a call to action, while tracking them across the entire sales pipeline.

Hindered Consumer Assistance

Sometimes when the franchisor defers to acknowledging the customers, the rating from them goes down, thereby affecting the franchise’s trustworthiness. Thus, the owner should merge the mobile app with the franchise management software, assisting the sales personnel to quickly respond from any place.

Squandered Job Engagement Options

Here, the franchisors need to customize the accurate routes planned for the sales personnel, and also blend the mapping process with the software to neutralize the excess travel time.

The franchise software application thus helps to automate the business from all perspectives, while optimizing the entire operations to boost the sales conversion.

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