Are you looking for more franchise business prospects for your business? The answer could be as simple as improving your google search ranking using the best franchise software for cleaning.

Regrettably, what should have been easy for you is complex to you now, because of the lot of distorted information and preconceived notion that most users have. Let’s help you with this.

When you start searching for topics like how to rank your search engines, or how to find business leads, there’s a lot of contradicting information and outdated strategy. And you’ll almost everybody has a magic trick which they can’t wait to sell you. Believe it or not, most of the information you’ll see online is anecdotal. Just because it has worked well with someone, doesn’t guarantee it would be working for you in bringing more cleaning service leads.

So, what’s next? 

If you’re wondering about how to rank on google and stay ahead of your cleaning franchise competition in the search engine, finding qualified leads. You’re at the right place. Let’s dive into the proven franchise marketing techniques that have delivered results to several customers.

The ultimate way to generate more business leads

The search engine is always about impressing Google that the audience will have good encounters when they enter your business profile. That means, giving a flawless experience to the user and valuable content, can keep Google and customers happy.

So, if someone is searching for a cleaning franchise service, they’re more likely to enter through the leads funnel and book your service when they explore through your website. Thus, it becomes a must for you to add good tips, and in-depth content into the mix and you’re surely going to have skyrocketing sales. The bottom line is that customer admires you more when they see the expert in you.

If you’re a small cleaning service, then you probably don’t have enough time or resources to master in SEO. To get it done effortless, use these tips, get real help using franchise management softwarethat brings real cleaning business leads, and you’ll already end up being ahead of the competition.

Build a cleaning franchise recruitment website

It’s always essential to have a dedicated website for franchisee recruitment. Candidates who land on your website must be able to quickly recognise whether your brand can appeal them through easy steering and engaging content or not. The website guides the interested leads to complete on an inquiry with complete transparency on the next steps. Based on your franchise service behaviour, your website must have content that communicates exclusively to the target audience. Don’t just expect your audience to walk in. Google’s algorithm checks on hundreds of ranking characteristics into consideration while deciding the fulfilling criteria. However, stamping on the millions of search results is not an easy thing, but doing the mentioned things in the right way could help you find your leads in no time.

Craft a franchise marketing plan with your team 

Make sure you have a well-defined marketing strategy and allocate a franchise marketing investment before getting franchise leads. In case if you’re just getting started with your cleaning franchise development, ensure that the marketing budgets are the part of your start-up cost, that’s built-in your business model and included into your franchise wage. Most of the developed franchises are looking for fast track growth. That makes it a must for you to review their marketing strategy at least once a year.

We’d advise not to pull out all your marketing funds, at once for one lead generation source, even if you find the best source for your franchise prospect. It would be fair to diversify your budget allocation so that you can cover a broad range of franchise marketing activity.

Use keywords for finding cleaning franchise leads

Did you know both the number and density of the keywords used in a content matters a lot in finding a business lead? Using keywords in headlines and titles represents a strong correlation to higher ranking as a result you can find more business leads easily. At the same time using longer and relevant content may also work better in finding qualified leads. Majority of the studies shows an interlink between long content and better search engine ranking.

The thing is if you simply use random keywords they are not going to just come. A franchise business website doesn’t magically bring the right prospects to your sales team. Your sales and marketing team needs to work together in engaging with your leads.

Franchise development to nurture more leads

If you’re desperately looking to attract more leads for your cleaning franchise business, then BrandWide’s franchise software for cleaning is the best option you have. It helps you to boost your brand by making more time for your sales team to work with new prospects. This can be effortlessly achieved through optimization of lead nurturing and automating all of the above functions, along with automation of administrative chores that otherwise could keep your business from retaining more leads.

So now you must be thinking how do you optimise your lead generation? Start with strong reporting and analytics tools that help you to grasp a strong insight into the latest market trend. This is what makes the lead generation task and opportunity more useful and cost-efficient. Using a franchise software, you can easily keep a track of detailed records of your past leads. That will help you find which leads, portals and other resources are producing the highest ROI. Not just that, the marketing module also improved the efficiency of the franchise promotions, doesn’t matter if you use social media campaigns or email for outreach. At the same time your internal communications with your franchisee units and team. It becomes equally transparent to share referrals, testimonials or information when any existing franchisees have any qualified franchise in mind.

Using a franchise software for cleaning makes it easy for you. Want to know how?

  • By effortlessly streamlining your lead information from a lead portal by populating your contact list automatically. Also, it eliminates the trouble of manual entry of redundant tasks that usually take more hours of your work.
  • It helps you to consolidate your recruitment and deployment activities into a single platform, cutting down the need of using any third-party software or add on tools. That means you don’t have to switch on excessive tables thus your hours are saved finding more leads and lead generation solution.
  • Provides you with streamlined correspondence with all of your leads to reduce delay or gaps in communication. Also enables you to access all the correspondents, details of leads and calendar from one single intuitive platform.

Wrapping it up

Learning how to master lead acquisition is not a one-off thing. As much as we’d like to share you with a helpful and proven process, there’s always a considerable amount of research that’s required.

However, based on some of the expert results, you must

  • Try to apply the right SEO strategies and implement the appropriate keywords at the right place
  • Employ a recruitment website that actually offers value to your leads
  • Make sure your website has valuable content and fast downloading speed
  • Don’t forget to build a strong marketing strategy

And at last, if you still feel you’re not prepared yet, don’t procrastinate much, contact us immediately and get it done. If you want to learn more about franchise software for cleaning, book online or request a demo with BrandWide.

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