Do you think franchise sales is all about closing deals? If so then you’re wrong, because franchise operations are more about simplifying the entire process of sales to find out the best franchise leads using Franchise CRM solution.

To be precise, it’s about making the process of sales easy including marketing, lead generation and converting them into loyal franchise customers. Hence, with all those tasks such as retaining more franchise locations, bringing value for the business, and letting your customer have the best experience, how do you think franchises find ways to pivot and grow?

The answer is a Franchise CRM solution. Yes, using BrandWide’s franchise CRM software you can drive your sales through building an efficient relationship with your customers.

Still, you’re in doubt? To clear your doubts, let’s dive deeper to learn how you can boost your sales and franchise growth as well as be the leader in managing your franchise customer relationships and operations.

Tips & Tricks to enhance your franchise sales

While you think that working just on sales and marketing campaigns can grow your franchise sales, but it’s not always the way. It’s always wise to build a relationship with your customers when it comes to boosting your sales. The more you invest in facilitating relationship and communication with your team and customers, the more you’re likely to expand your franchise worth.

To help you with here are some best features of franchise CRM solution, leveraging which franchise owners cannot win more sales, business leads but also can win more locations.

  • Helps you to effortless import prospects from different sources into CRM platform

Lead as you know are present everywhere, you meet them in the trade shows, find them while browsing social media, websites or more, or you may get in touch with them over a call also while requesting a demonstration over an email, or much more. But bringing them all to your CRM is not at all an easy task, but with BrandWide, you can find your leads effortlessly. Want to know how?

Brandwide’s franchise CRM software allows you to automatically retain prospects from emails, websites, also helps you to import leads from a CSV file. You can also manually add them to your franchise CRM platform.

  • Cloud centered integration with different email marketing tools

If you’re looking for a feature to track your customer behavior trend with ease, then this is it. BrandWide’s franchise CRM solution comes with a cloud-based CRM platform, that offers you deeper insights into relevant franchise statistics like pages read, the time spend by leads on every page and more. You can surely use the cloud centered CRM system to track your leads endeavor through your emails. Be in the update when a lead opens or clicks a link on your email. Not just that franchise CRM lets you have a bird’s eye visibility on all your lead contacts, the communication you have had with them. So, you can monitor all your franchise contacts and needs in one unified place.

  • Has the ability to provide daily operational assistance

Franchise CRM solution is integrated into an operational CRM tool that emphasizes on streamlining your customer conversations with sales and marketing. It also offers features such as service automation, that means it can manage tasks more effectively in fewer steps. Basically, operational CRM offers an interface for your team to communicate with others and for your sales reps to interact with the third parties in the app. So, you have the option to organize your teams and set tasks to enhance the perceptibility and transparency of the brand.

  • Easily synchronizes with your system and easy to deploy

Running a large franchise using software that’s difficult to implement is surely not going to be worthy for your business. We’re sure that you want a compatible and well adaptable software that helps to strengthen and fasten your tasks. A Franchise CRM software can perform all the tasks related to your business needs, such as seamlessly integrating with common data points without any issues in compatibility. And if you’re worried about the implementation, we’d suggest let BrandWide do the rest for you!

Wrap up

By integrating your franchise business with a franchise CRM solution, you can start building a relationship with your customers and leads, by sending them different compelling campaigns, messages, emails. Thus, you can close more deals and drive more sales than you’ve ever imagined.

Don’t waste more time, go ahead and use the franchise CRM ideas and tool mentioned in the article. For the best results, set up a call today.


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