A franchise business may be like any other business as it’s dependent on customers, and franchise sales like any other business are driven more by customer relations. But To have the best customer relationship as much possible you need a Franchise CRM. An efficient franchise CRM software can help you communicate with your client base and manage your relationship with consumers. 

But if you’re thinking you use just any CRM, then the answer would be No! Now the question that comes to your mind is that why do you specifically need a franchise CRM to work with your franchise business?

Let’s have a look at how a franchise CRM software helps your business?

Importance of franchise CRM software to your business

Believe it or not, efficient CRM software will eventually pay for itself. By doing so, your business can increase its profits over time. A CRM software easily organises sales as well as stores customer details, wherein the data is the lifeline of any successful business, especially a franchise business operation. At the same time, an excellent CRM software will also help you to segment your customers. Just when you need to create a division between your customer base and segregate your potential audience into different groups, a franchise CRM will do the real work in developing your marketing strategies as per the needs of your customer segment, 

Hence your marketing strategies become more efficient and help to skyrocket your sales. Also, segmenting your customers makes it easy for you to engage them with your new products and services. So, the key takeaway here is that CRM is the ultimate way to acquire clients. But to get a CRM software working for you, you need to first examine what your goals and targets are? Look for the information your franchise needs to boost your sales and from there pick the best CRM for your franchise brand

So, you’ve seen how effective CRM software can boost your business, but when it comes to managing a franchise, a franchise centred software, it boasts several benefits over a general CRM system. Let’s dive into the benefits of having a franchise CRM for your business.

Process automation 

Every business function cannot be managed using a manual spreadsheet allocated to every department, to make your franchise a successful one, it is essential to have a smooth-running operation on schedule. A franchise CRM helps you to accomplish this by automating most of your redundant tasks and time taking tasks while saving your team’s energy to do high-value work. 

Integrating franchise lifecycle        

As a CRM system offers features such as automating, scheduling, managing and more of customer communication, you can easily use it at various stage of your franchise lifecycle. But keep in mind, that the software must be able to seamlessly integrate into a franchise system and the information must be effortlessly conveyed to different franchise departments including sales and marketing. 

Campaign management

One of the most essential parts of a successful franchise business is marketing campaigns. Franchise CRM software can create, analyse, track campaigns. There are many CRM software that has the competency to conduct email marketing campaigns and send text messages. 

Finding qualified franchise leads using source tracking

Let’s be honest, making franchise sales and finding franchise leads are tough. So, you need to remain prepared to overcome the challenges that your sales team might face while looking for leads. Since lead generating is the foremost step in the franchise sales, the first thing you need to do is to track the source of your leads such as social media, search engine, PPC campaigns, testimonials and more. 

And then decide where and how must fund you want to invest in marketing. Your source tracking will allow you to determine the number of qualified leads generated by your sales team and also help you examine the rate of franchise success. 

Reporting & Analytics

Having the right franchise CRM does not only help you find relevant leads for your business, but it lets you get a 360-degree view of your overall franchise brand, segment groups and view marketing progress of your franchise unit. So, you can easily determine which locations are doing well and which needs improvement. 

The key features it offers in marketing analytics are:

  • SEO monitoring,

  • Leads tracking

  • Social media presence

  • Reputation management. 

In other words, a franchise CRM is both a franchise management tool and a cloud CRM system for the franchise. It’s innate is offering both these service in one unified hub, that ensures peak productivity, effectiveness and growing franchise performance. Gain more insights about it by contacting us today


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