For a very successful franchise crm software, nothing is much more important than managing customer relationship. The task is crucial, time taking and monotonous as well as prone to errors. 

All of us have indeed suffered bad from the consumer’s side of things, strolling around sales reps, struggling through redundant tasks and questions and information falls through the cracks.

There are instances, when you miss appointments with your clients, as you get busy managing your franchise units. Also, there may be the instance, when it can make a bad first impression with a lead, which is something your franchise business cannot afford. 

Fortunately, there’s a franchise CRM software for that. 

What is franchise CRM software? 

Every franchise is different, if you’re running restaurant franchise, the information and data you’ll gather can be completely different from an automobile window replacement franchise. And that’s the issue with most of them out of the box solution. Thus, your business needs, not a one size fits all solution rather a custom franchise CRM software that can tailor to your specific franchise needs. 

At the same time, operating a successful franchise means dealing with a lot of work at once. You need to consistently look for a new franchise opportunity and successfully hiring and onboarding the qualified ones. You also need to ensure they get appropriate training. Also, they need to have upgraded access to course to develop any kind of knowledge to run the franchise. 

A franchise CRM software helps you to do all of these, using that you can organise courses and monitor their performance as they work through multiple training activities you create for them.

That’s just one benefit. A franchise CRM software helps you to streamline all your franchise operations including notes, emails that you have sent, renewal agreements and performance reports. All of this information is easily accessible through the cloud, that means you can check it anytime from any location. 

Not convinced yet! Take a broader look at the benefits of franchise CRM software:

Cloud centred integrations

The franchise business model consists of a franchisor that helps to manage the overall brand and business at the topmost level, the franchise managing processes in the middle and consumer receiving goods and services at the end. A franchise CRM software implements a cloud centred integration that helps to ease franchisor accountabilities and streamline all the levels. At the same time, franchise units have a system in place to gather essential sales data, while franchisors have access to easy mode for browsing data. Using the cloud, professionals can retain information through the different levels of the franchise management as required to obtain the information you’re looking for. 

Regular operational support

When the franchisor is operating, your software solution transforms from development and creating a tool that primarily concentrated on franchisor management. Franchise units require a system that offers comprehensive daily support. The franchise CRM solution includes integrated royalty calculation software, scheduling features, planning resources and sales tracking system. 

As a part of this franchise system, the software helps the franchisees with access to smart solutions that are driven by big data. The best franchise CRM software fosters standard solution and processes throughout the franchise operation ensuring it is consistent at every location. 

Grow your sales pipeline fast

 A CRM software is employed by many franchise businesses as an effective way to monitor contacts with their leads and to calculate the progress at every sales stage. Among all other benefits, a CRM helps sales reps assign value to their leads and the likelihood of converting it to sales. Using a franchise CRM software, you’ll be able to make confident franchise reward decisions, automate the sales cycle, close franchise sales faster by finding qualified leads and prioritising sales prospects. Then you can easily track engaged candidates at every step. 

Get out of the box CRM functions

Using franchise CRM, you can effortlessly deploy sales configuration, thus gaining immediate value to the business. So, you no more require a complicated and costly implementation to solve your sales needs. All you get is streamlined functions and continuing customer support system that helps to ensure the highest ROI. 

Manage consistent engagement

Every successful franchise business consists of great training for the franchise units. But it is important that the training offered is both relevant and engaging for the candidates. At the same time, without any efficient tools to manage consistency, be it a training manual or stepwise guidance, these simplified tools can dramatically help to enhance franchisee engagement. Using a franchise CRM software, you can automatically engage with the franchise candidates from educating to closing deals with customised content, dynamic email delivery notification and range of campaign management tools. 

Easy automation of responses 

Quality customer support service is the success meters for any franchise business. And while every franchise desire to have quick, responsive and automatic support, corporate help centred frequently comes up with minor help that could be easily solved by a franchise CRM solution. It comes with a robust intranet platform, allowing franchisors to upload, edit and convey all system and operational sources through a virtual library. Also, you have the option to enhance conversion through automated emails and text messages when candidates answer to your messages. 

No leaving any franchise deal behind

Using a franchise CRM software, you can get a command centre visibility of your entire sales to funnel, by territory, easily track franchise development performance, marketing revenue, and quickly convey the progress of the lead with sales and marketing team. So, you can easily point out the issues and take corrective measures on it. 

Understanding the individual needs of franchise operations will surely enable you to pick a franchise CRM solution that specifically designs to help your business. So, make sure you review all the benefits before you buy one. For better understanding, schedule a demo with us

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