If you’re already operating in the franchise industry, then you know that software for franchise management is all about the franchisor, the franchisee, and your clients. Regardless of whether you are an established franchise company or an emerging company contemplating expansion with new franchise units by franchising or emerging franchise owners, you will still need a franchise programme designed to help you increase your revenues, achieve the higher level of customer and franchisee experience and have full reporting and visibility for the franchisor.

A proper software for franchise management helps in lead management, dynamic dashboards updates, reporting sales metrics that helps users to track customer database, prospective customers and prospects. You also have the option to personalize the software according to your franchise requirements. The software for franchise management helps to properly analyse the business trends.

For the new franchisor, franchise operations became much simpler with a selection of comprehensive tools in a single platform. Franchisors can now have direct access to the region setup, full sales data, royalty management fees and franchise service.

Development of the franchise

Did you know that 39 percent of them got a response within four hours of the first touch for the leads that your sales representatives have shut down? But if you haven’t established any communication within four hours or maybe for a day, this figure will drop to 15 percent. But you can simply use the network using the software for franchise management, which puts you in the driver’s seat to lead the industry. Not only does it help you spend much more time interacting with your competent leaders and decreased time with managerial duties. Starting with an automatic reply built up for email inquiries will be the best tip. This will allow you to obtain notice of the timetables you have set for follow-up.

Optimize levels of inventory and supply chain

The franchise owner has control of inventory at the corporate level with a decent system of supply, purchasing and franchise requirements. There are fully automated inventory replenishment programs available that can be used in particular companies or across the business chain. Sales invoices can be paired with min / max inventory numbers and added to the server of the supplier. Franchisees can go a huge way to control their inventory levels if they have links to past sales reports and the distributor archives. The manufacturing process can be simplified with automated production, as well as the ability to use excess stock from many other lowered-sales stores. The software for franchise management, which is paired with a supply management framework for the bridge-chain, aims to reduce holding costs.

Managing performance of the franchise

The latest study showed there are several challenges faced by the franchisors due to inadequate coordination between teams and franchise systems. To solve this, it is important to generate flexible output within the enterprise using knowledge platforms such as an intelligent management framework, comprehensive perspectives and intelligence system to tailor behaviour based on the needs of units and simplified target to scale the activities and business performance more effectively. With the help of proper software for franchise management, it becomes very easy to manage the performance of the franchise

Process automation

It is not possible to handle every procedure or project using a database and delegate it to every unit. The activities must work smoothly on time in order to achieve the overall success of your franchise. A software for franchise management helps you to do this by streamlining the repetitive and time-taking procedures of marketing tasks and business processes of customer relationships. Hence, having the sales staff concentrate on highly challenging activities to save resources and time.

Leads of franchises and tracking sources

It is vital to track franchise leads and sources via social media, search engines and paid promotions. Because it enables the franchise divisions to decide when and how much advertising funds are needed to spend. At the same time, a franchise company’s source monitoring function helps to calculate the number of leads provided by each origin and total leads, which helps to measure the franchise’s rate of success. In addition, origin monitoring helps you to decide on your franchise company’s expense per route and ROI.

Organized systems of the franchise

Did you ever find yourself caught in a cycle thinking how many precious hours you have continuously spent doing the same stuff? You no longer have to do so. You can easily transform your repetitive tasks or activities that are of little value into freed-up activities by streamlining the workflows. This will allow your team to focus on the tasks that are of top importance. You can scale procedures, set up notifications to periodically send and record follow-up activities, maintain data sets and optimise the quality careers by creating a comprehensive workflow system. Thus, automation helps you to have a well-managed franchise system that allows you as one single entity to operate the retail stores.

Reporting and analytics

Analytics and reporting play an essential role in franchise decision making. Your franchise CRM allows you to collate the data, evaluate and report it in a sequential way. This helps to provide significant insight into your email campaigns, communication, and distribution channels as well as lead funnels. 

Tracking of important information

In addition, automated franchise management systems can assist offices without the need for frequent examination to track vital information such as sales profits, fluid available funds, income, expenses, and expenses for the individual retail chains. The integrated implementation helps the franchise owner to identify and compare and verify the effectiveness of the technique implemented to all retail chains.

Franchise support

Be it a franchisee company or a standard one, customer service is an essential component of every company. The system integrates seamlessly into various support networks, automates recurring research and tracks performance factors, thereby decreasing time and effort to accommodate the learning of franchisees. It also provides clear and immediate feedback and mentorship to help them perform better and faster in all franchise operations.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the ways by which a software for franchise management can help in understanding the business trends, we hope you will be able to select the best one. If you are still worried, do not hesitate to call us and ask for a demo.

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