According to a survey, the children education and development franchise industry in the US is has expanded by 3.7 % and produced over $3 billion more in the previous 5 years. While there are millions of educational franchise options to consider where each of them is focused on various subjects of learning. But all of them stand to gain from a franchise management software. 

What is a franchise management software?

It’s a platform that enhances the collaboration between a franchisee and franchisor and helps in their in managing the sales, CRM, and inventories of the company product under which both are working together. The software creates a rule that both parties agree to follow and coordinate their work. This software also helps in monitoring the work of the franchisor and help the franchise keep a bookmark upon their performance in the business.

Educational franchising

Education not only helps a child to set for success but also boost the economy of a country. Do franchisee in education is one of the biggest business in our country. As an educational franchisee, you will help every child in attending schools and increasing the literacy of the country. By investing in education franchisee not only you are enriching a child’s mind but also enhancing his growth both morally and psychologically with the help of franchise management software.

Franchise management is a highly useful software that is used during the present situation because:

After successfully promoting a franchise system, an efficient franchisor will offer significant support and guide to the emerging franchisees consistently. But managing a franchise network requires talent and a great deal of careful planning. The most efficient franchise models leverage the subsequent elements in a business:

  • Technology: Nowadays, a franchisor must make use of tools and systems that is accessible to them from a technological standpoint. With ever-evolving technical competencies and standards technologies such as franchise management software is available at a price that’s suitable for most franchisors. 

  • Communication: Being a strong franchisor, it may be easy to miss out some important parts of managing your business. A franchisee typically will have much different perception on things than the franchisor. Efficient franchise management requires seamless communication from overall angles while considering those while making the right decisions. Integrated communication is a great way to manage and enhance the relationship with franchises, that franchise management software can solve. 

Organizing the educational franchising through Franchise management software

A nationwide educational franchise business presently has the topmost rank in the market with a share of all paid education brand. Now as the COVID-19 pandemic stresses over, educational franchisors are looking for an effective management system to sustain safe business continuation.

With the help of this software the franchisee can:

  1. Separate different category of work and avoid huge pressure of paperwork

  2. Terminate manual errors and creates easy access to maintenance and daily based operations.

  3. Student batches, their details, pay structure, results, and other important activities are easily managed by it

  4. View enquires and creates follow-ups.

  5. Able to reach more students and guardians and create a bond with them

  6. Increase admissions by increasing the sales of promoting educational institutions throughout the country.

  7. Streamline daily activity off campus and keep a track of different educational purchases and procurements on the campus.

Enhance your email marketing 

While most of the online marketers and large franchise now leverage the power of an automated email campaign, several educational franchises fail to have this in this context. Because most of the franchise owners are scared of the learning curve, where the main reason is that franchisors now lack time and technical knowledge. 

But email marketing is an incredible option for all educational franchise:

  • Declaring a new registration period

  • Promoting fundraisers and other franchise events

  • Launching remote educational facility during a pandemic

  • Education franchise development tools and campaigns

With franchise management software, email marketing becomes easy wherein you don’t hire any additional expert for managing complicated programming language. The software makes email campaign fun and simply creating your business more successful. 

Innovating teaching procedures for education franchises

During this COVID-19 situation, as most of the franchisors are looking for safe business work grounds. Face to face teaching encounters are presently restricted in most of the nation, but there’s nothing you need to stress about.

Because whether you’re looking to adopt innovative virtual teaching sessions to training your franchisee staffs as a COVID-19 safe substitute, a franchise management software can be the best solution. As the training module is integrated into a comprehensive LMS or learning management system that can be utilised to create the following:

  • Arranging multimedia courses for the encrypted students

  • Creating training tutorials for franchise units

  • Creating quizzes to examine the ability

  • Tracking customer or staff activities on assigned readings. 

Concluding lines

Franchising is an important aspect of business which provides a stable and feasible option to the education sector. Franchising any other sector or product might lead to shutting omens one day, but the education franchise will never meet such a result. The franchisee has to handle the whole system with care because the future of a thousand children rests upon his decision. So, franchise management software puts all the efficiency at your fingertips, automating your reports linked with performance indicators. You can even have an insight into market research by collecting actionable feedback.

For more information call BrandWide or request a demo to check out the franchise management software for education franchise sectors. 

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