Over the last few years, the software industry has significantly grown in the USA. As a result, selecting the right CRM platform has become really challenging work. It is more like looking for the best franchise software in a confusing market. To make it easy for you to find the right franchise, we’ll get you hold of the best franchise CRM that fits the need of your organization. So, let’s have a look at the features of the best franchise CRM software.

Do you need a franchise CRM?

A franchise is like any other business that highly relies on its customer to achieve success. At the same time, a franchise’s sales are driven highly by customer relation. So, to have the best customer relationship as possible, you surely need a good CRM to connect and communicate with your customer base. But how will you know when it’s time for you to buy a franchise CRM?

The good news is that if you concentrate on a few clear indications, it can help save your franchise business from some pain points.

Cloud CRM integration

Franchise CRM

The business model for franchise consists of a franchisor who is responsible for managing the overall business, the franchise managing operation works in the middle and the consumer receiving the products are at the end. A Cloud-based CRM utilises cloud integration to simplify the franchisor operation by streamlining all the levels of a franchise business. Using BrandWide franchise CRM software, professionals can easily retrieve the information up or down through the different levels of management as per the need they’re seeking.

Intuitive reports and analytics

franchise crm

In a franchise system, big data is a crucial tool that helps to provide a top to bottom view of the entire business. The franchise CRM is designed in such a way that makes it easy for franchise owners to recognise trends that are taking place across the business. Also, it helps them to identify location centred issues that fall outside the normal boundaries of daily operation. As a franchise owner surely, you have a wide range of business activities that you’re accountable for tracking. How do you think you can manage all of that? This is when a well-managed franchise CRM software comes in to help and make it possible for you to pull out custom reports at a few seconds and helps you to determine the analytics given therein.

Automated workflows

Franchise CRM

Workflows are an important part of your franchise lead management system. Tailoring and applying workflows will help you to design the system according to your specific needs and activities taking place. Using a CRM solution helps you to effortlessly automate your redundant task, which otherwise would have taken a lot of time. By doing so, your sales team will be able to spend more time on high-value work, such as understanding the behaviour of customers and moving towards a rewarding process. Furthermore, by mapping a process, you can automatically send and record all the corresponding need and set follow up for the task.

Tracking of status & Source

Franchise CRM

We assume, as a franchisor, you must be busy in managing multiple business tasks. As a result, you don’t really have time to concentrate on lead management which is an ideal part of your franchise business. To help you with this, a franchise CRM comes with a built-up lead management system that’s specifically designed to address franchise centred lead status and tracking system. Utilising the software, you can also technically distribute and track the source of your brand’s FDD, linked to your candidate record. To learn more about source tracking, click here.

Operational support

Franchise CRM

Whether you’re just getting started with the idea of a franchise business or looking for an opportunity to maximise your brand, you’ll always need a franchise operation system to manage the level of cohesion in your business. Yes, once you start using a franchise operating system, it switches from a development software to a building tool that is centred around franchise owner management. All franchisees require a system that offers robust support to manage daily activities, that includes royalty calculation, scheduling, planning of resources and tracking of sales. Thus, using a franchise CRM helps to offer all of this smart solution and facilitates processes across the franchise unit, so that functions are persistent at every location. 

Now that you already know, how a franchise operation can help your business, it’s time for you to determine whether you at all need a franchise CRM or not.

Concluding Lines

We guess, by now you’ve understood that for a small business it might be easy to manage customer relationship using a google or an excel sheet. But as you grow your franchise business towards a larger one, running your brand with a simple spreadsheet becomes impossible. 

Ultimately, it’s your call to decide what your franchise truly needs. But you cannot deny the boons the best franchise CRM offers. 

What are you waiting for, to get the feature-rich franchise CRM, approach us today? We’ll set a demo with our expert. You can also directly call us at (510) 413-9000 / 1-800-763-3766.

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