Franchise Management System has provided us with an integrated platform. It manages all the necessary working channels of the business organization. It mutually helps the Franchisor and the Franchisees avoid complications and issues by solving them through a collaborative working atmosphere. The surrounding that serves all the intermediate points of business functioning. To understand the facilities provided by the business organization itself, the service has been demonstrated through the overview of the Franchise Management System incorporated within the business functioning of BrandWide. Here is a quick layout of the operation module.

Imagine yourself to be the franchisor of a business with four franchisees. One at Las Vegas, one at Fermont, and the other two. You log in to the Franchisor’s account into the platform and choose the option of operations. You are now connected to your entire business workflow into one central working unit. You can see the status of your franchisees. Maybe one is present at the position of the franchise, and the others are through with the process of on-boarding. Simultaneously, one at online training, the other at the service agreement, and another at a one-to-one training. These are the varied stages of the workflow. Once you are done with the former, you will see the information to proceed further. Here, you can fetch the detailed records of the business operations.

franchise management system

Task and appointments:

You can see the present or future tasks and appointments. Previous tasks can also be traced. The set-up of the Franchise Management System correlates the tasks and appointments with the particular stage of the workflow. As soon as you land on a particular stage, your tasks shall be automatically created. If and when you have completed it, the software would instantly ask you to revisit the completed tasks by a checklist. Submitting to these would take you to the next stage. In this process, you can even add notes.

Text scheduling:

The option of text scheduling is made applicable through automated data collection and analysis. You might want to make a phone call or an email to your employees and franchisees. In this regard, you can choose the appropriate template from the saved categories and send it to anyone and every one of your organizations. In case of calls, the system would also facilitate automated recording. Finally, all of these send messages, emails, and phone calls will be stored in the history. This particular aspect further contributes to the activities scheduled by the Franchise Management Software in the tasks and appointments section.

Additional listings

The system also lists any additional contacts. For instance, employees’ contact listing, compliance listings, project or event management listings. These tabs can even be customized. As per the needs of your Franchise Business, and according to the specific franchisees.

Invoices and Quotations

As a Franchisor, you can frequently check the royalty invoices. The invoices of all the franchisees as a whole. Now, you can certainly send them to QuickBooks. It is for you to keep the payment records of the customers in one place. The quotation includes any attachment or agreement needed to be signed. Or any other listed documents for the franchisees to display before you.

franchise management system

Library and News Hub

Library facilities are for all the franchisees to see and learn about the business operations further. There is a shared folder and a general folder. The shared folder is for the franchisees to fetch materials of learning as per the needs of the franchisees in particular. While the general folder is for all the franchisees to avail and use the learning materials. The hub provides useful new links to be aware of for all the employees across the varied franchisees.


The dashboard incorporates all the major reports. It is for you to check across all the units of your business operations. The reports include market trends, sales, and lead conversion reports, etc. Everything that is associated with the companies functioning is gathered in one definite place. You can see the units topping in the spectrum of sales or the ones in the bottom and requires immediate attention.


Franchise Management System offers e-learning or LMS (learning management system). Once you move ahead with the training details of your business, you can track the performance of the employees across the different franchisees. As a creator, you can upload videos, quick, tests, additional study materials, anything that suits the organization’s operational training. The learner can take the course anytime and fetch badges and points. This helps in a complete evaluation of the training allocated.


With this option, you can anytime check the list of people being on-boarded. You can see if the employees are getting accustomed to your corporate culture and environment. Simultaneously, you can check the service or products’ familiarization with the customers across diverse market environments.

Summing Up

The most significant aspect of the operation module rendered by a Franchise Management Software is the unit access. You can log in to the system of any selected franchisees that you decide to scrutinize. You would be able to see everything that the franchise can see and operate. Any products or services that the franchisee has added, the sales, the marketing, and so on.

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