When it refers to educating new company owners and their employees, franchises have many obstacles. They may have thousands of stores under the company’s canopy for large companies. Even one minor change can have a substantial effect. Education and monitoring can be made more effective by a Franchise learning management system (LMS). You may want to consider the advantages if you’ve never contemplated using an LMS for your business.

Creating more effective management

It can be complex to handle multiple franchises from a distance. An LMS does, however, make it simple and effective. You will have access to the content they need to learn when new franchise owners come on board. Via texts, they can ask questions and mention when the analysis is finished. When new hires are recruited by franchise firms, such persons can obtain access to and read the same content that is important to them. Based on the amount of knowledge they require, it’s easy to set up accessibility for all workers. To see the franchisees are up to date on needed training and other records, you may generate reports. And when the business is based in another territory, a learning management system helps you to control your companies and the different teams.

Improve the consistency of learning

Heartland Dental is one of the most inspiring examples of expanded franchise preparation ROI. What separates them is that they have moved 90% of their preparation to an online world. Outcome? Save $18.5 million in time and preparation expenses, and regularly offering workshops tailored to promote the professional advancement of physicians. Heartland Dental is able to deliver regular and open learning experiences to 875 partner doctors throughout the U.S. due to a new teaching approach.

Saving time as well as money

You already know that it requires time for conventional classroom-based instruction. And money is time. Any worker who spends time travelling to school takes time away from work. This affects their efficiency adversely. The alternative appears to be franchise training courses, which are free. This was the experience of Ernst & Young, who, when they added eLearning to their curriculum, cut training time by 35%. Virtual preparation saves time because, rather than the pace of a big group, workers get to study at their own rate.


From the advantages and examples, I feel that you have got the knowledge of how a franchise learning management system can change your whole franchise business. If you are serious about your franchise, you should get one franchise LMS system. For more information, you can get in touch with us or request a demo today.

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