When it comes to franchise email marketing, franchisors often face some unique difficulties that most businesses don’t encounter, including brand consistency and while maintaining communication control throughout the entire franchise network. But these challenges won’t last long or refrain you from achieving email marketing success, once you learn how to overcome them.  Before moving on to the solution, franchise CRM tools can provide in boosting your email marketing, let’s quickly scan through the marketing challenges franchisors face without the tools.

Marketing Challenges faced by Franchisors

One of the biggest difficulties faced by an emerging franchisor is the need to manage their brand, and franchisee units need to promote their business in multiple locations. According to a study, most of the franchisees are failing to address the following areas of marketing:

  • Organizing all the local business listings of the franchise units

  • Monitoring and involving customer feedbacks

  • Proper management of email campaigns, lack of franchisee email marketing strategies

  • Establishing innovative content for locations and other pages

Now let’s take a closer look at how you can get rid of the common marketing challenges faced by the franchisors.

franchise CRM tools

franchise CRM tools

Your franchise needs a strong email marketing strategy

Having robust email marketing tactics across your entire franchise network, can be beneficial to franchise success. If email marketing seems tricky for franchise owners, then email marketing could be helpful. Did you know that? If not, then it is time you consider taking few additional steps to ensure your franchise workflow and email are aligned. Moreover, having the right technology tools to manage your marketing will surely make a difference in your franchise. 

Believe it or not, with so many types of marketing tools available in the franchise industry, nearly 60% of the market owners believe that they achieve most of the ROI from email campaigns and marketing. So why should you be left behind?

And if you consider consumer needs! Customers too consistently claim that would love to get regular updates from their favorite brands through email, than from any other channels. 

  • Distribution of email listings

One of the crucial tips franchises must keep note of is to keep their email list efficiently organized. For franchises having outlets over a nation or global location. For the listing segmentation becomes important. 

Using a franchise CRM tool, it becomes easy for you to segment your email listing, enabling your team to send relevant material updates for different categories. At the same time, it becomes easy for franchise marketers to classify the email in different ways that include: 

  • Geographical location

  • Buying history

  • Searching history

  • Age & Gender

  • More


  • Customized email templates that work wonders

To maintain the consistency of the brand, we would suggest curating email campaign templates for all your customers and prospects. While you may have twenty franchise outlets with twenty different marketing strategies, each of the emails must have a template that you have created as a foundation. This can easily be done using a franchise CRM platform, which consists of customized templates. 

Franchise CRM tool allows you to send already-created email templates. That allows you to boost end consumer engagement through customized and localized campaigns automatically. Not just that, a franchise CRM software has several other boons attached to it. Such as the user-friendly dashboard enables the franchisees to have complete visibility from the beginning. Also, you can have an update notification on email marketing activity, results, it’s opening, and close percentage, also have substantial knowledge on the lead progress. 

  • Email drip marketing campaigns

When you are developing your next email campaign, it is wise to have a drip-email campaign. Because when your subscribers sign up for your newsletters or email, sending a welcome email keeps places them on lists. So that you can send your leads down to the sales pipeline. Additionally, with a drip-email campaign, you will have the chance to set up your emails based on finished action or scheduled time. A franchise software allows you to set the drip campaigns as per convenience and keeps you involved with your email traffic and smartly sustains customer faith. 

  • Tracking progress of your business campaigns

Carefully monitoring all your franchisee’s email campaigns is crucial to your business’s email marketing strategy. So, even if you have numerous location-centered campaigns taking place at once, if one outlet is performing badly it can affect your entire business.

So, the best way to track your email marketing campaigns is by using franchise analytics tools integrated to franchise CRM software. This provides you access to the core email marketing benchmarks. These targets include: 

  • Rate of opening

  • Rate of click-through

  • Click to opening rates

  • Rate of subscription

  • Rate of spamming

  • Rate of engagement and lead progress

Moreover, keeping track of each email campaign will help you to understand the customer thinking curve. For instance, if you find a reduction in email open rates and growth in unsubscribe rates, you’ll know that your audience is unsatisfied with your campaigns. Now, remember, this can be easily neglected by placing your campaigns through an A/B test before sending them to the audience. That doesn’t mean you have to stress, how to get started with it, get a franchise CRM software that manages all of these effortlessly. 

The Bottomline

Having a franchise is the toughest work to manage but creating successful email marketing campaigns keeps you ready for success. Consider using these tips while creating your campaigns with franchise CRM tools. 

A franchise CRM helps you to tackle all the challenges that you face with targeting email. With so much at your grasp, why do you need a costly and separate email marketing solution to manage your marketing strategy? BrandWide does it all and more like a breeze while ensuring a consistent flow of information across the entire franchise process. Now that you have learned how much a franchise CRM software has to offer for your business, are you prepared to see BrandWide in live action? If so, don’t hesitate to request a demo today!

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