If you are an emerging franchisor or the marketing department head in your franchise, you will definitely know how tough it is to maintain it properly. Not just marketing. Any operations you think of in your franchise business and it will definitely look tough for you. You will always have the tension for maintain several projects and deadlines on time. Missing out on any one can get quite problematic for your franchise business. During such times, you will always want a scheduling software to help you through your problems. Your search ends here! With the franchise software in your franchise business, you need not worry about meeting deadlines of projects or assignments. And, not just you! Your clients also need not worry about bookings and maintaining appointments manually. The franchise software will take care of everything.

The franchise software comes with the feature of scheduling where you can set and assign various tasks to your operations team. Your clients can also look after their bookings and maintaining them efficiently. You will always have the option to cancel things out if it is not suited for you. Interested to learn more? Let us dig deeper into finding out some more details about the same.

Centralized online booking using franchise software

One of the best parts of the scheduling feature of the franchise software is that it provides for a centralized booking option. The booking process is one of the most significant sources of overhead for a franchise. The old method of making reservations over the phone or exchanging emails is time-consuming and takes a lot of human effort on both sides. Furthermore, because they have the time to list all of the options and prices, admin workers do not often have the ability to market a complete suite of services to customers. Franchises that use centralized online booking leave the booking up to the customer. They begin by selecting a venue, which corresponds to a booking with a local franchisee. Then they choose the services they want a la carte and receive immediate, clear price quotes.

Franchise Software

Franchise Software

Creation of events in scheduling calendar of the franchise software

A function of the scheduling calendar will be provided by the franchise software. To use this marketing calendar, log in to your account and go to the Calendars main page. This page will allow you to manage all of the specifics and requirements, as well as build and delegate marketing tasks and appointments. On this tab, you will also find the ‘Create’ choice. This button will help you set up your events and activities correctly and efficiently. The case should be given a meaningful name, such as the project’s name, before activities are added. This is made simple by the fact that you can choose to just see the calendar by clicking on the small arrow on each calendar. Only events associated with the kit will be shown. Because of the implementation of franchise software, using this calendar becomes very simple and smooth, as almost all processes become and remain automated.

Take care of multi-location scheduling using franchise software

Having the franchise software in your franchise business will help you take care of the system wide and multi-location scheduling process. Individual franchisees set their accessibility based on their work schedules, franchise territory, and ZIP codes as part of the online booking process. When customers make reservations, the franchisee’s schedules are produced “on the fly.” If they choose to serve specific parts of town on specific days of the week, they set their availability appropriately, and the customer schedules their own appointment. This has got another massive advantage. It helps to improve your brand reputation amongst your clients and improve your leads. This way, your franchise can also gain better profits and prospective leads.

Simple administration for franchisor and franchisee using franchise software

Using the franchise software scheduling feature will help in seamless and simple administration for the franchisor and the franchisee. For both franchisors and franchisees, the ease of online booking and scheduling ensures significant time savings. This leaves a lot of space for error. Instead of having team members at each location to work on bookings, the tasks are automatically added to their schedule, allowing them to concentrate on completing the jobs. This type of tried-and-true model also allows for franchise expansion on a large scale. It’s much easier for potential franchisees to see the benefit and buy in when franchisors can include turnkey solutions that include booking and scheduling. Once said and done, this will save time to focus on better operations and improvement of the franchise business.

Double checking details in the scheduling calendar using franchise software

With the help of the scheduling feature in the franchise software, you will always have the option do double checking the details before proceeding with the tasks. You’ll still have the option of double-checking the event’s information after it’s been produced. This is crucial because it will enable you to go back and revise the details and information you entered during the event’s development. Name, date, time, place, description, who is invited/must be told, who may make changes to the event, and if/when it happens again are just a few of the specifics. One of the most important aspects is to double-check these details before sending the notice! Though it might not seem like a big deal at first, having many modified events arrive in your inbox can quickly become inconvenient. Have faith in my ability.

Final thoughts

After reading though this entire article, I am sure that you have made up your mind on getting a franchise software for your franchise business. If you haven’t, I would suggest you should. You will get access to loads of features once you install it in your franchise business. If you have any more doubts or queries, feel free to reach out to us or visit our website for more information. To know our software better, you have the option pre test of pre evaluate it before using it. Request for a demo now!

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