Does your manual paperwork get lost most of the time? Are you stressed with dealing with the expense of buying and storing useless paper for your franchise? Precisely, you’re looking to go paperless. If so, then you are seeking an ultimate guide to franchise management software that helps you with listing multiple documents and contacts. 

To help you with that we’ll illustrate the features of franchise management software in sorting through documents and contacts. 

Some common features that you’ll get with franchise management software are:

Document Storage using Franchise Software

This feature enables users to collect a range of electronic franchise documents while smartly indexing them with different folder orders, metadata, and tags.

Workflow Organization using Franchise Software

To manage workflow, it is necessary to have a shared repository like a calendar or a dashboard. It allows users to keep a track of documents and contacts, or coordinate work schedules with the document lifecycle. 

Franchise Software

Franchise Software

Collaboration using Franchise Software

This particular feature includes the streamlined communication service that enables users to fast communicate on the shared or important document. 

Indexing using Franchise Software

This specific feature signifies the process of tagging documents with various search terms, usually a unique search folder. It enables the user to easily find relevant documents. For instance, when users require to look up a specific customer or leads details or orders they can search with a number or date of entry. 

Security using Franchise Software

Security is a crucial part of managing documents, especially in the franchise industry. Therefore, it’s important to have common security features including user access authentication code, auditing reports, notifications, and more. 

Now that you already know the features in your franchise management system to manage your documents, let’s have look at how it can help you!

Centralized Documentation and Management of Knowledge

By using franchise software, all your documents will be stored within a unified place. Supplier documentation, product-related documents, complaints, and marketing as well as contractual documents all are kept in an organized way. At the same time, tagging system helps to effortlessly run many organizational processes simultaneously. Also, you can easily look for a particular document and find it in no time through filtering systems. Hence, the task that takes up several hours to find gets done right away. 

Automated Process

Some documents utilized by the organization are only available for a certain period that needs to be upgraded regularly. A franchise management system helps to automate part of the documents on request. Finally, they help you to set deadlines and automatically updates you are looking for the latest version of the document. It helps you to save time and keeps your documents audit-ready the whole year. 

Brand Consistency 

The more documents and franchisees you have to manage and deal with. But the largest variety of documents will have a variety of formats, language, layouts, and more. Using franchise management software, you can consistency not just in your brand but also in your workflow. By setting your templates and workflow configuration, you can easily share important details with your business partners, by keeping readable formats such as PDFs. 

Integration and Security 

Most of the franchise management systems can easily adapt to the existing system used by franchises thanks to API. It helps to keep all the documents and data integration. Also, the data gets automatically sent to the dashboard saving your valuable time and pains. 

Security is an important topic when you are talking about organizing contacts and documents. Hence, it is important to encrypt sensible data at any time from outside sources and unauthorized access. A franchise management system offers complete security over documents and contacts. At the same time, it helps the franchise units with a comprehensive communication platform that helps to keep track of the overall support process, in retaining support requests, assignments, and resolution. 

Helps to Offer A Simple Management System for The Franchise

The concept of online scheduling and management of documents is highly important in a franchise framework. It’s both cost-efficient and labor-saving work for both franchisees and franchisors. This helps to boost profit margin. 

You don’t require individual members of a team at every location to take care of your specific documents. To wrap them up easily and to organize the respective task on the calendar you need franchise management software. This business process enables you to make your franchise growth highly scalable. Thus, at this time, the franchise management solution offers a turn-key solution in managing and listing multiple documents, scheduling facilities which becomes much easier for newly onboarded franchisees to understand the workflow and spontaneously purchase in. 

To Sum Up

In a nutshell, robust franchise management software helps to easily produce illustrative and informative pipeline documents. All these get dispatched to you automatically through email. By doing so, you will never miss an important document. The schedule of the document delivery can be managed over different periods and all the reports are available on a mobile device. This shows you are just a few clicks away from sorting your mess. 

Now that you already know, how a franchise management solution can be beneficial, what are your opinion on the franchise software system. 

The main thing is with the growth of technology, we have to make sure that your franchise grows successfully. So, don’t procrastinate more! Once you feel like getting rid of silly paperwork, remember your business growth just a few steps away to achieve once you get an integrated franchise management system. For more information, don’t hesitate for a demo today!

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