Franchise sales do not only aim to close a deal. It is about strengthening the franchise prospects within the competitive market atmosphere. That’s when you can position your brand and acquire the maximum ROI. But, the question is how you can enhance the process of franchise sales. Indeed, it is a huge challenge! Especially when multiple franchisees are working under your brand. Each of them is geographically distant. Undoubtedly, uniformity in the functioning of the sales is essential. Yet again, you will have to look for ways to establish a local brand and reach the target audience. Let’s make things easier for you. Here comes the franchise management software that can provide you with an appropriate remedy!

Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software

What help does the franchise Management software offer?

The software helps automate the functioning of the sales and create a layout for the sales process. Simultaneously, it gives reminders to your franchisees to complete the task. Your entire sales pipeline with any extra information appears on one screen. Besides, the application automatically stores and analyzes market trends. Thus, making it easier for you to predict a forecast. Certainly, you must be wondering how. To know more, read till the end.

Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software

Automate sales functioning using Franchise Management Software

The franchise software provides the tool of franchise sales CRM to automate the functioning of the sales. This tool helps in managing the leads and their conversion to sales. As a franchisor, it is obvious to be keen about the status of the leads. The lead management portal is here to give you complete visibility! Now, you can see the level at which the leads are present. Moreover, to bring swiftness to the lead workflow, the software facilitates e-signing.

See through the steps to get it done!

  • Create Campaigns

You can create and automate campaigns to reach the target audience. For this purpose, the software offers innovative templates. Diverse specifications are available for you to use and customize. For example, email templates, call scripts, marketing templates, SMS templates, and so forth. Once you generate the campaigns, the data moves to the dashboard. So, you can use the sales dashboard to review the progress of campaigns frequently.

  • Fetch leads

Now, you will fetch leads into the CRM from various websites, social media channels, and other sources where you run the campaigns. Perhaps, when you get numerous leads, managing all the information at the same time is difficult. And it requires too much time and effort. Not anymore! Because the franchise software helps you to extend the lead information with the custom field. As a result, you can retrieve the information whenever necessary.

  • Track sales pipeline

With stages, tasks, and reminders, the software helps in tracking the sales pipeline. Hence, you can easily track where the leads are landing. It may be in the position of qualifying, maybe not interested, validation, or ready to sign. Meanwhile, the ones which are through the entire pipeline and ready for signing will ask you to proceed.

  • Offer e-signing

The sales pipeline ends with signing the documents. In this context, the software offers e-signing. This particular method is mainly to cover up the time and provide services with ease. After completing the signatures, the solution automatically stores these documents in the CRM. Therefore, helping to keep all data together, in one place.

Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software

Create a uniform sales process for all your franchisees to follow

Franchise sales somewhat lie at the tip of an iceberg. Thus, you will always want to avoid mistakes so that it does not sink. Precisely why you need to create a uniform sales process for your franchisees to follow. Consequently, this layout can help you guide your sales team and maintain the sales workflow. But, that isn’t possible with one central location of tracking. The franchise management software solves it again!

Check out the following process to understand henceforth!

  • Define the sales process

Break down the sales cycle into different levels. For instance leads to prospects, then to opportunities and defining tasks, further to automated emails and SMS follow-up, and finally to completing each stage. Because when you are creating the sales process beyond all diversity, you can identify any appearing issues.

  • Notify the Manager

After you define the sales process, notify the managers and sales team. In this case, if you see any leads not converted on time, you can reassign the task. In addition to this, you can schedule tasks or share links to schedule calls at times of necessity.

  • Customize and automate follow up

The software helps in creating a focused task list and automatically generating it every day. Hence, you can customize your follow-up by using emails, phone calls, SMS, and so on. During this process, your sales team will get notification alerts for the day-to-day task.

Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software

Integrate with third party systems

In a franchise business, sometimes you seek to integrate with other systems to streamline the management process. The franchise management software supports such a purpose. Thus, you can track them in the CRM tool.

  • When you wish to synchronize emails and calendars, you can integrate with Microsoft Outlook or Google G Suite. Accordingly, the solution will guide you in workspace collaboration.
  • In terms of e-signing, you can integrate with DocuSign. So, you can send contracts and documents to your leads for signature. The software will assist likewise.
  • For managing invoices, royalty fees, and quotations, you can integrate with Intuit QuickBooks accounting system. Subsequently, the revised results shall emerge. And, you can go with POS for collecting the payments, thereby allowing smooth transactions.
Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software

Fetch all critical information on one single platform

Too much information to search? The franchise management software aids with a solution. It automatically stores calls, emails, texts in history. For this reason, you can check all kinds of information from one single platform. For example, you can see phone numbers, email ids, addresses, notes, appointments, pending tasks, attachments, etc. Further, you can track all interactions and changes. And even see critical data like sold items by using the custom tables.

Franchise Management Software

Franchise Management Software

Predict accurate sales forecast

The franchise management software automatically captures and stores market data and trends. Moreover, it analyzes risks and opportunities for your franchise. In this regard, you can also check who is watching through your websites or social media channels. Accordingly, predict a sales forecast and run their reports for your sales team.

Summing up:

In the era of digital platforms, you ought to look for efficient tools and techniques. Get the tools that will improve your brand position and boost sales. Only then retaining the customer lifecycle is possible! To know more about this innovative and flexible franchise software, contact us at:

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