Any window cleaning business needs to be fast and efficient to bring about sustained success. Here are key benefits of window cleaning service software you can make the most of.

The software is accessible from anywhere regardless of the device type

The most important benefit of an ultra-modern window cleaning service software is its ability to make users access it from anywhere irrespective of the device they’re using – desktop or mobile – with only internet connectivity to support it.

It doesn’t bind you with its use in only a specific device. As a consequence, it helps efficiently manage your window cleaning business even when you’re on the move or attending to field visits.

The software allows simultaneous access to multiple users

One more remarkable advantage of contemporary window cleaning service software is the fact that several users can gain access to the software at the same time. No matter whether you’re the window cleaning business owner, facility manager, office supervisor, or cleaner – all of you have the authority of admittance to the data held by the software.

This, in turn, helps organize your business and run it seamlessly and profitably. Also, you can set up privileges to access and modify the information anyone accesses based on job grades and responsibilities.

The software empowers you to productively manage your staff

Window cleaning service software does more than just giving a printout of the list of work your staff is going to perform. It actually goes many steps farther so that you can effortlessly and more efficiently be in charge of your staff.

For instance, your software may have a cohabiting mobile app through with you can give out work assignments to your staff from even a remote location only to enable them to download their daily work on their smartphones or tablets. In addition, the mobile app backed by a window cleaning service software helps them to execute the following actions.

  • Update work progress all through the day

  • Create a record of finished jobs

  • Maintain a record of payments received

  • Upload all changes in data done throughout the day

The progress report put forward by each staff is fed back to a centralized location where the corresponding data is preserved. So the need to manually collect and check the list of work, compute payment figures, and amend customer records isn’t necessary anymore.

The software enables you to save time

Regardless of your window cleaning business size, the features rendered by the integrated software make sure you end up with sizable time-saving. The need to do your jobs manually is eradicated. No manual updates are required at day end. So you get lots of free time to focus on core business tasks.

Statistics reveal when you put a state-of-the-art window cleaning service software into action it’s possible to save an average of roughly 20 hours every month in contrast to usual old-fashioned systems.

The software provides more security and offers regular maintenance and backups

Modern cleaning software preserves all data at a centralized location, for example, the cloud. Archaic desktop solutions are known for the local storage of data within a computer. Even though they may facilitate maintenance and backup, still, it’s not clearly known to you at what periodicity such backups are taken.

Such old systems are susceptible to hardware failure and subsequent data loss. If backups aren’t done regularly, you may wind up losing all the data. In order to access the data once again, you’re left with the option of repairing your device or reinstalling the software on a new device.

On the contrary, window cleaning service software keeps automatic and hourly backup of your data. This implies you can readily access up-to-the-hour data. Also, on the off chance, your computer breaks down you can get access to data from a different device right away.

To get extra peace of mind, you can likewise take backups whenever there’s a need. In the event of your computer crashing, you may still have your data intact and access it from a separate machine.

The software helps extend access to several other online services

Ultra-modern window cleaning service software is compatible with other online solutions your business may support. For instance, the software seamlessly integrates with leading payment gateways.

So you can give access to modern payment options to your clients and be in full control when you receive payments. By the same token, the cleaning software easily incorporates solutions such as Textlocal or Mailchimp to send bulk texts or emails to your customers.

With these integrations in place, you can bring your business up to date, reduce debts, and improve profitability.

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