Of late, with the outbreak of the pandemic, there has been a burgeoning demand for cleaning service providers. Cleaning services software lends a helping hand to the service providers through the mitigation of risks. They make use of the software to ensure seamless operations and maximally leverage potential opportunities.

Cleaning Services Software

Cleaning Services Software

Equipped with the following five features cleaning services software help improve the cleaning business to thrive.

  1. Automated scheduling

Scheduling is a complex process, yet it plays a pivotal role in the success of any cleaning business. Ideally, a scheduler put forward by cleaning services software helps in the assignment of work orders to field service professionals designated for a specific area.

The implementation of cleaning services software becomes crucial during exigencies like the following.

  • An employee falling sick

  • Last-minute cancelation of a service request by a customer

  • Any other unavoidable urgent job

The cleaning services software easily assigns cleaning jobs to the field team. The software algorithm prioritizes incoming work orders based on various factors and assigns them to the team most adjacent to the customer location. The factors take in the following.

  • Employee skill level

  • The number of tasks on hand

  • Leaves

  • Compulsory time-off

  1. Streamlined communication

Clear, straightforward communication is paramount in every business. Customers are always inclined in seeking more information as far as cleaning activities are concerned. Also, the cleaning crew members require up-to-date information for performing their jobs safely and effectively.

Cleaning services software helps enable streamlined communication between stakeholders. It can incorporate a powerful collaboration suite for distributing the below-mentioned information to field team members.

  • Information on best working practices to be executed by the cleaning crew

  • Information on disinfecting protocols that need to be known and adhered to by field service agents

  • Notification of the time of arrival of the crew at the customer premise

  • Information on extra work, if any, beyond the normal scope, for instance, the customer may seek any special service

Cleaning services software facilitates easy communication among groups and team members. It comes up with a robust field service app that records conversations automatically generates receipts and ensures no loss of messages during transit.

  1. Inspections

Cleaning services software authorizes the team to generate different types of inspection reports and forms. The software allows business teams in:

  • Creating a comprehensive set of checklists and customizing them to specify exact customer requirements in a systematic fashion

  • Producing customized reports about inspection activities for ensuring instant corrective actions that may include images and accurate responses aided by auto-populate options and range-set boxes

Automated cleaning services software streamlines the process of sharing inspection reports with customers, stakeholders, and regulatory authorities. The responsibility to find out ongoing trends lies with business analysts equipped with collated reports and checklists.

The software comes armed with track and trace applications to know the whereabouts of field service agents.

  1. Digital payments

With cleaning services software in place, your field service professionals are facilitated with the option of delivering digital invoices to customers that curtail the need to do paperwork and take physical signatures. As a consequence, a lot of time traveling back and forth between office and customer premise is saved. The software allows field agents to make use of its smartphone-compatible built-in apps to do the collection of payments.

Automated cleaning services software is endowed with the following capabilities.

  • It helps make use of the GPS capabilities of a smartphone to track the hours spent at the customer premise and do the billing accordingly. To execute this, the app may also need to extract proper details related to the work order.

  • It helps employ pre-defined templates for generating invoices once the work is marked complete by the field professional or due to some other triggers.

  • It helps send the invoice to the email or WhatsApp account of the customer.

  • It integrates a separate payment module for accepting payments via credit cards.

  • It sends the requisite updates to the accounts department in time.

  1. Inventory management

As far as the cleaning business is concerned inventory management assumes a critical dimension. You need to keep your supply chain in order. Also, you need to ensure supply chain disruption if any doesn’t continue for a prolonged time.

Cleaning services software comes to the aid of businesses by keeping a watch on the patterns of inventory usage in real-time via reports that help in:

  • Making budget and stocks trade-offs

  • Transferring stocks from low-utilized to high-utilized areas

  • Identifying potential needs

  • Placing orders to suppliers much ahead of inventory going out of stock

Cleaning services software empowers businesses to deal with sudden disruptions and prevent total outages. It offers enough flexibility and adaptability to businesses to take up new technologies, change fast, and succeed.

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