In any cleaning business, schedules are managed by employing cleaning service scheduling software. It can either be a program or an app. In lots of cases, the software assumes both forms. The software provides many other appropriate information on daily business operations.

A few cleaning service software are available as integral parts of CRM packages whereas others are standalone types. However, in either of the scenarios, it helps relatively cut down the burden of administrative jobs and processes so that your business workflow is streamlined and you get more time in focusing your attention on several other more important things.

In these ultra-modern times, nearly all cleaning business scheduling software is cloud-based. This implies it’s possible to access the software from any device, be it a desktop, smartphone, or tablet – supported by internet connectivity.

The software is accompanied by apps and add-ons compatible with smartphones and tablets. So, the scheduling process can still be continued while you’re on the go.

Cleaning Service Scheduling Software

Cleaning Service Scheduling Software

Because of the intrinsic benefits of the cleaning service scheduling software, you can expect overall improvement and growth in your business.

  1. The benefits you can leverage to manage your staff

  • By keeping a watch on staff availability and managing them

In current times, everyone is on the hop constantly. And it’s no different as far as your cleaning staffs are concerned. To ensure you cover the regular operational hassles amid planned holidays or unforeseen call-outs can be truly a daunting task for cleaning businesses.

But, with the cleaning service scheduling software in place you can view the availability of your staff either from your office or while on the go and modify them accordingly. You can assign permission to even your employees to access the software and execute the same. Consequently, they get added time to concentrate on more important tasks and that too at short notice.

  • By sending notifications and appointment cancellation emails

One more benefit proffered by cleaning service scheduling software is that your staff is empowered to automatically generate appointments, and change or cancel them along with sending notifications.

Your software is programmed to right away trigger these emails on the off chance either you or your client alters the timing of the appointment or cancels it. This gives your staff enough notice of the effected change in time so that their work can be rescheduled and isn’t impacted.

  • By allowing you to decide who to assign the rights to do scheduling changes

There may be times when you wouldn’t want to give the authority to your staff for making scheduling changes. However, you’d like them to see the executed changes. Cleaning service scheduling software entitles you to put restrictions on access to your staff.

By doing so, they’ll be unable to commit any changes themselves without your approval. Even such access is usually granted per-user basis. More permissions can be provided to managers and supervisors. The onus lies on you.

  1. The benefits your clients can leverage from the software

  • By letting clients set up online appointments

Cleaning service scheduling software authorizes your clients to make appointments or change them online, given that the feature is enabled. Such appointments can be fixed either via your website or social media in just a few clicks. Furthermore, if your business has a mobile app, clients can download it and make the requisite changes there.

  • By allowing you to stay up-to-speed with client-specific details

Being aware of full client information is crucial. The cleaning service scheduling software ensures you keep a track of the following client-centric information such as:

    • Cleaning history

    • Client feedback

    • No shows

    • Payment history

    • Staff notes

This advantage can be maximally capitalized while you:

  • Do your accounting

  • Review your clients

  • Create reports containing key business metrics

  • By facilitating seamless online payments

In the presence of the cleaning service scheduling software, clients can smoothly make online payments round-the-clock. The whole payment mechanism can be handled online with no worries of invoices not getting received on time or checks getting lost.

  • By allowing you to receive customer feedback

The majority of cleaning service scheduling software is equipped with the ability to receive and accept feedback from clients even if the software is outside the suggested full-service CRM package. Receiving client feedback and addressing them is crucial to sustaining great performance and client loyalty. The advantage lets you get rid of conflicts among your staff. On the off chance, a client complains about an on-site staff member, the complaint can be directly fed back to you and subsequently addressed.

  1. The benefits you can leverage to expand your business

  • By facilitating instant creation of quotes

This benefit can be maximized if you integrate your cleaning service software with full-service CRM software. And yes, it’s worth the resources you invest.

Clients prefer to have quotes immediately. This can be hard to deal with when you’re left with the options of manual review and costs calculation of the services they want to avail of.

With cleaning scheduling software in place, you can offer information about the services as well as generate quotes instantly. Even though you still require negotiations you can do it then and there. This has the likelihood of attracting more clients in the long term.

  • By improving your business website’s SEO ranking

One more advantage of cleaning service scheduling software is its ability in boosting the ranking of your website on major search engine result pages (SERPs). It helps prospective clients in locating your website while they browse the web via Google, for example, looking for cleaning service providers.

  • By enhancing the security of your business information

Last but not least cleaning service scheduling software helps take the backup of information of your business on the cloud. This implies in the event of any hardware malfunction or its complete breakdown it guarantees the absolute safety of your information. So, you can rest assured that your services are secure and backed up. The likelihood of losing valuable information is eliminated. So you never have to worry about losing important data again.

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