Software for cleaning company helps in the seamless operation of businesses and getting the most out of potential opportunities.

Read on to gain an understanding of seven features of the software that aid in making your cleaning business more profitable.

  • Online booking of jobs

Software for cleaning company lets your customers gain the ability of booking services online. This will lend you a hand in winning against your competitors in several ways. Firstly, your business is exposed to a new set of customers who prioritize convenience over price. Breaking open into this market may well give an instant boost as far as your revenue generation and profitability are concerned.

In addition, when the booking is done personally by the customer there’s plenty of savings on sales staff or administration costs that you can enjoy. Jobs keep on filling up your schedule regardless of the time and locations of your service availability.

  • Cloud-based scheduling of jobs

After a job has landed on your calendar, the entire schedule becomes visible to everyone. It also becomes evident which particular team will be in charge of executing the job. In the meantime, your field teams can look at their day-to-day schedule too.

At times, the schedule of a certain job may need to be altered because of the customer’s request or the unavailability of teams. It means rescheduling or extension of the service is required. If such a scenario occurs, changes made to the schedule can be seen by the entire team immediately. You don’t need to make extra calls. You also don’t need to create work orders afresh to bring in any amendment to an already existing booking.

A timekeeping feature of the software for cleaning company stores the “in and out” times of the jobs performed by teams. From this feature, you can find out when your teams arrive and when they leave. The feature is a precise description of the duration of each job, the time needed to travel while hopping from one job to another, and many more.

Software for cleaning company

Software for cleaning company

  • Customer communications

At times customer no-shows after an appointment can cause trouble. Charging the customer for booking the appointment and then being absent is justified on principle. Nonetheless, you would definitely not want such a service to provide. Because, in that case, the customer will hesitate to opt for your service again if they find you getting the overall management mishandled.

To permanently eliminate the possibility of any no-shows, software for cleaning company helps schedule and automate dispatch of messages to customers through either emails or text messages in the form of reminders that can be sent on the day of the appointment early in the morning. Furthermore, customers can be notified once again when your team has almost arrived at the customer premises.

With the help of these messages, it’s helpful in eliminating the probabilities of no-shows. Eventually, both you and your customer get the much-needed peace of mind. Thus with the software for cleaning company, you can offer services to be reckoned with, automate them, and save more time.

  • Route optimization

In cleaning businesses, recording the time for the field team to arrive for the job and the time of their exit post completion of the job is crucial. Software for cleaning company is able to record this. Since is information is readily available to you, route capacity optimization can be done to ensure a few teams are able to complete jobs sooner than the others. In case one of the team is proficient enough to complete the work faster than the other two teams, you can optimize the schedule of the most competent team to create room for more bookings per day.

In addition to accessing the daily schedule of their jobs, software for cleaning company facilitates your teams to make use of driving directions to aid them in moving from one job after another in the most effective manner. The software comes up with a feature called Autofill that helps prevent the manual entry of inaccurate information into the database.

  • CRM

You can realize the actual power of the software for cleaning company while dealing with CRM. If you’re sure that the above-mentioned features will possibly stimulate growth in your business, the CRM feature will be an added bonus as it allows you in keeping a precise record of customer history handy.

Customers may seek your cleaning service during a particular time every year. Also, they might require a special cleaning service to attend to a specific portion of their property. Regardless of the nature of the cleaning service customers ask for, maintaining a record of the previous work done at customer premises offers a substantial service advantage.

Through the demonstration of instances that you encountered while interacting with customers in the past, you can make them take notice of your level of professionalism. While you deliver top-notch, consistent service to customers you help them in saving their precious time and fixating their attention on you and not on your competitors.

  • Digital invoices

It goes without saying, the faster you generate invoices the faster you receive payments. For the majority of cleaning businesses, as far as the cash flow equation is concerned, getting instant payment makes a huge difference.

Software for cleaning company puts forward digital invoices. An invoice can be automatically generated and issued immediately after the completion of a job. The software’s built-in online payment facility makes things more streamlined. You can receive the payment even before your team leaves the job location.

  • Analysis of metrics

Reporting and data analytics features are the most critical of all. Some of the ways by which available data can be leveraged have already been mentioned. Through this particular feature of the software for cleaning company, you can determine the areas that secure maximum profits for your cleaning business.

The software helps provide information on your most efficient sales reps that close the jobs fastest. It also furnishes a comparative study of your business revenue earnings in the current year over a certain period, vis-à-vis last year.

The data collected by the software for cleaning company is presented in the form of a dashboard that can be appropriately configured to monitor the metrics as per your choice and requirements. At first sight, you can take a look at the specific business areas that you’re most interested in.

The feature authorizes you to identify vital trends and bring about changes to the business to accommodate them. If you have a slow-moving season, amplify growth with campaigns and promotional. On the other hand, if you have hectic seasons hire more staff to power through the situation and maximize profitability. Businesses that make the most of the efficacy of software for cleaning company are the ones making progress and succeeding.

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