As per information processing theory, the reference of a top-to-down approach is made in order to fractionate a system into its constituent sub-systems for gaining sizeable insights. Read on to gain an understanding of how to franchise management software lends you a helping hand in your franchise business planning.

How does franchise management software help franchisors?

Franchise management software comes to the aid of franchisors in many ways by easily building up leads and converting them into active prospects and paying customers, hiring new franchise owners/franchisees, ensuring adherence to system policies and best practices, and improving the general brand performance.

franchise management software

franchise management software

  • Franchisors can penetrate new markets. For this, the need to do in-depth market research and monitor trends becomes essential. The software allows them to automatically generate sales pipeline reports that help identify hidden opportunities and imminent threats. At the same, the software enables them to monitor franchises in real-time to recognize sales plateaus that signify an opportune time to make inroads to new territories.
  • The software helps introduce more leads with the help of franchise development tools the design of which makes sure the ads put up by franchisors facilitate contacts with the brokers of leads and engage them to maximal advantage.
  • With little effort, the software allows the movement of your prospects through automated workflows by means of integrated tools that initiate their progress through various stages of the sales cycle and monitor it. also, the software enables franchisors to delineate auto-generated emails that welcome their newly appointed leads, carry out orientation programs for them, and finally request a call to action. The software is capable of designing custom online brochures that highlight opportunities your franchise renders by taking market research details, graphics, and compelling videos into consideration.
  • The software authorizes franchisors to assign homework to candidates in addition to distributing to-do lists. Following this, the performance and progress of the candidates can be tracked with efficient backend analytics. All these actions can be taken from a single mobile device without the need to incorporate add-ons or any supplementary third-party software. 
  • Franchise management software helps reduce franchisee onboarding time. At the same time, it allows franchisors to put focus on retention. They’re able to provide training to new joiners and keep track of their progress by means of high-powered back-end analytics that can give adequate information with regard to their progress, shortcomings, and more. The software allows training materials to be uploaded to a private franchise intranet that will be made accessible to new candidates who can access and look up the cheat sheets whenever they encounter problems. 
  • The software helps encourage system adherence. By having robust performance measurement tools in place, franchisors can quickly detect potential issues. In scenarios where franchisees have deviated from the approved workflows, you as the franchisor can provide them with training courses, internal documents to improve their adherence in just a few simple clicks.
  • Franchise management software helps bring about improvement to the standard of support offered by the franchise brand. This can be put into effect by creating a list of FAQs and helping resolve or prevent the occurrence of likely problems. Not only does this put valuable information readily accessible to the franchisees, but frees up time as well for the support staff to concentrate on relatively more urgent calls and requirements. Powerful trouble ticketing system put forward by franchise management software directly sends requests to appropriate departments and makes sure the level of urgency of each request is determined and put on priority accordingly.

How does franchise management software help franchisees?

Franchise management software provides assistance to franchisees with a selection of tools aimed at improving operations, advertising efforts, customer relations, and training results from the front line only. For instance:

  • The field service management tool helps franchisees by facilitating them with the capacity to handle every aspect of day-to-day service-specific operations. The tool helps in the creation and assignment of new field jobs from any device, traces the whereabouts of staff through geo-location via a centralized dashboard to bring down response times, does the sign-off for all completed work assignments, generates invoices, processes payments, and much more.
  • Franchisees are able to automatically convert leads into customers, streamline scheduling appointments, well organize customer communication, record all customer-based correspondence, cut down on liabilities, and keep sales reps up-to-date on developments – all with the help of customer management tool.
  • Solitary franchise management software keeps track of the schedules, working hours, performance, and payroll of existing employees.

4 key benefits of franchise management software

  • Franchise management software helps in saving time and improving the action of updating system manuals.

It’s well-known to all established franchisors that system manuals can become obsolete very quickly. As a matter of fact, one of the prime attractions of franchise software is that there are constant audits and optimization of its processes.

Consequently, carrying out updates and distribution of manuals pertaining to the upgraded system is an endless task that will involve lots of time in case you’re adopting the old-fashioned approach. Furthermore, there are a number of systems that get regularly updated. However, even those systems are generally disjointed. As a result, you wind up blowing money and time yet attain suboptimal results.

Under such circumstances, franchise management software can come to your rescue. This is especially where the intranet module of software for franchise management plays a pivotal role. It creates digital libraries that are capable of hosting system manuals that can be readily accessed. The system manuals can be edited, copied, or shared at any time by authorized individuals. The changes can be implemented from all types of devices following which you can instantly distribute the content to the whole franchise in just a single click.

Franchise management software comes up with advanced search capabilities and criteria. They help improve system uptake, optimize training time, and ensure adherence. In just two seconds you can find the content of your choice or certain reference points.

Franchise management software helps control supply chain and inventory and moves the processes up to newer heights.

With all-inclusive franchise management software by your side, you can obtain complete visibility of your inventory at the corporate level. Orders can be placed depending on minimum and maximum inventory levels. Moreover, you can directly set up connections with the supply chain workers and gain access to information about seasonal trends and historical data with the help of a basic mobile device installed with franchise management software.

  • Franchise management software smoothly runs sales communications and lets your brand stand out.

Over the years, the franchising business has amassed substantial popularity. While this fact reinforces the actual worth of a franchise system, likewise it brings in more competition among franchisors looking for sharp-witted investors and entrepreneurs to collaborate with them. When you put in efforts to outsmart your competitors, it’s crucial that you establish consistent, personalized, and well-time communication all through the hiring process of franchise owners/franchisees.

  • Franchise management software facilitates streamlined sales communications at all stages of the sales cycle.

The marketing module is responsible for the integration of key franchise-specific metrics and the creation of an ideal franchisee profile. Franchise management software pools resources from top lead sourcing portals to automatically populate the list of candidates. When leads and prospects start making responses to your offers, franchise management software sends out automatic alerts to catch up with new leads much more quickly than the competition. Starting from here, you can reply to leads, go through their communication histories, and secure deals without having to detach the various software systems you make use of for managing daily operations. 

  • Franchise management software helps design best-in-class marketing campaigns to reach out to leads.

High-quality, accurate, and appropriate analytics form the basis of an efficacious outreach campaign. Franchise management software is endowed with the ability to automatically generate sales pipeline reports that are further sent to the email of a franchisor for review. These reports can be easily comprehended. They contain key performance indicators that spotlight your outreach efforts. What’s more, the software lets you customize the reports to put more emphasis on the desired metrics. Once the necessary data is obtained, with the help of an integrated ad builder and lead outreach tools you can create tempting offers to lure prospects and successfully effectuate conversion.

In just a span of a few minutes, with the help of only an internet-driven mobile device, you can thus fashion an enticing marketing campaign.

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