In essence, franchise CRM software accommodates an all-encompassing database of contacts of customers with vital minutiae such as name, contact number, email address, and more. Basic franchise CRM software allows you in adding notes so that manual tracking of the progress made by leads throughout the sales cycle can be accomplished. Plus, with the help of the software, you can include any missing information relevant to lead profiles and keep reminders in store for yourself to be notified of important tasks.

Best-in-class, technologically advanced franchise CRM software can dish out lots of beneficial capabilities such as lead management, prospect generation, and customer relations automation.

Franchise CRM

Franchise CRM

Things you can do with franchise CRM software

Franchise CRM, just like the other modules of franchise software is delineated with adequate flexibility and profound customization capability that make for almost unlimited functionality. The following scenario amply suggests how an ideal, automated franchise CRM looks like.

Say, for example, there’s an automated franchise CRM system assuming the following form.

A prospect arrives on the custom landing page of the website you have created by leveraging the functionality of franchise CRM software. The database has automatic storage of historical sales data. The conversion of a prospect into a lead takes place when it gives you its corresponding email address or fills out a form requesting custom brochures, or submits a satisfaction survey after a cash purchase from the franchise store. Next, the information rendered by the lead is added automatically to the inclusive contact database.

Once the data from leads are automatically logged, franchise CRM software helps send auto-generated, customized, and targeted emails by making use of email templates that have been created and authenticated much in advance. From then on, the leads are nurtured throughout the sales process.

When the leads decide to consummate a purchase they’re directed to click on a link. Automatic alerts are right away sent to sales reps that notify them of hot leads sending out purchase intent signals. The sales reps keep on with the process by calling the leads following which they go ahead with either sales closure or start developing relationships with the leads.

Franchise software helps you automatically track both efforts with every communication being timely logged and every sales data being entered into the system.

Franchise CRM software capabilities

Any great franchise CRM software is known to be automated, flexible, and customizable. Search for franchise brands that put these three qualities on priority. As far as particular tools are concerned, recommendations from experts vary based on the franchise industry you’re in. However, every leading franchise CRM software must allow you to carry out the following tasks.

  • Setting up alerts and reminders and automatically sending them while reaching out to leads or existing customers.

  • Systematic tracking of emails to make sure you foster proper relationships with all your leads along the way through the sales funnel at exact moments.

  • Creating highly customized landing pages for different sets of the target audience through text messages, emails, offers, or advertisements.

  • Classifying the profiles of prospects and leads conditional on the nature of their interactions on the landing pages of your website, your advertisements and promotional, or email campaigns so that prioritization of and outreach to leads can be successfully done.

  • Keeping an automatic track of payments made by customers or payments made to customers for better accounting and easy, well-timed reference.

  • Creating customer satisfaction surveys and disseminating them to team members to help make processes better, recognize frequently escalated customer pain points, and secure confidential customer contact information.

Truly outstanding franchise CRM software is brought into being by people having considerable experience in the franchise industry. By and large, the software is developed to meet specific franchising demands that are tough to be well communicated to software developers.

More importantly, the design of franchise CRM software is conceived by a team comprising franchisors and franchisees from sundry industries. They provide worthwhile experience and insights into building a pliable solution aimed at catering to businesses at all levels.

Franchise CRM software comes up with more automation-driven opportunities, improved reporting, dashboards, and analytics, streamlined marketing as well as communications, the facility of surveillance of franchise performance, and the capability of managing all business aspects from a lone mobile app. Furthermore, franchise CRM software has the capacity to drive sales, gather referrals, and secure customer satisfaction indexes.

Franchise CRM software features

A few of the more noteworthy features of franchise CRM software encompass the following.

  • The smooth conversion of leads into paying customers

  • Streamlined communication with customers

  • Proper scheduling of tasks and events related to customers

  • Easily accessible documentation of all communications that transpired with customers

  • Intuitive generation of customer invoices and statements

  • The processing and application of payments as per invoices

  • Seamless interfacing with several payment gateways

  • Production and analysis of revenue reports

  • In-depth reporting on customer interactions and operations

  • A powerful mobile app containing all-inclusive customer contact details

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