Franchise software for CRM, worth its weight in gold, is ideally created by experts having real, sizable experience in the franchise business. Franchise software is guaranteed to be built to meet certain franchising demands that may otherwise be difficult to properly communicate to developers. The design of franchise software for CRM is usually conceived by a team comprising franchisors and franchisees hailing from several industries. Each of them has the expertise to offer distinct insights and acumen to help develop software solutions flexible and compatible enough for all businesses at all levels.

Franchise software comes up with better automation opportunities, better reporting, dashboards, and analytics, streamlined communications, simplified marketing strategies, franchise performance monitoring summaries, and other capabilities to deal with every business aspect from a single mobile app. More importantly, franchise software for CRM helps in driving sales, directing referrals, and displaying customer satisfaction ratings equally to franchisors and franchisees.

Some of the most notable features of franchise software for CRM include the following.

  • Smooth conversion of leads and prospects to paying customers
  • Systematic communication with individual customers
  • Organized scheduling of tasks and events related to customers
  • Simple documentation of communication histories of all customers accessible to all and sundry
  • Intuitive generation of customer invoices and statements
  • Application and processing of payments against invoices
  • Reporting of revenue reports
  • Seamless interfacing with leading payment gateways
  • Comprehensive reports on customer operations

Franchise software for CRM presents you with major benefits as follows:

  • Improved customer relationships
  • Improved communication with employees and customers
  • Improved customer service
  • Better automation opportunities
  • Better employee satisfaction levels
  • More profitable sales results

However, with several franchise software solutions available in the market, you may face difficulties settling on the one most suitable for your unique needs. Here are 4 tips you can take into consideration on services offered by franchise software for choosing the right one for your franchise business. 

Franchise CRM

Franchise CRM

  • Centralized management of contacts

Every franchise owner needs to interact with various types of people. Their role on any specific day may vary from mapping out strategies and executive-level decision-making with investors, dealing with customers directly, providing assistance to fellow franchise owners, checking out with vendors in connection with supply chain and inventory, and reaching out to prospects and leads.

In general, the essence of franchise management lies in managing relationships with both customers and employees. It’s because of this reason contact management tools are found to be so worthwhile. In recent times, it’s literally impossible to track different contacts with the help of only spreadsheets. Each franchisor needs to juggle a number of contact management tools.

Franchise software for CRM is a more suitable choice. The software automatically helps keep track of all information pertaining to customers, channel partners, and several other contacts and arrange them systematically at a centralized location. As a consequence outreaching leads, moving them through various stages of the sales cycle, marketing, and maintaining customer relations become simplified. With powerful search options rendered by franchise software for CRM, you can identify what you’re exactly looking for following which you can set up contact with the lead via the user interface by using several modes of communication such as calls, text messages, or emails.

  • Employee surveillance and support capabilities

Although this feature isn’t necessarily one of the typical franchise software for CRM, still monitoring employee activities and performance and supporting employees in their various efforts contribute majorly to ensuring your customers are happy.

Firstly, with improvement in employee surveillance and support capabilities put forward, it’s possible to avert unfavorable customer experiences that can be detrimental to your business prospects. Secondly, franchise software is outfitted with an employee management module that helps make simplified communication which in turn makes sure that adequate, necessary support is provided to field service workers as and when they need to prevent or deal with unexpected problems occurs.

Franchise software sets the seal on by facilitating employees to upload the photos of the jobs they have executed for obtaining help or receiving sign-offs from senior management. The software also ensures employees receive instant access to training materials via the private intranet. The employee management module also comes of substantial help in removing scheduling errors and lapses that go a long way in degrading relations with customers.

If any customer comes across problems while being offered service, the employee management module is capable of easily detecting things that went wrong and requesting accountability from the staff for their reported actions. Franchise software does automatic archiving of all communications that transpired between customers and employees for review. It also helps generate real-time reports focusing on employee activities with the sole aim to identify potential problems and resolve them. 

  • The automation of salesforce

In 2022, every franchise software for CRM needs overarching automation of salesforce tasks. These tasks include data entry, lead management, the scheduling of appointments, the monitoring of inventory and supply chain, and many more. It’s only natural that with automation brought in, any delay in response times will be greatly reduced. Faster response time is always appreciated by customers. Also, as a consequence, significant time of your staff is freed up for them to put more focus on customer care. Franchise software for CRM does take all these and more into consideration.

  • Uninterrupted mobility

In 2022, nearly everything comes with a mobile app right from public conveyance to photographic filters. Therefore, it’s sensible to have franchise software for CRM capable of providing services with the help of an all-inclusive mobile app while you’re on the move.

With franchise software by your side, running your whole business operations on digital platforms can literally be done in a few simple clicks. All modules of franchise software CRM are available through an integrated mobile app. This ensures you get to avoid constraints related to office hours and offer services to your customers as and when the need arises.

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