With state-of-the-art features and the capability to bring about endless customization franchise management software is suitable for all franchise needs. Franchise management software is a cloud-based framework consisting of several modules. Software for franchise management renders useful tools for:

  • Managing operations
  • Training employees
  • Taking care of leads
  • Generating leads
  • Marketing

All-inclusive franchise management software consolidates several modules that keep interacting and establishing synergy with one another. To avoid redundancies, the modules extract data from commonly existing data points, enhance analytical standards, and streamline operations. 

franchise management software

franchise management software

You can benefit from the following modules of franchise management software

  • Customer management
  • Employee management
  • Field service management
  • Finance
  • Franchise development
  • Franchise management
  • Franchise performance
  • Franchise Support
  • Franchisee onboarding
  • Intranet
  • Marketing
  • Surveys
  • Training

Here are four strategies that are commonly put into effect by franchise businesses by leveraging the power of franchise management software.

  • The strategy is to manage contacts via a centralized system.

Having the ownership of a franchise means that you need to interface and interact with various kinds of people. At any given instance you may be required to map out strategies with your investors on the executive level. Again, you may be needed to have dealings with customers. What’s more, providing assistance to fellow franchise owners, inquiring into the vendors, and reaching out to leads are other key things you’re required to perform as part of the franchise development process. 

Usually, the management of a franchise alludes to basic relationship management. It’s because of this reason, contact management tools hold so much value. In current times, it’s unthinkable to keep track of different contacts by means of spreadsheets or a Rolodex as it results in considerable wastage of time. But still, organizing many contact management tools and using them simultaneously is a crucial task for all franchise owners. 

Franchise management software with a CRM module is a far better option. Software for franchise management does automatic tracking and arrangement of all information pertaining to channel partners, leads, prospects, customers, and other relevant parties. The approach of a centralized contact hub helps in simplifying outreach, marketing, and improving customer relations. The centralized hub also makes it effortless to pass on newly acquired leads through various stages of the sales cycle. You can precisely identify the leads or prospects you’re intending to contact with the powerful search capabilities of franchise management software. Once you have traced the contact you can instantly set up communication via calls, emails, and text messages.

  • To strategy to monitor employees and support them.

If truth be told, monitoring the activities and performance of employees and supporting them in their various pursuits are necessary to ensure your customers remain happy. However, it needs to be kept in mind that this strategic feature isn’t always integral to franchise management software with a CRM capability.

With improved abilities to monitor employees and support their causes, negative customer perceptions that likely hamper your business prospects can be nullified. The employee management module of franchise management software makes communication with employees simpler. This in turn makes it simple to render the much-needed support that field reps need as and when unexpected problems occur. The software enables employees to upload pictures of the finished job for future reference and sign-off from the higher management. Furthermore, employees can promptly gain access to training and support materials via a private franchise intranet. The module also contributes to getting rid of scheduling errors and lapses that can embitter your relationships with customers. 

When a problem is reported by a customer through the offered ticketing service, the employee management module facilitates spotting what actually went wrong and holding the corresponding staff responsible for the action. Franchise management software also does automatic archiving of communications that occur between workers and customers for review and taking requisite actions. Software for franchise management also helps in the automatic generation of dynamic reports focusing on employee-specific operations that in turn help you spot potential stumbling blocks.

  • The strategy to automate the sales force.

In 2022, every franchise management software coupled with CRM functionality needs to have automated sales force tasks. These tasks take in the following:

  • Lead management
  • Data entry
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Inventory surviellance
  • Supply chain monitoring

Automation brought about by franchise management software decreases the time to respond to customer queries and concerns much to their satisfaction. Also, sufficient time is freed up for staff so that they can directly focus on attending to customer service.

  • The strategy to automatically attract and capture leads.

Research indicates the high efficacy of welcome emails to bolster franchise development and effectuate B2B/B2C sales. In fact, as per recent research studies, email marketing campaigns are found to generate roughly 320 percent additional revenue in comparison with other promotional endeavors.

But, those welcome emails can’t always be sent easily. Even, if all your recipients are supposed to receive emails generated from the same email marketing template, still, the greeting line needs to be personalized for each of them. Next, you need to rummage through the list of your contacts to determine the hot leads. All these activities call for a certain concentration level as a wrong email sent to the right person or vice versa can give rise to lots of embarrassment. 

With franchise management software by your side, you get all the perks associated with welcome emails without having to put in toils individually. The software lets you create event triggers by virtue of which welcome emails can be automatically directed to new leads within a fraction of a second. So, at the time an investor fills up a form asking for extra information in connection with your franchise the creation of the right profiles automatically happens and the dispatch of the right welcome emails takes place. Franchise management software allows you to upload a number of welcome email templates catering to diverse demographics.

  • Strategy to set up communication with prospects.

By and large, contact with leads and prospects is established employing data-driven, targeted offers. Even though research and statistics amply suggest the undeniable effectiveness of email marketing, still the effort needs to be put into place correctly. On the off chance, your emails are devoid of any substance and look dull in common templated formats, they’ll soon be landing into the spam folder.

To see to it, the messages put forward by the emails resonate, the need for the creation of hard data-infused email marketing templates for your target audience is imperative. Franchise management software makes this facility readily available to you. It helps auto-generate reports filled with data related to key performance indicators on the basis of lead profiles and the outcomes from previous campaigns. Plus, franchise management software comes up with a survey module that enables you to conduct market research through the collection of valuable feedback from customers. Conditional on the findings derived from automatic reports, each of the email marketing campaigns outwits the previous with minimal effort from your side.

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