In 2022, it’s an indubitable fact that the significance of franchise software in bolstering cleaning business prospects is worth its weight in gold. By now it’s a well-known fact that franchise software helps in streamlining the following vital processes among others.

  • Producing quotations

  • Bidding for contracts

  • Scheduling of jobs

  • Imparting pieces of training

The implementation of some of the celebrated features of franchise software as listed below it’s likely to boost the franchising possibilities for your cleaning business.

Brandwide - Franchise Software

Brandwide – Franchise Software

  1. Franchise software helps in bringing about automation to workflows.

As far as franchise software solutions for cleaning businesses are concerned workflow automation happens to be a standout among the primary selling points. Through the automation of recurrent tasks such as sending welcome emails, updating support tickets, and making data entry, franchise software frees up the time of sales reps to concentrate on more important chores like sales closure and brand development.

The workflow automation feature helps make employee time more productive. Besides, it helps boost their morale and level of engagement. This is because they have substantial time to put more focus on high-yielding tasks such as connecting with leads, prospects, and customers or solving problems instead of entering the contact details of leads into the system all through the day.

Franchise software allows you to design and put workflows into action that are custom-tailored to meet your individual needs. The software is capable of mapping processes and setting triggers for automatically welcoming new leads, updating contact details, generating reports, and handling several other tasks of minor importance. All these actions become free-running. Also, the design of franchise software is conceived to complement the needs of cleaning franchises leading to high priority end-user control.

  1. Franchise software helps simplify scheduling for providing cleaning services.

If you want to succeed in a cleaning business you need to put extreme focus on ensuring proper, well-timed scheduling of tasks. In fact, scheduling is intrinsic to every cleaning franchise. If not carried out well, scheduling errors can lead to disastrous consequences for your janitorial business. Franchising is an industry where promptness, timeliness, and efficiency in service delivery are of utmost importance. Incidents of cleaning staff showing up late or missing scheduled cleaning jobs result in irreconcilable damage to your brand renown and image.

Ill-timed scheduling issues lead to high-risk scenarios. Hence, it’s not surprising that franchise managers devote sizeable time to fine-tune their schedules besides monitoring whether employees are on task and finishing the assigned jobs in time. In this manner, franchise software helps level up cleaning business franchises, consummate sales, and market the business with guaranteed profit-worthy outcomes.

Franchise software facilitates scheduling and makes the best use of automation. In doing so it ensures you put in lesser working hours to deal with weekly tasks that take too much time and labor. Simultaneously the software sees to it more time is set aside for cleaning-related jobs. Read on to become familiar with some of the key features put forward by franchise software.

  • The creation and allocation of new jobs from all kinds of devices to employees, franchisees, field reps, and customers. Once jobs are assigned, instant notifications are sent to the groups. Changes in the schedule if any are communicated via emails or text messages based on individual proclivities.

  • The tracing of the geographical location of cleaning staff and effortlessly moving through a number of staff calendars for ascertaining staff availability. The software also helps determine in-position staff to act in response to emergencies.

  • The automatic setup of repetitive jobs with the rescheduling of contract work and removing unnecessary data entry in connection with the customization in the frequency of tasks, schedule times, and budget as per needs and preferences.

  • The instant detection of all work-related tickets, scheduled tasks, inspection activities, or employee whereabouts by making use of a robust search capability.

  • The delegation of scheduling responsibility as well as employee empowerment by means of self-driven scheduling tools with automatic alerts being triggered in the event of any scheduling disputes or overtime.

  • The automatic information alerts so received when employees are absent or arrive late or sign in to the system away from the job location.

  • Easy dissemination of important notes and instructions in addition to other relevant information about scheduled jobs to bring on personalized service and create better client satisfaction.

  1. Franchise software helps in the optimization of the bidding process while offering cleaning services.

The majority of cleaning jobs-related bids begin from office computers whether in the course of building walkthroughs or inside the office premises of your prospects. With requisite support from franchise software cleaning services can be rendered via mobile devices while on the go or laptops from the interiors of your office. Franchise software not only retains its functionalities on the road but also strengthens the bidding process by saving ample time while you continue attracting prospects. The following built-in features ensure these tasks are completed.

  • Making a good instant impression on the minds of prospects and saving time by the automated entry of data related to building measurements as well as clients’ preferences in the built-in mobile app of franchise software in the course of preliminary walkthroughs.

  • Easily editing or updating building measurements, floor types, pricing, the periodicity for cleaning services, work completion hours, and many other job specifics.

  • Once the conversion of prospects into cleaning franchise owners takes place, the creation of elementary bidding data becomes straightforward. The data consists of elaborate client profiles filled with notes and other appropriate job information for example security access codes, employee working hours, client preferences, payment histories, billing information, etc.

  • Prompt import of walkthrough data to prepare proposals and invoices and email them to concerned people to initiate quicker bidding and billing. The need for wasting time carrying out redundant data entry jobs is eliminated.

  • The saving and/or copying of bidding documents and customizing them with predefined templates for a speedier generation of estimates.

  • The automatic archiving of all client-centric correspondence to make larger bids. So, billing and invoices generation too will be accordingly supplemented.

With robust security in place and offered by franchise software every bit of customer information is safeguarded inside a secure server. Access to the server is permitted for only those authorized with proper username and password.

  1. Franchise software helps make training outcomes better for cleaning franchises.

The training module offered by franchise software is a powerfully built knowledge management system that has the ability to develop training courses, do the uploading of multimedia instructional tools, and assign or review quizzes to examine the level of understanding acquired by the trainees.

Franchise software also lets you assign training to a particular group of employees and franchise owners following which it helps you track their progress via robust reporting tools working in the backend that give an indication of the extent to which the training course is completed. These pieces of training can be taken by employees from anywhere and on all types of devices. Besides franchise software empowers trainers to keep auto alerts set up for them to be notified of the moments during which their reviews are sought. The same type of device can be used by the instructors for assigning quizzes and sending links containing the reading materials that are stored within a private franchise intranet server.

  1. Franchise software ensures top-down management is in place for cleaning franchises.

Regardless of whether you’re finding out means to control your employees or field reps or international networks of your cleaning franchise outlets, franchise software comes up with modules of varied kinds addressing varied needs.

  • The development module helps drive sales.

  • The performance module ensures sustained competitive advantage and keeps the franchise operations up and running in line with franchise goals.

  • The field service management module helps offer support to field reps and empowers them.

  • The marketing module comes to aid with franchise lead generation through campaigns, bidding, and branding.

  • The employee management module helps by making the process of scheduling, reporting, and payroll generation simpler.

  • The customer management module provides assistance by seamlessly converting leads into paying customers, offering improved bidding choices, reducing liabilities, eliminating conflicts, generating invoices smoothly, and producing highly informative reports.

  • The support module helps in automating low-value tasks in connection with customer service and makes training outcomes better by upskilling both employees and franchise owners.

Each of these modules is readily available thereby making you be in charge of the usual top-down management control with the ability to shift smoothly between macro and micro-level perspectives.

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