For entrepreneurs, the franchising system is an excellent economic opportunity. When it comes to signing a franchising contract, whether you’re a franchisee or a franchisor, there are a lot of factors to consider regarding Franchise Software.

All-in-one resource-saving solution

The all-in-one franchise consulting and bespoke franchise software development solution helps franchisees save time and money while addressing the needs of both sides of the business.

Franchisees desire to be able to run their own business and behave like their boss. On the other hand, Franchisors must respect this autonomy while maintaining a broad view of their business strategy.

Franchisee and franchisor flexibility

The franchise system’s success is dependent on its ability to adapt to the needs of each segment. Proprietary franchise software can manage local client needs (stock, loyalty, promotions, and so on) while providing a global view to the licensee, who can examine transaction data for a single location or a group of stores.

Another significant advantage that Proprietary franchise software provides for franchises considering worldwide expansion is working in different countries with different currencies and exchange rates.

Along with retail management franchise software, Consulting professionals give their know-how and experience in the franchise industry to provide a global solution to all organizations committed to offering their license for national and international expansion.

Meetbrandwide - franchise software

Meetbrandwide – franchise software

The franchise’s main features are as follows:

  • Both single-brand and multi-brand franchise formats are supported.

  • A broad picture of each franchisee’s sales and transactions

  • Financial accuracy and transparency

  • Information from the POS about consumers, marketing, sales, or workers is collected to improve and enhance the franchise.

Each franchisee’s data is accessible while staying private and inaccessible to other franchisees.

When the franchise spans multiple countries and currencies, the franchise automatically converts to a single currency.

Increase sales and customer loyalty across the franchise by providing and tracking fully-integrated gift cards, gift certificates, and store credit.

Customers’ information should be shared among all franchisees.

To take advantage of bulk discounts, create purchase orders for single stores, all stores in a franchise, or all shops in all franchisees.

Inventory updates and goods exchanges between franchisees may be managed quickly and easily.

When it comes to franchising a business, how do you pick good software?

The majority of businesses who decide to franchise do not devote enough time and thought to picking the franchise software they will utilize.

Few aspects of it are usually examined, and they are usually based primarily on the purely economic aspect, which, while important, should not be the deciding factor because it can be much more expensive and time-consuming to choose the franchise software incorrectly from the start and then have to change it at a later date.

Make a medium-to-long-term plan.

When weighing the many market possibilities or deciding on a bespoke development, it’s critical to keep a medium-long-term perspective in mind. You shouldn’t just look for a solution to meet your existing business needs. You must have a bigger picture in mind and try to predict future demands while keeping where you want to go.

Standard franchise software can save money in the short term, but it limits the development of new goods and services. If you have to change franchise software again in the medium term, it will be very time and money consuming. Not only because of the programs’ expense but also because of the significantly higher cost of executing the change.

Meetbrandwide - franchise software

Meetbrandwide – franchise software

The company’s overall vision

Another thing to consider is developing the franchise software with a broad view of the business you intend to franchise. It would be best if you met the needs of the corporate headquarters and the places of sale, whether they are your own or franchisees.

The central and franchised centers have different functions.

Because the needs of the central and franchised centers change, the application must adapt to diverse user profiles.

A tool capable of carrying out company and chain management is required by the central. This tool can be complicated because it must address a variety of topics, including purchases, various types of sales, accounting, finances, stock (if any), as well as the ability to connect with points of sale and export and import all of the information required for proper chain management and knowing what is going on with your brand.

On the other hand, the franchise software must offer an easy-to-use and, of course, functional solution for franchised centers. This solution should address all of the staff’s demands and, rather than complicating matters, should assist them in expediting their most crucial function, the sale.

It is critical that the program be simple to use for anyone, as the staff does not typically have advanced computer capabilities. Furthermore, a straightforward program will save the time and expense of initial training.

Contact the central office

The franchise software must have a solid communication mechanism between the franchised centers and the headquarters to accomplish proper franchise integration.

The center must be able to send the essential information to the points of sale for them to function properly (references, rates, offers, etc.) without having to repeat the data entry process.

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