A Franchise Software is a custom-made software as per the request of a company to help the franchisors to collaborate with franchisees. Franchise Software is mainly used for business management, accounts, bookkeeping, marketing, etc. Almost every esteemed organization has one Franchise Software in its system. After humanity experienced the pandemic, its importance of it increased even more.

There are many advantages of using Franchise Software. Some of these advantages of using Franchise Software are as follows –

  • Efficiency is the key to it. Whether it is orders or expenses that need to be monitored, it can be found in a single place and entirely maintained accurately by the software.

  • It actively prevents data loss. As consultancy firms make this type of software, they provide guaranteed data security through cloud storage or other storage options.

  • Efficient network management and enhanced security. All the users in a company have this software installed, thus providing a closed network and better security than individual users accessing.

  • Digital signatures are secured, but special encryption is provided with the software. Also, certificates issued by the respective organization to the company are secured separately.

  • The software is made exclusive for company users. If a separate user with an unregistered IP tries to use it, it would immediately be blocked and reported.

  • With a good programmer in hand, the user can himself make the software for his organization.

Why should we use Franchise Software?

It may seem that the advantages mentioned above can be insured by other ways or by individually securing and managing data. Yes, it definitely can be done. But in the case of small organizations or startups, providing individuality is not at all cost-efficient.

Large industries can afford to do that as they have various sub-divisions beneath them. But for new startups or small-scale organizations, a one-time investment method is best applicable. Most companies that manufacture franchise software charge only once and then design and provide organization-exclusive software with guaranteed security of both users and data.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Software

Types of Franchise Software

There are mainly two types of franchise software in use, that is Cloud-based software and Application-based software.

The cloud-based software can be accessed from anywhere provided the user has a supporting device and a registered user Identification and password. For additional security, they may ask for user verification via Captcha or the “I am not a robot” feature, which is fairly secure and used worldwide.

The application-based software is exclusive to the devices of the organization. They, too, are provided with a user identification and password, but they have their IP registered, thus providing enhanced security against outside threats. They also provide better administrative privileges.

How to Start a Commercial Cleaning business using Franchise Software?

A commercial cleaning business is a small-scale startup. The steps to start a commercial cleaning business are as follows –

  • Planning the startup. This includes budget planning, fixing the capital, having a place for an office, planning the number of employees to hire, and having a basic idea of an advertising campaign to conduct.

  • After fixing the capital, the registration of business is the first thing to do. Without a proper commercial license to clean, the business may face legal issues and unsatisfactory customers.

  • The office that is fixed should be commercially licensed and should also have safety regulations maintained.

  • Purchasing of proper cleaning supplies according to the number of employees planned to hire. Also, buying and designing proper Franchise software.

  • Advertisement and hiring of employees should be done simultaneously as companies do not want to wait for customers. The cleaning rates should also be decided in the meantime.

The role of Franchise Software to start a Commercial Cleaning Business is –

  • Firstly, the legal documents should be backed up in the provided cloud with the software. The digital signatures should also be added.

  • Then the number of employees using the software should be registered. Their attendance should be recorded.

  • The orders and supplies of both the customers and the company’s internal affairs should be channeled separately.

  • The accounts and bookkeeping should be updated. This includes the expenses, profits, and the capital in hand.

After the successful running of the company for a year or so, we will have a clear idea of how the software performed.

The result after using Franchise Software –

  • The regularity of employees can be monitored.

  • We have an idea of the salary structure in use.

  • We know our regular customers and the market hierarchy.

  • We have monitored the company’s expenses, gains, and economic growth.

Thus, there is a statistical collection of data about how the company performed over the year, and the data remains secure.


Franchise Software can be applied in practice very easily. It is included in almost every organization because of its efficiency and advantages. The software has the option to be remotely accessed, thus, making it worldwide. In the modern era of computing, where efficiency and security are the primary objectives, Franchise Software is an absolute necessity for small-scale startups like commercial cleaning businesses and large-scale organizations.

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