In 2022, franchise management software for cleaning businesses is worth its weight in gold. If you’re in the cleaning business, in recent times, as the business owner it’s imperative that you opt for cloud-based franchise management software.

Naturally, the question arises – why cloud-based software over local software? Read on to find out!

Cloud-founded franchise management software for your cleaning business means:

  • Improved disaster recovery

Cleaning businesses, irrespective of their size need to put money into a powerfully built disaster recovery mechanism. In particular, it’s more important as far as national cleaning franchise businesses are concerned. Franchise management software comes up with a secure digital library via a private franchise intranet. The library sets the seal on always protecting sensitive data.

  • The automation of critical updates

In the majority of cloud-based franchise management frameworks, the servers are located off-premise. Therefore, there’s overarching automation to put in security updates and carry out software-related maintenance tasks. This facility won’t be there in the case of any local software where the only option lies in carrying our manual updates on all devices.

  • Smooth collaboration

Franchise management software for a cleaning business allows smooth access to documents to all members of the franchise family. They can read, edit, and share documents anytime and from anywhere based on assigned permissions. This is made possible through superior cloud-based automated workflows that are critical to the success of cleaning franchises where ensuring consistency with products, services, and company culture is of utmost significance.

  • Matchless mobile capabilities

Franchise management software for cleaning businesses is mobile compatible so that you can access it and work regardless of location and time. Only, you need to have uninterrupted internet connectivity. This is indicative of the fact that you can keep a watch on the activities of franchisees, develop relationships with leads and nurture them, get an overview of inventory, monitor the supply chain movements, fabricate novel marketing campaigns, and many more, regardless of the location and time of your work. Having mobile-driven software means efficiency isn’t confined within the four walls of the office. Thus, with cloud-based franchise management software, you can consider the world around you as your workplace and bring about noticeable improvement to your work-life balance.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Management Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Management Software

  1. Is franchise management software easily integrable with your existing items of software?

For lots of cleaning business franchisors, seamless software integration is a must-have capability. No matter whether you need round-the-clock access to QuickBooks or something that supports point-of-sale programs, it’s all-important to have franchise management software that mingles nicely with other components. Even though the design of cloud-based software is formulated in the turn-out of an all-inclusive solution, still, the gravity of trouble-free integration across different platforms is undeniable. Designers of leading franchise management software know about the precise tools which cleaning franchise owners prefer and design the backend that reduces time to bring about complete synergy through different software platforms.

  1. Does franchise management software have compatibility with different kinds of devices?

In a cleaning franchise, myriad devices of smartphones and tablets will be used by employees and franchisees. It’s very common to have an eclectic assemblage of Android phones, Apple products, Google phones as well as other non-branded devices getting used in a single franchise. So, needless to say, the extent to which the use of devices will be hugely diversified over the entire franchise network can be easily imagined.

In line with that thought process, it’s imperative for franchise management software to show uniform compatibility with the above-mentioned diverse platforms on which the devices are configured.

  1. Is the reporting done by franchise management software insightful?

Reporting capabilities are key to any franchise management software. In the absence of sufficient, up-to-date reporting concerning sales, marketing, revenue generation, franchisee performance, employee and customer attrition, and cleaning business market trends, executive-level decision-making is relegated to guesswork. Therefore, franchise management software is designed to produce fully automated reports that aren’t just intuitive but can be customized as well. The software leads to seamless, automatic generation of sales pipeline reports which in turn are directed to your email as per the schedule set in keeping with your convenience. These reports put emphasis on key performance indicators for every business component and systematize data in an easily comprehensible manner. The reports can likewise be customized based on individual cleaning business needs.

  1. Does franchise management software make the scheduling process simpler?

Scheduling is considered to be intrinsic to all successful cleaning franchises. The aspect of scheduling can have both favorable and unfavorable impacts on the cleaning business as customers look for prompt, well-timed, and effective cleanings. Each time delayed show-ups or worse, no-shows, by your cleaning staff results in irreconcilable damage to the brand image.

In keeping with such high risks, it’s no wonder how cleaning franchise managers devote significant time to finetune their task schedules and ensure employees are on job during working hours.

Franchise management software makes the process of scheduling simpler and allows automation to be maximized in a bid to spend less time on low-value daily tasks.

The software helps in the creation and assignment of new jobs from all kinds of devices. Instant notifications are sent to employees, franchisees, customers, and field reps with regard to any changes in schedule through emails or text messages conditional on individual needs and preferences.

The software helps locate the whereabouts of your cleaning staff. It can effortlessly explore several calendars on staff availability status to make prompt responses to exigencies.

It sets up repetitive jobs so that automatic rescheduling of contract work and elimination of unnecessary data entry jobs can be carried out. It helps bring about customization in the frequency, schedule time, and budget based on needs.

It helps in the instant tracing of any trouble ticket, scheduled job, inspection status, or employee location by resorting to an intuitive search tool.

It supports the delegation of scheduling responsibility and empowerment of employees with the help of self-service tools that send automatic alerts in the event of any overtime or scheduling overlaps.

The software helps you receive auto-generated alerts during instances of employees showing up late and signing in to the system away from the job location.

The software enables you to easily put notes, specific instructions, or other relevant information in connection with scheduled jobs to ensure personalized service delivery and enhanced customer satisfaction.

  1. Is your franchise management software optimizing the bidding process?

When it comes to cleaning jobs the majority of bids are set in motion right from your office computer, irrespective of whether during building walkthroughs or within the confines of the office of the prospects. Of course, then cleaning company franchises call for software that works efficiently both from mobiles or office laptops.

The franchise management software not only retains its functionalities while on the go but also brings improvement to the bidding process. The software saves considerable time in the course of the bidding too. How?

The software is devised to let you provide an instant, good impression on your prospects. It does furnish inputs on areas to be cleaned as well as clients’ preferences directly into a built-in mobile app in the course of the preliminary walkthrough. The software can do easy editing of and updates on basic details such as:

  • Measurements

  • Pricing

  • Floor types

  • Cleaning service frequency

  • Cleaning service duration in hours

Once the conversion of a prospect into a franchisee is done and the corresponding details are entered into the system, franchise management software grants you the ability to rummage through elementary bidding data for creating compelling profiles for clients that contain notes, appropriate job information, billing data, payment records, and more.

The software is capable of promptly importing walkthrough data into proposal, email, or invoice formats for quicker bidding and billing. Thus the need to do redundant data input is eliminated.

The software helps save or copy details of bids and does customization of bidding templates to quickly produce estimates. In addition, it automatically archives every client correspondence to add to bidding proposals, billing, and invoice generation.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Management Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Management Software

Franchise management software comes up with robust security where every sensitive customer information is safeguarded in a secure server accessible to only authorized team members.

  1. Does your franchise management software offer training?

A powerful and comprehensive learning management system is provided by franchise management software. its efficacy can be leveraged for creating training courses, uploading tools supporting multimedia teaching capabilities, and assigning or reviewing quizzes to gauge the level of understanding.

The software helps assign training to a specific group of employees or franchisees. Next, it monitors their progress by means of well-made reporting tools that work in the back end and give you visibility of the completion of course material. These training assignments can be attempted and completed from anywhere regardless of the device used. Trainers can set automatic alerts to notify the need and time to provide reviews. The same device can be used by trainers for assigning quizzes and sending links containing study materials that are hosted by a private franchise intranet server.

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