What is franchise management software? This software improves the interaction between franchisees and their franchisors. It also helps them manage their businesses, such as marketing, branding, inventory management, sales, etc. Franchisors use this franchise management software to make their brand more stable and to attract more customers to their franchises. Brandwide is one of the most used franchise management software by many successful and new brands to maintain your business.

There are many franchises in the world, so it is so hard to make your brand stand among them if you do not have a proper audience and strategies. It is not possible to expand your business without such tools and software. It helps you distribute your products and franchise locally and internationally.

Some of the most famous franchises we know are KFC, Burger King, Seven-Eleven, McDonald’s, Domino’s, etc. However, there are a lot of franchises based on other services as well, such as salons, spas, health care products, and services, education, and travel.

Franchisors can be individuals or groups of people who own that business or brand. The people interested in selling that particular brand’s goods and services have to pay initial fees to use that brand’s name and its way of trading. They also get some share or royalty in that franchise.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Software

How Do Franchise Software Work?

Cut the Labor and Other Costs

As a company or brand grows and distributes its products or services to different cities or countries, it’s become hard to manage all the records, such as data of clients, inventory, stocks, and sales. Thus, franchise software like Brandwide helps that franchise to operate all their distributors like a single window.

It is also financially helpful, as it requires so much labor to keep all the records of a brand, these kinds of software reduce the labor cost and boost the benefits of a company, and you do not have to hire several people to manage it.

Saves Time

If a brand has many chains on a global level, it takes so much time to do real-time contact and make marketing planning and strategies. Therefore, franchise software helps them to work in less time.

Many franchisors use Brandwide as their idol franchise management software because it keeps them updated about all their outlets on a daily basis. It also connects all the branches to their head office, which helps them to manage all their branches efficiently. You do not need to have expertise in software and computers. This software is easy to use for people of all ages, and you can learn it in significantly less time.

More Efficient Planning

Franchise management software helps you make your strategic plans according to the current trend of the market, as it keeps you updated with the following marketing strategies and demands. So you can work according to the collected information about which areas are the best for your brand or product. And as a result, it helps you get much better results with the minimum usage of work and other sources.

Privacy and Protection of Documents

Franchise software allows you to keep all your vital documents in digital form, which helps protect all the important and sensitive information to the business. It also reduces the use of paper works, use of which can make it almost impossible to keep the records in the large chain franchises. Brandwide is the best software to ensure the privacy of all of your significant documentation.

Reduce the chances of confusion or miscommunication

The main reason behind the popularity of franchise software is that it helps owners provide all-new information or strategies to their branches simultaneously. And in one moment, they start working on the new plans simultaneously, which decreases the chances of miscommunication and any mismanagement among all the franchises.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Software

Helpful in improvements

If customers face any issues or any kind of dissatisfaction with your products in any area where your products are being sold, they can reach the head office at no time. The central database has a record of all complaints. And you can make the needy changes to your products and services as soon as possible.

Create Awareness

Franchise software creates awareness among franchisors. These are helpful for the franchisors to know if their business, in particular, is doing well at that time. You can go to any of your branches’ sales directories in very little time. This information helps you to prevent loss before it escalates.


Branding is so essential for any brand or product. So there must not be any difference in the branding products of any of your branches. They must have the same type and quality of materials they are using. Good branding attracts more customers and puts your brand in their minds. Brandwide allows all your outlets to order the same quality product through your customized web portal.

Marketing Tools and Strategies

Franchise management software plays a crucial part in the marketing of your sales, as it provides you with a lot of marketing tools that can increase the number of your customers. In the digital world, it is so helpful in the growth of your brand as you can do promotion of your brand on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube through creative advertisements.

Software such as Brandwide also gives you the facility of direct messages and email to the consumers. You can get new customers and give them all the necessary information about new products, discounts or offers to your existing consumers in just one click.

To conclude, franchise management software has become vital in a world full of brands and franchises. To ensure you are doing a successful business, these tools give you great support in getting more profits and managing your franchise. Make sure you get all these benefits and features while choosing the franchise software for your company. Brandwide provides many tools according to your products and services, so choose wisely.

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