Nowadays, most franchisors apprehend that developing their franchise business is related to the utilization of the appropriate franchise software system. Thus, it is quite imperative to invest in the best franchise software for devising and supporting a program that has the capability in accomplishing the optimal level of success. In this context, the franchisors should always analyze before choosing and developing suitable franchise software, which can integrate seamlessly with the rest of the CRM-based operations of the franchise business.

What Are The Four Primary Features To Look For When Choosing Suitable Franchise Software?

Workflow Automation

As workflows are a vital ingredient for synchronizing the lead management solutions for a franchisee enterprise, it needs to be automated. Thus, such workflow automation is the foremost USP for the right franchise software systems, wherein it can effectively automate all kinds of repetitive tasks of data entry, welcome emails, and ticket assistance updates. In the process, the franchisors can easily release the workforce management for certain vital duties of sales closing activities and evolving the brand.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Software

This one-of-a-kind franchise software system aids franchisees to design and execute customized workflows that can be tailor-made to achieve the distinct requirements of the franchisee. Besides, the appropriate franchise software helps in aligning the overall processes and fixing trigger points for spontaneously inviting new potential leads to the business, and updating the contact details. Moreover, the franchise software also assists in creating reports and manages the low-value functions that the franchisees will require to transform into independent operations.

In other words, the repetitive tasks are automated for bringing optimal efficiency and ensure that the sales team can spend more time on the higher-value functions of the franchise business. Thus, such unique franchise software systems are devised to function with different types of business models, bringing in vital user-based controls. Hence, detailing the workflows by using automation will certainly aid to regularize the normal business activities and reporting functions across the brand for quantifying the performance level of the franchisees.

Monitoring the Source

Besides, being a franchise owner, it is essential to maintain a lead management system, which should be optimally a part of the franchise CRM software platform. Such a unique system is distinctively devised for franchisees that include the franchise-centric potential lead statues and aids in monitoring the activities involving such sources. Thus, the different franchise-based statuses are when there is a potential new lead, the prospective client’s eligibility conditions, the client is eligible but uninterested, and if the prospective lead has signed a contract.

The statutes also entail activities that assist particular sales processes. In this context, it is to be noted that modifying the potential lead’s status should usually prompt workflow task automation. Such automated functions can include dispatching the information of the prospective lead as per distinct phases of the sales cycle or tuning the prime functions that need to be completed at that specific phase of the workflow. Thus, with such operational automation, the franchisee owner should be able to inspect the specific time spent on each potential lead’s status for analyzing the revenue funnel occasionally.

Hence, it is always imperative to trace the source of the potential leads for the franchisees, as it can straightway instruct to make resolutions for the advertising campaigns. Moreover, such source tracking becomes important, whenever the franchisors decide to create lead generation initiatives across several platforms all at once. The exclusive franchise software from Brandwide can promptly label the sources of the potential new leads, and effectively analyze the marketing strategies beforehand.

User-Friendly Software Integration

Moreover, the unique franchise software catered by Brandwide is devised to function with any franchise business model. This program enables the users with optimal software integration, bringing in all-inclusive end-user control and customization. Besides, this one-of-a-kind franchise software system is completely compatible with other programs and helps in developing the prevailing software more systematized through effectively arranging all erratic information in a centralized location.

Hence, such highly functional franchise software is designed to integrate ideally with DocuSign, QuickBooks, Intuit, and several others. Thus, full-cycle software integration is modeled to visualize the functions systematically for all franchise business models. Moreover, the franchisors need to seamlessly integrate the CRM (customer relationship management) with the franchise software from Brandwide, while considering the distinct stages of the franchise’s sales lifecycle. Hence, it is highly indispensable to decide how efficiently the franchise software can facilitate and sync with the existing software of the franchisees.

Effective Communications and Reporting With Viable Review Management

In addition, franchisees should always maintain a comprehensive and centralized communicational platform to ensure the entire business function can be properly synchronized. In this context, the innovative franchise software system helps to effectively integrate all communications, so that the franchisees can instantly reach out to any field staff via any distinct correspondence channel under the Brandwide platform. Thus, with such effective synchronization, it assists to improve the communication mediums, as well as enhance the accountability of the employees, whenever such correspondences are funneled through the Brandwide Franchise Software platform, negating the dilemmas of misplaced memos.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Software

Just as importantly, the franchise management software should also render appropriate reporting functions. Now, the franchisees should preferably have business intelligence tools that need to be synced with the existing software solution, bringing in real-time shareable reporting, while highlighting the insights into the prime franchise business aspects.

Over and above, the franchise software should include an effective review management system that will help to reach a wider base of target audiences on social media. In this context, such business reviews and guides are mostly supplied by the search engines like Google, or Bing, amongst others. Thus, such a review system is the primary channel for potential customers to interact with the specific franchisee about any recent transaction. Hence, such a vital review management system will assist the franchisors in ascertaining and replying to the negative reviews, thereby making way to uphold the reputation of such franchisees.

Final Verdict

Reckoning with the distinct facets of selecting the right franchise software, it is an undeniable fact that the Brandwide franchise management system is suitable for all business environments, helping to transform the business needs for accomplishing the ultimate success.

In addition, this unique system functions as a job scheduler, website manager, construction tracker, and franchise intranet in an all-inclusive single application, rendering end-to-end solutions for SMEs and startups.

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