Today, it is the best option to boost your business and make your brand more successful and bigger by franchising. Franchise software helps you in the growth of your product, and you even don’t have to spend extra money on that, as franchisees pay you some amount in the form of initial charge and royalty to use your brand’s name and your way of working. But is a tricky task to manage all branches of your product in different areas and locations.

But there is a solution to reduce this stress by the usage of franchise management software. Franchise software such as Brandwide helps you in the better management of all your units and staff and also gives you a chance to expand your business on a global level.

Many big businesses and brands have become so successful with the help and usage of this management software and systems. These management systems or software are the main reason behind the popularity of franchising as well. In this article, we are going to discuss the facts and why this software is helpful in your business growth and franchise management.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Software

What are the features of franchise software, and how does it help?

  • Help to manage inventory and supply chain.

A franchise management system or software allows the franchisors to have all the details about inventory and stocks. On the basis of this information, you can manufacture or purchase the products according to your inventory. Any issues of product shortage problems at any store can be resolved, as they know about the availability and demand of their products. Automatic inventory replenishment tools help order and assign inventory to purchase lacking products in stores.

It makes the process very simplified because franchise management software is cloud-based, so it makes it easy to monitor the sales, purchases, and supply chain. And it also allows you to set targets and carry out solutions. This software also provides a directory, which helps to organize all your data according to your preference. And it makes it easy to view the required data in very less time.

  • Marketing and sales

Franchise management software provides tools to improve customer relationships and promote your products, which attracts more customers and helps in sales growth. Such software like Brandwide offers you to directly get in touch with your customers.

Many management software and systems also give other marketing tools such as digital marketing, branding, and advertisements. You can interact with new customers on social media platforms because these platforms are now popular and have a great number of users. And this allows you to market your brand to such a bigger audience.

These marketing tools help to increase the reach of your products and services and attract more customers. These tools are also helpful in the expansion of your brand by attracting new franchisees. Franchise software also collects outside data regarding the market and other similar products. It also helps you in the pricing of your products and services.

  • Secure intranet and access

Have you ever imagined how it is possible to get the same discounts and offers at any outlet of a brand which is in another country or state? This is because this software offers flawless intranet connection, which allows better communication between all the outlets. It plays a significant role in the management of all units because it is a source to interchange the necessary information.

This software keeps your data protected and safely delivers all your business’s significant or sensitive information to all your units. It is important for all your franchisees to work in sync in franchising. Thus, these tools allow the franchisors to convey their messages to their outlets within less time. And it is also an affordable method of communication between you and your branches.

This software, such as Brandwide, provides each of your staff and units personalized login credentials, allowing them to access it from anywhere securely. It also configures the staff roles to access the data only, which is allowed and required for them.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Software

  • Analytics and royalty management

This software collects all data regarding expenses and profits, which help you to make better decisions and make future plans according to these details. In addition, franchise management software also has advanced calculation engine technologies for calculating royalty fees, financing costs, commissions, and accounting ledgers. And this helps you to manage all the profits and royalty smoothly.

Some franchise software such as Brandwide also allows you to remind yourself about the pending payments from your outlets and other clients. A better analysis also helps you to understand the market. And it helps you to invest and open your franchises in demanding and profitable areas, which is also beneficial for you to prevent losses.

Other advantages of franchise management software

It also helps you to improve conversations because it provides you with the services of automated emails and text messages (SMS) and takes the best actions when anyone replies to your responses. You can custom these actions and the software will work according to it. It also provides the best customer support and helpdesk for your customers. With the best solutions, all franchisees and franchisors can improve their interaction with their customers and build loyalty among them.

These franchise software are very easy to use and learn from all your staff members. Some franchise management software, such as Brandwide, also provides a learning management system (LMS), which includes training materials from PowerPoints, videos, and web pages. In addition, it gives different assessments and tests for learners.

To get help in your business growth and in order to maintain it and manage it successfully, these kinds of franchise software management software are so significant. Consider all these features in the software you are going to purchase for your business. Some software such as Brandwide also allows you to take the demo service, by which you can use and check the software before investing your money in it.

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