Franchising is a typical decentralized business model, entailing multiple locations and supply chain engagements, along with financial details, wherein it needs to be synced suitably for the overall achievement of the franchisees and franchisors. For this, it is quite imperative to have integrated franchise software for effectively coordinating routine business affairs, and rendering enhanced ROI.

Such franchise management software is usually a cloud-centric, modular design that brings forth distinct tools for effectively generating lead generations, marketing, staff training, and synchronizing the entire franchise operations. In this context, Brandwide comes with fully-integrated franchise software, indulging and promoting the brand, deploying new franchise outlets, updating franchisors, automating sales and coordinating local advertising, and bringing in new clients. Thus, Brandwide has been successful in launching the software as a service (SaaS) platform with round-the-clock support. Moreover, this one-of-a-kind software platform never requires any installation cost.

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Helps In Simpler Integration with CRM Software

Even though the franchise outlets are typically supported by relevant CRM software, the franchisors still require permission to obtain and control the overall visibility of individual franchisee retailers. This ensures that the requisite data for the business operations is available to them round-the-clock, therein negating the possibilities of mislaying prospective leads for the business. Besides, having such unique franchise management software neutralizes the need for a separate software system for each franchise location.

With the franchise software synced with the CRM in a single new platform, the franchisors will be able to conveniently distribute the requisite workflows, and email templates to the concerned employees. At certain times, the back-office staff at the franchise HQ might engage with some adjustments during the modifications of the sales or marketing plans, wherein the vital updates will be spontaneously and systematically allocated through the corresponding digital portal accessible. Through such a methodical approach, the downtime for any maintenance affairs can be effectively reduced.

Meetbrandwide - franchise software

Meetbrandwide – franchise software

Aids in Streamlining Communication with Franchise Outlets

Besides, the Brandwide franchise management software helps to simplify the communication processes with the individual franchise stores. As this program syncs in all the franchise businesses in a single centralized location, the franchises will be able to get access to the specific account-centric data, while leaving vital feedback for further consideration. In addition, it will signify that the franchisees are obtaining the necessary support and recognition that they are entitled to.

Assist In Business Growth through an Optimized and Automated Process

The foremost mileage offered by the franchise management software comes with its full automation. It ensures that the franchisors are proficient in controlling the marketing campaigns to effectively capture the potential target audiences. Thus, having fully-functional franchise software helps to deliver all-around success for the lead management in the franchise domain. Again, exclusive management workflows for managing the prospective leads can be effectively integrated with the franchise software, wherein this automation helps to boost the sales processes throughout the franchisee outlets and also at the headquarters.

Renders a Centralized Single Location to Store All Information

The USP of such franchise management software provided by Brandwide is that it can easily store all the vital data in one single and centralized platform, whereupon the franchisors and all other members of the franchisee outlets can gain access to all the relevant business information. This helps them to take crucial business decisions when considering developing their franchisee ventures. Besides, this integrated software also collates the essential data about potential new leads, wherein such a digital information storehouse is updated regularly with details of the franchise projects.

Provides Performance Tracking and Reporting Functions

Again, monitoring the overall performance of individual franchisee outlets is critical for the success of the franchise business, in which case the franchise software helps to keep adherence to the franchise policies and protocols. The software helps to keep track of the potential lead-centric details and find out discrete business opportunities that come from time to time. Besides, franchise management software helps to accelerate and streamline business processes, bringing in real-time visibility. It also delivers additional support for effectively resolving critical situations.

Delivers Fast-Tracked Sales Process

Again, having such highly functional Brandwide franchise software in place, the franchisors can effectively gain control over the business leads and the relevant operational data. This helps to negate the time loss over the disqualified leads while bringing in additional opportunities for improving franchise sales. With such effective streamlining of the business process via the software, it ensures the right information available at the right time for the franchises, therein saving considerable time. Additionally, the software also maintains a record of the progress of all the franchise’s potential deals, as all the relevant details of franchise sales are displayed at a centralized location.

Authorizes Franchisees to Have Complete Control over Personal Data

Now, the franchise software also streamlines the data access permissions for all the franchisee outlets, along with keeping it updated automatically. Owing to such effective software, the franchisors do not have to stay concerned about any franchise-specific tools for properly performing the business functions. Again, this exclusive software is also excellent to administer contracts and documents signed between the franchisors and franchisees. Over and above, it helps to enhance overall productivity by saving considerable time for both parties engaged in the franchise business, along with obtaining the latest business updates.

Meetbrandwide - franchise software

Meetbrandwide – franchise software

Controls the Recruitment Processes

In addition, the franchise management software supplied by Brandwide also assists in managing the recruitment functions of the franchisees, wherein it supports the staff and brings automation to the vital, yet repetitive tasks of hiring new franchise outlets. Thus, such assignments of allocating welcome parcels and signing them for promotional campaigns are synced in by the software program, triggering optimal revenue generation right from the beginning.

Again, this cutting-edge software application also aids to impart training for the franchise personnel and rendering them with the latest digital information, and operating manuals. The automated program also supports the creation of new franchisee stores, while maintaining a proper track of the business insurance of such franchisees.

Effectively Saves Time and Money

The all-in-one streamlined franchise management software assists franchisors to remain organized in their franchise business. The software also ensures in simplifies the communication between the franchisors and franchisees, while promptly securing the relevant data by enabling smooth login functions for the franchisee outlets. Again, it helps the franchisees to raise or reply to inquiries in real-time, negating the dilemmas of indulging in email chains or arduous phone calls. With every contact detail in the database kept updated, there remain no possibilities to miss out on acquiring potential leads.

Final Verdict

Being cognizant of the cardinal benefits furnished by the leading online franchise management software from Brandwide helps the franchisors to make their business profitable by streamlining the quantity of time, money, and efforts spent in successfully growing the franchise. Over and above, the franchisors can always reach out to Brandwide for taking specialized consultation and schedule a free live demo of the exclusive franchise software.

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