Do you want to make the process of offering customer service for your franchise stronger and more secure? Do you have an inclination for freeing up the labor hours invested by your sales reps? Have you set your heart on taking your marketing campaigns to higher echelons by means of personalized ads? Get what you wish for with the help of best-in-class cloud-based franchise CRM software!

The approach of customer relationship management CRM is espoused for managing the interactions that your franchise business discharges with customers. This is pulled off by resorting to data analysis for the purpose of improving business relationships, increasing retention, and eventually driving growth in sales.

CRM is a fusion of software-driven methodologies and the internet. Both entities are utilized by a franchise company to accomplish its unique business goals by identifying and fulfilling the unexpressed needs and wants of customers.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise CRM

Meetbrandwide – Franchise CRM

Franchise CRM software is meant for storing data such as communication history arising out of interactions with existing and potential customers. Moreover, it attends to streamlined management of a usual customer life cycle. Franchise CRM software comes to your succor by deftly handling the following.

  • Inquiries

  • Preferences

  • Reviews

  • Service delivery

  • Support

Is franchise CRM software really needed?

It’s important that as a franchise business owner you develop and foster a good relationship with customers to sustain in the long term. To make this happen franchise CRM software is the most suitable option.

As far as small businesses are concerned it’s possible to deal with customer relations by making use of numerous spreadsheets. However, the process is cumbersome and highly time-consuming. And when it comes to widespread franchise networks running the business off simple spreadsheets is an impossible task.

In the end, it’s only you who can make a decision on the exact needs of your franchise. However, the numerous benefits of franchise CRM software are undeniable.

Advantages of CRM software for franchises

  1. It results in enhanced customer experience.

When you know your prospects well, it becomes easier for you to add a personal touch to the messages you send them thereby adding more value right from the beginning. Franchise CRM makes the way clearer for keeping track of prospects – their contact details, correspondence chain, and personal history. All these pieces of information are then capitalized on for creating resonant, appealing messages meant for those individuals.

  1. It leads to higher productivity.

Franchise CRM software comes to the aid of sales reps in eliminating data entry jobs and other low-value mundane administrative tasks so that they get to spend extra time interacting with prospects. Franchise CRM software also makes it far more easy to take out essential information related to clients before, in the course of, or subsequent to calls with them. It saves labor time worth several months in the long term.

  1. It helps promote heightened collaboration.

Franchise CRM software allows you to effortlessly carry out many customizations thereby facilitating departments to set up communications and interactions with one another for closing sale deals, finishing projects, or resolving customer problems. This can be put into practice through the dissemination of relevant documents stored in folders in cloud-based digital libraries via a private franchise intranet. Furthermore, it allows you to set up real-time chat sessions to bring off easy collaborations. Thus, franchise CRM software makes it simpler for the salespeople to distribute details on company best practices or manage any absenteeism because of a colleague getting sick or going on vacation.

  1. It helps come up with valuable insights

Franchise CRM software is known to offer extremely useful and important insights equally for both franchisors and franchisees. It aids in collecting vital data concerning the following:

  • The performance of sales reps

  • The average size of a deal

  • Individual conversion rate

  • Team-wide conversion rate

  • Red flag waving problems in any particular stage in the sales cycle

  • The stage with the maximum abandonment rate

  • The measurement of deal velocity

To put it simply, franchise CRM software enables you to determine the performance and productivity of your sales rep immediately upon looking. These insights are of utmost importance for franchise owners to stand up to competitive spaces. They help you identify leaks in efficiency if any, get your sales processes better, and brush up on your customer service.

Top of the range features of franchise CRM

Great franchise CRM software will ultimately be paying for itself with the profitable outcomes it generates to grow and flourish your business with time. Some of the most notable features of good franchise software include the following.

  1. It has a franchise intranet

Franchise CRM software supports a private intranet feature. When you’ve got access to this feature any user is empowered to put the key relationship management elements such as documentation, messaging, support, systems, etc together. The franchise intranet is used for storing important customer-centric information in digital private libraries so that they can be easily distributed, simply collaborated, and seamlessly integrated with third-party applications.

  1. It supports an interactive helpdesk

It runs in the backend. It ensures everything works smoothly from the perspective of the customer. It helps in the reduction in back-and-forth support to franchisees for speedy interactions and streamlined progress of leads through the various stages of the sales cycle. The helpdesk offers no less than facilities such as discussion forums, trouble tickets with searchable options, FAQs, etc.

  1. It carries out proper scheduling of tasks and events

Through this feature franchise, CRM software helps in keeping customers up to date with tasks and events that are in the work in progress phase. It also sends out automated reminders to ensure field-level workers maintain their tasks and schedules.

  1. It brings about easy invoice generation and payment processing

Franchise CRM software facilitates the intuitive generation of customer invoices and statements with its built-in tools. It prompts payment application against invoices, effortless interfacing with several payment gateways to carry out the processing of credit cards, and simplifies reporting of revenue earned.

  1. It offers mobile capabilities while on the move

Every single thing done by franchise CRM software from a desktop can be achieved with the help of all kinds of internet-driven mobile devices. Good franchise CRM lends you a helping hand in managing customer relations across franchise outlets right through easy clicks from your mobile device.

  1. It offers manifold communication channels

By means of a centrally managed user interface franchise CRM software lets you send emails, text messages, chat messages, internal memos, etc. to any business contact from a single dashboard. Consequently, all prospects and customers can be accessed on-demand from all devices and their queries and questions can be answered. What’s more, they can be allowed to gain access to valuable information via their preferred medium.

  1. It provides a deep-rooted franchise experience to franchise developers

It’s very difficult for non-franchise people to gather an understanding of all the functionalities any franchisor looks for in franchise CRM software. This is made possible as the software is primarily designed by former and current franchise owners with time-honored experience.

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