Franchising is a one-of-a-kind retail business representation that entails two participants, namely the franchisor and the franchise. In this context, the franchiser allows the franchise outlets to utilize its brand identity and specific business model, depending on typical conditions and guidelines both parties have acknowledged. With the advent of cutting-edge franchise management software, the franchise business can be effectively streamlined to make it considerably more productive and efficient. Brandwide brings in fully integrated franchise software, wherein the software as a service (SaaS) platform comes with round-the-clock support, along with zero installation cost. This unique cloud-based franchise software helps to optimize and market their brand, automate sales, gain more potential clients, deploy new franchise outlets, control the local promotions, and sync in with all the franchisors.

Why It Is Essential To Install A Franchise Management Software App From Brandwide For The Franchisees?

Easy Syncing With CRM

For any business, including franchisees, the prime strategy is to retain the potential target audiences and promote their commitment to the brand. In this context, a suitable franchise management software that is synced with the CRM of the franchise business help to establish a secure connection between sales and marketing, along with automating the customer service process, obtaining client feedback, and encouraging loyalty programs. Besides, this unique software platform also renders a holistic view of individual client data, specific marketing strategies, and previous sales details, and compiles all the contact details of the customers.

Effective Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Enterprises engaged in the franchise business at times find it difficult to tackle the inventory structure. In this process, the franchise management software helps the franchisers to keep effective track of the entire inventory system. Besides, the software keeps watch on the available equipment and replenishes the stock in time. Again, the unique application enables access to stock data for aiding the franchisors to forecast the stock level. In this context, the purchase orders can be subsequently given to restore the stock level. This automated solution assists franchise business owners to monitor the supply chain process, right from the initial order placement to the product resupply or inventory replenishment, reducing the risks in the process.

Synchronized Custom-Made Reporting Functions

Maintaining effective monitoring of the relevant data is one of the vital facets of operating a franchise business smoothly. The franchise management application renders all-inclusive reporting functions that are simple to customize, along with being easily created and evaluated. This innovative software helps the franchisers and franchisees to devise and share varied reports that entail sales and marketing insights, along with client engagement, and more.

Amongst the different types of reports, the franchisees will benefit from sales performance and activity reports, lead source evaluation reports, profitability reports, process automation reports, and CRM pipeline reports. Thus, such automated franchise management software efficiently performs three key functions automating franchisee processes, centralizing data, and mitigating the need for any manual input. Over and above, such unique software aids the franchisees to enhance the speed of data transfers, while reducing the risk of inaccuracies, and data loss, along with maintaining constant communication with increased clarity.

Assures Brand Consistency with Adherence to Rules

For the franchise business engaged in multi-channel marketing, compliance with brand consistency is a vital attribute for success. In this context, the cloud-based centralized franchise management software coordinates the marketing verticals, streamlining, and aiding to boost the brand identity across the entire franchise business. The worth of such brand consistency is supported by extensive research, which showcases an effective increase in sales revenue by nearly 25%, ensuring the dependability of the brand.

Enhanced Software Security with Streamlined Franchise Operations

Again, the franchise software keeps all the business data completely secured, while safeguarding it from any adversity. As it is backed up at a remote server location, the essential franchise data is not dependent on a single location. The franchisors and any other member in the franchise chain can effortlessly transfer the official data to other locations such as the mobile phone, or PC. In addition, such optimally effective franchise management applications aid to simplify the overall franchise operations. Besides, the supplementary cloud storage space helps the franchisors to grow their business and also modify different features from time to time. Over and above the franchise software can be easily accessed from anywhere, helping to streamline the franchise business promptly.

Smoother Setup with Effective Field Service Management

Earlier the conventional franchisers used to remain concerned about obtaining modern tech equipment including keyboards, and monitors for beginning their operations. After the innovation emergence of the franchise management software with access to cloud-based storage space, the business functions of the franchisees can be effectively streamlined, therein making the life of the team members simpler. The franchise employees just require a proper email and password to log in to any device, supported by cloud-centric technology, and stable internet connectivity. Moreover, the franchise software also helps in organizing and chalking out the optimal route for the field executives, along with providing simpler access for the staff and customers regarding the location, payments, and invoice notes.

Negligible Upfront and Maintenance Costs With the Least Downtime

By installing this exclusive cloud-based franchise software system, the franchisors do not have to take trouble investing a considerable amount upfront for gaining access to the software. In this context, the franchise owners can maintain the software on-premise and ascertain its value for the money spent, and can later continue to pay every month. Moreover, the software platform also comes with low maintenance costs and downtime. Thus, the labor costs are profoundly low, as the software is modeled to mitigate the loss in productivity. Again, this software can be easily upgraded without any hassles, irrespective of the location of the franchise, or its staff.

Effective Customer and Process Management

The robust franchise management software assists in coordinating the CRM through high-grade customer service, entailing, customer enlistment, loyalty programs, customer data, and stock look-up, along with valuable client feedback, therein enabling the retention of potential target audiences. Again, the software platform assists in the all-inclusive analysis of franchise stores through the maintenance of distinct auditing standards and guidelines. The software helps to store factual data of the franchise outlets, wherein the franchisors utilize the data as a criterion for optimal performance monitoring and survey. In this context, the software benefits by examining the sales and stock data, along with employee-centric information and performance, and more to rule out inconsistencies.

Final Verdict

Conclusively, it can be stated that the best digital franchise management system software catered by Brandwide brings holistic solutions for franchise businesses, especially SMEs and startups. Over and above, it delivers real-time analytics for the franchisors to track the performances of the franchisee outlets via an integrated communication platform, therein streamlining the entire operations.

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