In recent times, franchises have well-capitalized their business with the advent and installation of cutting-edge technologies into their operating platforms. Most franchisors nowadays benefit from the automated flexible franchise management software offering end-to-end support with real-time scheduling updates, therein optimizing the efficiency and performance of the franchise business. With this unique software, franchise owners can easily launch effective marketing campaigns facilitated through in-depth web analytics.

Such a robust software platform assists franchisees with user-friendly and smooth business operations, supported by centralized advertising promotions. In this context, Brandwide has been successful in rendering the software as a service (SaaS) platform with round-the-clock assistance, negating the need for any installation. The all-inclusive franchise software is modeled to perfectly suit SMEs (small and mid-size enterprises) and startups.

How The Customized Franchise Software Helps In Simplifying The Franchise Business?

Assists In Handling Human Capital Resources

By implementing the highly functional franchise software, the franchisees bring in integrated solutions in integration with the human capital management of recruitment and employee training pursuits. This customized franchise management software helps to sync in the different human resources departments, namely the recruitment services, tracking and training of employees, applicant tracking systems, recruitment process survey, time management, recording the attendance, and payroll management including reporting and verifications. Besides, the software furnishes other functions of automating content creation, performance appraisal, customizing payment processing functions, filing documents, and preparing compensation and allied benefits.

Aids to Sync in Marketing Strategies and Operations

Besides, the tailor-made management software for the franchises has made the life of the franchisors a lot simpler, bringing in systematized operational planning, while strategizing optimal ways to increase the sales revenue through innovative marketing campaigns. Coming with a centralized platform, the software helps in coordinating distinct functions of effectively managing the customer databases, devising optimal funnel marketing strategies, optimizing lead management, and successfully implementing promotional campaigns.

Thus, such customized franchisee marketing operational software offered by Brandwide ensures the management of campaign launches, arranges marketing collateral, and engages in the proper distribution of resources. With such highly functional strategies, the brand identity of the franchises will certainly be amplified. Moreover, the software also permits the creation of centralized access points and procedures. Hence, such custom franchise software possesses the potential to render assistance and reinforce the impact offered by franchise outlets internally, as well as throughout the market. In this fashion, the franchisors can optimally save their invaluable time, money, and endeavors.

Effectively Controls the Business Intelligence Reporting

In the franchise business, the importance of business intelligence (BI) reports and analytics is profoundly vital for both franchisers and franchisees. The franchise management software provided by Brandwide is equipped with holistic BI tools, bringing in operational improvements through trendy analyses and precise market forecasts. This unique cloud-centric BI aids the franchisors to obtain access to essential information while sustaining compliance and security inside the networks.

Besides, the availability of customized BI elements helps to streamline accurate reporting and auditing functionalities across multiple platforms, therein bringing in enhanced data visibility in real-time, even from remote locations. Moreover, such reporting functions via the BI networks will also integrate predictive analytics, big data processing, and measuring. Therefore, such a tailor-made franchise management software platform aids to make the BI analysis-based data smoother and more effective for the overall franchise operations.

Helps To Systemize the Inventory and Supply Chain Management

The Brandwide franchise management software also enables the franchisors and franchise managers to sync in their inventory and supply chain management. In this context, the software platform helps in engaging solutions relating to the identification of products, administering inventory, ensuring the visibility of the stocks, and checking sales performances. Again, this software platform offers automation to administer the cloud-based supply chain and inventory functions, which are actualized with the support of vendor alignment units and APIs.

Moreover, the platform also spontaneously syncs in the implementation and control of the software updates within the franchise network. Besides, the customized franchise software application also assists in the generation of purchase orders, shipping, and automation of logistics. In addition, the software platform also assures that the supply chain management is synced in with the EDI (electronic data interchanges), therein negating the usage of paperwork, along with curbing down the overhead expenses, and tracking the stock levels.

Effectively Manage the Workflow Automation and Campaigns

For boosting potential lead generation, it is vital to automate the workflows in the franchise business. Mapping out and implementing all-inclusive workflows in the franchise network helps to customize the entire franchise process, generating potential conversions with optimized revenue. In this context, franchise management software aids in automating the entire workflow in franchise operations, wherein it particularly converts the low-value tedious jobs into independent-running business functions by maximizing efficiency.

Besides, the software platform also ensures that the sales teams are more focused on optimizing the high-value jobs of boosting the lead generation process. With the software, the franchisors can also create an optimal process layout, while fixing trigger points to spontaneously send and record communications. Additionally, the software platform furnished by Brandwide also syncs in the marketing campaigns, in which case the major part of the workflow needs to be earmarked for generating email campaigns and amplifying the potential leads through the franchise sales pipeline.

Again, the promotional campaigns should be authorized for customizing the links, while creating a stipulated delivery timeframe, and automating email functioning linked to the CRM. Such marketing campaigns are modeled by the franchise management software that needs to be registered in the franchise employee’s communication records.

Administer the Source Tracking Functions

The franchise software systems also help in meticulously tracking the source of all the prospective leads for the business and determining the specific area to invest your funds for boosting the marketing campaigns. In this context, the source for the leads comprises the paid campaigns for any event or referral process, and social media, wherein such sources have to be registered into the CRM along with their source.

The process of recording can be automated or manual and needs to be labeled instantly. Besides, the franchisors can also refer to the analysis of several potential leads generated per source, when the origins of all such leads have been traced from the sources. Again, the software can also determine the progress made by each source in the campaign sales pipeline, and track the entire funds invested in utilizing such sources. In addition, the application can also ascertain the cost per lead, and also the ROI created by each source.

Final Verdict

Considering the distinct premiums rendered by the franchise management software by Brandwide for streamlining the franchise business, it is quite rational to buy and implement such innovative applications to sync in with the franchisees’ stores, while bringing in enhanced productivity through end-to-end solutions.

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