The basic aim of the process of franchise marketing software is to help in making a franchise grow by drawing its attraction from end customers as well as potential franchisees. A few marketing tactics being used by franchises for sustained growth include:

  • pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

  • email marketing

  • SEO

  • content marketing

Franchise marketing is classified into two types.

Operational franchise marketing involves the whole array of marketing activities that both franchisors and franchisees partake in for acquiring and retaining customers.

Developmental franchise marketing is the whole array of activities any franchisor undertakes for acquiring and retaining franchisees at different locations.

Why is franchise marketing software key to building marketing plans and strategies?

To obtain the most fruitful outcomes for franchise marketing campaigns it’s necessary to have streamlined collaboration between the franchisor and franchisees. Franchise marketing software plays a pivotal role in putting this objective into effect. Franchisors aim at creating consistency in the brand image as well as a business model that can be effortlessly replicated by franchisees throughout diverse locations. Nonetheless, franchisees are obligated to keep up a brand reputation by simultaneously adapting to local conditions to bring about success in marketing campaigns.

Franchise marketing software is crucial because it provides guidance to franchises to curate and depict a unified brand story. It helps formulate marketing campaigns for promoting the business in areas it has its operations. It also helps introduce brand image to the core audience.

Here are five ways in which franchise marketing software helps develop and implement successful marketing plans and campaigns.

  1. Franchise marketing software helps you define the goals of your marketing campaigns.

Successful marketing strategies are founded on the edifice of clearly defined goals. Not having them in place will prevent you from achieving the best out of your campaigns. Franchise marketing software allows you to know your objectives to achieve inside out. The knowledge comes in handy at the time of measuring and evaluating the performance of your marketing campaigns in congruence with the delineated goals.

Therefore, it becomes compulsory to establish goals that can be quantified and measured with the help of key performance indicators KPIs. For instance, there might be a need to get in touch with “A” number of leads. Alternatively, you might be interested to amass a revenue of “X” during a certain timespan. These are considered targets of KPIs that are to be achieved. Franchise marketing software helps you find out if the targets are achieved or they’re falling short or they have surpassed.

  1. Franchise marketing software helps you put more focus on standardizing your brand.

Brand image consistency is vitally important as far as franchise marketing is concerned. To make sure you have it, the sheer necessities are as follows.

  • A unified brand message

  • An elaborate brand book

Franchise marketing software comes to your aid in creating them which in turn will be adhered to by all franchisees. These also help in preventing franchisees to lose concentration. For ensuring consistency in your brand image the need to have a powerful brand story is imperative. This takes in building a resonant brand voice that makes a compelling impression on your target audience. Franchise marketing software guides you in setting up precise words and phrases relevant to your brand message for appearing regularly and letting your franchisees align with them all across the board.

  1. Franchise marketing software helps do the segmentation of your target audience.

It’s crucial that your franchise resonates with a steady voice. It’s likewise crucial for your franchise to portray a consistent story. But, simultaneously delivering them to the right people is equally important if not more. Franchise marketing software helps you capitalize on your franchise marketing endeavors while keeping in mind the core audience you cater to.

  • It allows you to do an analysis of the best features of your products and/or services you offer.

  • It provides you with umpteen ideas to make your brand appear special to the core audience.

  • It enables you to determine the channels that catch the attention of your target audience to the fullest.

  • It helps you find out their yearly income and categorize them accordingly.

  • It helps you gain an idea about how your customers chance upon your brand, website, or franchisee locations.

  • It helps you analyze the reasons why your customers choose you leaving aside the competition.

Getting the answers to each of these criteria, thanks to franchise marketing software comes to your succor by making you familiar with the ways your target audience base thinks and conducts itself. You get valuable insights in relation to their fundamental characteristics. When you’re cognizant of this information you can steer marketing campaigns in preferred directions with messaging that carries more relevance and personalization.

  1. Franchise marketing software helps you get the most out of numerous marketing channels.

In order to keep in touch with target customers, you need to have a selection of marketing channels. However, at the same time, it’s important that you carry out some research on the exact channels that are most suitable for your franchise. Having franchise marketing software by your side you can do just that. It empowers you to find out the channels that attract your existing customers the most. It gives an idea about which particular platform is perfect for your franchise and which isn’t. It makes sure you’re enabled with the necessary tool to put channels on priority so that you can sink money and time in them. It also lets you find out ways to outreach your target customers and gain them.

The following several marketing channels can be leveraged with the help of franchise marketing software to draw and sustain the attention of the target audience base.

Social media

It comes up with a direct channel of communication between franchise owners and their targeted customer base. It comes to the aid of brands in establishing a personality and making them appear relatable to customers. With social media, you can create two-way communication with customers thereby letting franchises gather insightful feedback and offer personalized messaging.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are places where potential customers spend lots of time. With a daily user base crossing billions, social media comes of help by providing franchises with a broad-based array of customers to reach out to. Being active and interactive with your audience on a personal level too makes you able to earn the trust of customers and expand your reach.

  1. Franchise marketing software helps you gain a clear understanding of the outcomes of your marketing campaigns.

With franchise marketing software in tow, you can measure the results of marketing campaigns in which you may have invested plenty of effort. It allows you to monitor the number of leads that approach you from every franchise location. It keeps a watch on the behavior of leads and prospects while they visit a page on your website meant for a specific location. Taking a look and reviewing these results enable you to find areas that need improvement so that you can incorporate the essential changes while creating and launching future campaigns.

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