Franchising businesses is more of a scattered business model that includes diverse locations, in addition to an intricate set of financial and supply chain pursuits integrated by the franchise owners for syncing the franchisee chain of outlets. Thankfully, with the emergence of franchise software, steadfastly provided by the well-renowned platform of BrandWide, the entire franchising operations can be suitably merged to augment the ROI.

Such cloud-based automated franchise software also proves to be vital for successful franchise recruitment proceedings. Thus, such a franchise platform completely safeguards and boosts the franchising businesses, while neutralizing operational setbacks. Therefore, with such all-in-one franchise operations software, the entire franchising workflow across all outlets, right from sales to marketing to operations, and to CRM can be effectively integrated and tracked in real-time via the cloud-based platforms.

Let’s Go Through The 7 Vital Strategies To Boost Franchising Business Via Franchise Software:

1. Automated Workflows

Workflows are the most vital elements of the franchising business that can be effectively automated via franchise management software. The cloud-based platform delivers 3 essential functions automating processes, centralizing data, and mitigating manual activities. Likewise, the software helps to enhance the transparency, and speed of processing information, while reducing data loss and risk of errors.

Thus, through the automation of repetitive tasks, the efficiency of the sales team can be optimized. Moreover, the franchisors can chart the right process, and initiate trigger points to automatically send and record the communications, along with launching follow-up tasks. Therefore, such automated workflows assist to integrate the software tools, processes, and workforce to devise flawless process automation for the franchisees.

2. Effective CRM Functions

Engaging the potential target audiences and amplifying their brand commitment is crucial to any business, especially franchising, and is based upon the quality of customer service across the franchise chains. Thus, with effective franchise software, the CRM functions can be easily synced in by integrating customer registration, and feedback, loyalty programs, and others. Thus, the CRM supports automating and establishing a well-coordination between sales, marketing, and customer service approaches. Moreover, the CRM delivers a comprehensive view of the client’s data, previous sales, and marketing endeavors, while syncing up the customer’s contact with the franchisees.

3. Sustaining Brand Compliance with Uniformity

Again, the cloud-based software platform ensures brand consistency and adherence for effectively integrating multi-channel franchising marketing ventures. The automated platform helps to simplify the franchising operations and delivers effective control for sustaining and spreading the brand identity throughout the franchisee network, thereby boosting revenue generation.

4. Integrated Inventory Management

With the appropriate franchise operations software, the entire inventory management can be easily coordinated that includes, including maintaining track of the available equipment, and steady renewal of inventory. The franchisors are also enabled to monitor the supply chain management from the initial order positioning to the product resupply.

5. Synced In Campaigns and Status Tracking

The franchise software also supports generating email marketing campaigns to effectively move potential leads via the sales funnel. In this context, the franchisors need to set up triggers based on the delivery schedules, utilize customized links, and devise automated email responses, without leaving the CRM platform. These campaigns need to be recorded in the client’s communication chronicle, along with the option of delivering text campaigns. Although such campaigns mostly take some time to install, however, they assure to save time and money for the franchisees.

6. Source Tracking and Smart Groups

Again, the automated software helps to track prospective leads from diverse sources of social media, especially via a paid media campaign, event, and referral. Thus, each potential lead in the CRM has its origin tagged upon entry, in which case such lead might come through manual import automatically. When such target leads are efficiently traced, the leads delivered per source can be easily compared with the amount of money spent on every source to decide the cost per lead, along with the ROI per sourced potential lead. The CRM assists in spontaneously adding these leads directly from the franchise representatives and portals.

Again, such a CRM platform comes with smart groups, whereupon it helps to actively segregate the potential leads into groups depending on certain common characteristics, generating utmost efficiency to reach multiple leads all at once. Such distinct groups are based upon sources from where the prospective leads come to the franchisees.

7. Reporting Functions

Moreover, BrandWide, the most effective franchise software platform brings forth all-inclusive reporting functionalities that are quite simple to personalize. This cloud-based automated platform permits franchise owners and franchisee chains to generate and share diverse reports, entailing sales and marketing insights, customer engagement, and more. Such exhaustive reports help to effectively analyze the operational functions of the franchise chains, enabling the franchisors to make decisions for the business. Some of the vital reports are the CRM pipeline report showcasing the advancement of the potential leads via the sales funnel, and the sales activity and performance reports. Likewise, there are the lead source evaluation report and the profitability report.

The Takeaway

The notable BrandWide franchise software platform, thus streamlines the entire franchise operations, and should be readily implemented by the franchisors to optimize the franchise business functions, and generate the optimum revenue. Nevertheless, all startup franchisees and SMEs are advocated to approach BrandWide for obtaining a specialized consultation, along with a real-time demo at no cost, before eventually initiating the franchise software platform for the franchising business.

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