Operating a franchising business can pose a different set of challenges for franchise owners. In this context, implementing robust franchise operations software helps to amplify the engagement rate between the franchisors and franchisees in connection with the different aspects of the business. The franchisee outlets can also utilize the franchise management software from BrandWide to enable all-in automation of their core business operations, along with tracking their performances, and dispatching vital reports as requested by the franchisor.

What Are Discrete Business Challenges Resolved By Franchise Management Software?

1. Automating the Manual Low-Value Tasks

The cloud-based software platform helps to automate routine and low-value workflows, thereby streamlining the administration. By utilizing the automated franchise operations software most repetitive tasks in the franchising business can be synced up and focused on resolving all other significant franchise ventures. To assuring a suitable franchise development, the franchisors need to chart out a definite set of actions, along with precise workflow configurations.

2. Integrates the Supply Chain and Stock Management Functions

The highly effective franchise management operations are fuelled by all-in-one software, whereupon the franchisor gains enterprise-wide visibility for promptly responding to customers’ needs. With all-inclusive franchise management software, franchise owners can easily put across orders based on the minimum and maximum stock levels, whereby ascertaining the status helps the franchisors communicate with the supply chain managers. The software helps to foretell future stock shortages if any and chalks out plans to reduce such losses.

3. Boosts up Sales Figures and Low ROI

Likewise, the franchise software also assists to enhance sales and secures the interests of the prevailing customers developing enduring relationships and loyalty. The powerful franchise operations software helps to drive more potential target audiences to the franchisee outlets. The software seeks to retain more franchise customers by providing loyalty rebates, targeted customer discounts, potential customer tracking, coupons, and gift cards, and through sales promotion management.

4. Syncs up Suitable Marketing Strategies

The franchise software also helps to track the source from where the potential leads are coming to the franchise chains. Now, the sources or origin of the potential leads can be tracked down to paid campaigns, social media channels, and referrals. The automated platform also offers the franchisors the capability in approving, tracking, and enhancing the marketing campaigns in real-time. It also helps to find out the number of leads acquired from each of such promotional channels, along with bringing forth a comprehensive comparison of entire expenses spent on each of such sources.

5. Offer On-Time Strategic Reporting and Compliance Functions

Again, the franchise management software also delivers real-time reporting and analytical attributes, vital to ascertain the overall performances of the franchise chains. This robust cloud-based franchise software is fully equipped with a high-end business intelligence tool that syncs up the tracking functions based on the key metrics in real time. It also furnishes all-inclusive reports and dashboards that can be easily exchanged within and outside the franchising network.

6. Resolves Dilemmas in Communication and Collaboration

The franchise software also helps to effectively interact with individual franchise units with the most advanced communication system. Besides, the role of the franchise CRM is vital, as it helps to effectively streamline all the essential facets of the franchising business to the optimal level. Moreover, such synced-up, effective, and faster communication assures greater success and growth for franchisees.

7. Syncs up The Staff Enlisting and Training Functions

Again, the franchise management software also supports synchronizing the recruiting and training functions of franchise staff. Integrated with the CRM platform, the software simplifies enlisting and on-job training operations in a pretty simpler and more efficient approach. It also helps to negate the time and effort to hire and train new novice staff for the franchises, as it can effortlessly automate the entire process in no time.

8. Integrates the store management functions

The automated software also helps to sync up the store management functions by constantly reviewing and tracking the franchising operations and performance of the franchise business. The software integrates with the CRM platform to flexibly organize and structure the franchising schedules and routine calendar for the franchise staff which will save their time and effort.

9. Remove the Deficiency in Business Growth and Franchise Marketing

The franchise software also helps to sort out the challenges of franchise marketing by enabling the franchisors to track, approve, and enhance each marketing campaign in real time. It also assists in easily tracking all the advertising leads on different platforms including social media, referrals, and paid marketing campaigns.

10. Make Data Accessible and Synced Up With Devices

The automated platform with cloud-based technology brings forth seamless data access via mobile phones and tablets. Likewise, the software comes with effective data synchronization that is accessible anywhere and anytime, along with obtaining the data in real time. The data synchronization can be integrated, when the internet connection is re-established.

11. Sustains Effective Integration with Supporting Software Platforms

Additionally, the franchise management software can also be effectively integrated with the CRM platform to flawlessly administer the different stages of the franchising lifecycle. Such smart integration provides intelligible APIs to input or output external data and is capable of offering an in-built digital signature for syncing up the payment gateways.

In Outline

The cloud-based franchise management software from BrandWide integrated with the CRM platform can effectively sustain the franchising business and performances in real-time, supported by strategic reporting and analytics functions.

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