Franchising is usually a decentralized business model, which includes multiple locations, supply chain management, and financial nitty-gritty that needs to be integrated effectively for boosting the entire franchise business. For such effortless integration, it is better to have the all-in-one franchise management software that will efficiently organize the routine operational affairs, and deliver increased revenue for the franchise unit.

Such automated cloud-based franchise operations software comes with a modular design offering cutting-edge technology to effectively create potential lead generations while syncing up the staff training, marketing, inventory, and reporting functions. Such fully-integrated franchise software from BrandWide is second to none in engaging and promoting the brand, keeping the franchisors abreast with the latest updates, deploying new franchise chains, managing local promotions, automating sales, and bringing in potential new target clients.

How Does Franchise Management Software Help To Sync Up The Franchising Business?

Assists To Save Time and Money for the Franchisors

The robust franchise operations software assists by streamlining the communication between the franchisors and franchisees, while promptly securing the information needed by the franchise units to log into the system. The software also helps the franchisees to raise or respond to queries in real-time, instead of dispatching chains of emails and making monotonous phone calls.

Helps To Accelerate the Sales Process

Moreover, this cloud-based automated franchise software from BrandWide helps the franchisors to effectively manage the potential business leads and also the relevant business data. Resultantly, this minimizes the time lost over the disqualified leads and helps to bring on additional options to enhance franchise sales. The software can efficiently simplify business processes and assures that the right information is made amiable to the franchise units at the right time, thus saving a lot of time and effort. Moreover, the software maintains a centralized location to record and store vital data relating to the progress of all the potential deals.

Offers Easier Integration with the CRM Platform

Again, the franchise management software comes integrated with the CRM in a single platform. Such sync-up helps the franchise owners to easily allocate the relevant workflows and email templates to the concerned franchise unit staff in no time. This automated franchise management software thus nullifies the requirement for a separate software system for individual franchise units and locations. This resultantly assures that the key franchise data is readily available to the franchisees anytime and from anywhere, while neutralizing the chances of misplacing any potential lead details. Moreover, such franchise units supported with the CRM platform will easily manage the overall visibility of the individual franchise retailers.

Furnishes a Single Centralized Location to Cache Vital Business Data

Yet another mileage offered by BrandWide franchise software is its centralized dashboard that helps to store all the vital business data in one single place. The franchisors and the franchise units can access such key information at any point in time. Moreover, the fully-integrated software also gathers vital data for the prospective new leads from the sales pipeline, storing, and regularly updating such essential franchise project details.

Delivers Enhanced Visibility of the Franchising Business

In addition, the franchise management software platform permits the franchisors to sustain a vigil on each detail for all the potential new leads. Such specifications include the number of times the prospective leads have been contacted or followed up by the franchise staff, and also the extent of faster responses. In scenarios of the service-based franchise business, the automated software helps the franchise owners to know the number of quotes provided, and also the projected number of sales per franchise location.

Administers the Enlisting Processes

Again, the franchise management software furnished by BrandWide also supports controlling the recruitment functions of the individual franchise units. In the process, it helps the franchise staff and delivers high-end automation to modify all the low-value repetitive tasks of hiring a new franchise chain. Likewise, the cutting-edge software platform also assists by imparting training for the franchise crews and offering them the latest information, and key operational manuals.

This automated program helps to devise new franchise stores while sustaining a suitable track of the business insurance of such franchise units. Additionally, the tasks of distributing the welcome parcels and signing them for marketing campaigns are well-integrated with the franchise software, while activating optimum sales revenue creation.

To Put It Briefly

BrandWide proves its essence in being the one-stop platform to offer the foremost digital franchise management software that never needs any installation costs in supporting the franchisors to streamline the entire franchising business. Such automated cloud-based software saves substantial time, money, and effort for the franchisees while enhancing sales, curtailing costs, and growing unprecedented profits. Over and above, it is highly advocated for franchise owners to reach out to BrandWide for scheduling a live demo for the exclusive franchise software for free, along with specialized guidance from experts.

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