Most franchise owners these times successfully integrate their business with cloud-based automated franchise management software offering end-to-end support to sustain the stability of the franchise business like a single enterprise. This flawless and customized franchise software platform assists in synchronizing the entire database management system by generating streamlined communication between the franchisors and franchisees.

One such optimally functional franchise management automated solution is furnished by the software as a service (SaaS) platform of BrandWide. Providing real-time scheduling updates, while integrating with supply chain operations, the automated platform helps to forecast the latest market trends, generate reports, and optimize the efficiency of the franchise chains. 

What Are The Prime Tactics To Boost The Franchise Business With Franchise Software?

1. Coordinates the Operational and Marketing Approaches 

The customized franchisee marketing software offered by BrandWide ensures the franchisors launch strategic advertising campaigns, sync up the marketing collateral, and engage in the proper allocation of resources. The software platform delivers synchronized operational planning while strategizing optimum approaches to enhance the ROI through well-coordinated advertising campaigns. Likewise, the automated software also comes with a centralized platform assisting in suitably synchronizing the customer database functions, and maximizing the lead management through highly effective funnel marketing strategies.

Again, the software also allows the generation of centralized access points for ease of operational functions of the franchisees. Such custom-made franchise management software also delivers the potential of supporting and fortifying the franchise chain of the business internally, and via the open market. With such innovative strategies, franchise owners can considerably save their precious money, time, and effort. 

2. Syncs up The Stock and Supply Chain Management

Likewise, this franchise management software also supports the franchisors and franchisees to organize the stock and syncing up the supply chain management. Thus, the tailor-made franchise automated platform helps in the creation of purchase orders, automation of logistics, and shipment. It also engages strategic solutions for ascertaining the brands and products, managing the inventory, obtaining stock visibility, and monitoring sales performances.

Moreover, the software also delivers automation to control the cloud-based supply chain and inventory performances that are devised with the assistance of APIs, and vendor alignment units. In addition, the franchise software also enables the sync up between the EDI or electronic data interchanges and the supply chain management. This resultantly helps to nullify the applications of manual paperwork, while monitoring the sales levels, and curtailing the overheads. 

3. Streamlined Field Service Management with Custom Reporting Options 

Again, such an automated platform also makes it smoother to streamline the field service management, whereupon it delivers the optimum route optimization to accelerate the client appointment procedures by neutralizing the loss of time. Thus, this software helps the franchisors, franchisees, and clients to readily track the required information on the invoices and payments. The software is worthy for syncing up the franchise management, as it helps to streamline the work orders for the on-field crews, thereby enabling highly productive operational functions.

Likewise, the automated software also helps with operational alterations, along with trend evaluation of the franchise market via essential predictive analytics using innovative BI tools. Moreover, this cloud-based BI reporting function furnishes simpler data access by maintaining the essential information secured within the franchise business network. 

4. Increasingly Secured Software Platform 

Such an automated franchise platform also ensures the long-term success of the franchising business by saving crucial business data from any adversities, whereupon it assures a suitable backup of such data in a centralized remote server location. With such an effective and automated strategy, franchisors can suitably protect their brand information. Again, with such synced-up backups and seamless cloud-based security, the issues of hacking can be essentially eliminated. This resultantly helps the franchise staff to easily share vital business data to any PC or mobile device across the franchise network of business. 

5. Manage the Source Tracking Operations

The franchise software also assists in thoroughly tracing the origin of all potential leads for the business and strategizing the distinct ways of investing to trigger the advertising campaigns. Such sources for the prospective leads consist of paid campaigns for any referral methods, social media, or events, whereupon these references need to be enlisted into the CRM including their sources.

The franchise owners should also engage in a comprehensive analysis of multiple prospective leads generated per source, in which case the origin of such target audiences should be tracked from the sources. Moreover, the automated platform also determines the cost per lead, along with the sales revenue generated by each source. Again, the software also ascertains the development made by each source in the sales funnels of the marketing campaigns, while monitoring all the investments made to deploy such sources. Such a method of recording can be manual or automated and should be tagged promptly. 

In Essence 

BrandWide franchise software delivers a centralized access point for syncing up the franchise business with the franchise outlets, staff, and clients, whereupon it fortifies the internal impact of the franchisees across the market. This all-inclusive software platform is perfectly modeled to obtain overall franchise business success, especially for SMEs and franchise startups. Therefore, it will prove quite worthy to order and implement such automated applications to find end-to-end franchise improvement solutions with heightened productivity. 

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