Franchisors operating a franchise business should always look for the all-inclusive integration of the CRM software with the routine franchisee functions. Such CRM systems must be merged seamlessly with franchise growth and business functions, bestowing effective solutions from the top down. Such an automated platform helps to mechanize all the manual and repetitive time-consuming tasks while syncing up the intra-franchise relationships with flawless communication throughout the entire franchising network for optimum growth.

With the right Franchise CRM software, the franchisors can efficiently strategize the marketing campaigns to a new level while automatically following up with each new lead coming to the franchise units. Moreover, this top-of-the-line automated CRM solution from BrandWide delivers a comprehensive view of the individual lead position in the sales pipeline.


Table of Content:

  • What Are The Distinct Mileages Offered By The CRM Software:
  • Cloud-Based Integration
  • Automatic Evaluation of Franchising Business
  • Routine Operational Assistance
  • Maintain a Centralized Communication Tracking Medium
  • Conclusion


What Are The Distinct Mileages Offered By The CRM Software For Franchising Businesses?


1) Cloud-Based Integration: 


The standard business model for franchise businesses includes the franchisor managing the entire franchising network from the top. At the same time, the franchisees control the operations in the middle, and the clients obtain the products or services at the bottom. Introducing and integrating the cloud-based franchise CRM solution with the franchising business helps simplify the franchisors’ functions by suitably syncing up the above operational levels. Thus, using the automated CRM platform, franchise owners can quickly obtain vital business data up or down through the management levels, as and when needed. 


2) Automatic Evaluation of Franchising Business:


Big data is the most vital tool for business functions, which is not different for franchising businesses. The franchisors thus require the all-in-one cloud-based CRM software that delivers a top-down way to boost the overall operations of the franchisees. The well-integrated franchise CRM assists in acquiring custom reports promptly while interpreting them with effective analytics. Thus, with such a business strategy, it is viable to identify the latest business trends and sort out the location-based issues and routine operational functions. 


3) Routine Operational Assistance: 


Likewise, the franchise CRM can be modified from a developmental tool to a more strategically focused franchisor-managed platform. Again, the robust software solution can integrate different functions of the franchising business, such as scheduling tools, sustaining the sales trackers, coordinating resources, royalty calculations, and more pretty efficiently. Thus, it is feasible for the franchise units to have complete access to the standardized franchise CRM software platform from BrandWide that can be exclusively administered by extensive data functions, guaranteeing uniformity in business functions at any franchise location. 


4) Maintain a Centralized Communication Tracking Medium: 


Again, the CRM software helps to sustain a single centrally located communication platform that syncs up and tracks all the text and email messages. Such vital business messages and communication records integrated into a centralized location help the franchisors and franchisees adequately operate the franchisees. Moreover, such critical data available in a single place also helps the on-field crews to instantly acknowledge all the discrete queries arising from the sales processes. Nevertheless, the CRM platform will also showcase the setbacks in communication with potential leads that might cause different operational issues. 



5) Ascertain More Prospective Leads: 


Moreover, the franchise CRM platform also comes with a highly focused and business–relevant approach for the franchising business, devising key metrics to be utilized in an easy-to-use technique. Hence, the franchisees can rightfully adopt the CRM solution to maximize increasing leads into the business while nullifying any diversion from the existing business projects. This cloud-based platform assists in generating custom sales funnel reports, updated with vital business metrics for all the franchisees to boost their performances effectively. 

Real-Time Reporting Functions to Trigger Sales and Marketing Efforts 

Over and above, the software from BrandWide also supports automatically delegating the lead source, thus moderating future reporting itineraries. This is because the prospective leads come directly from the franchise units or through different social media platforms. In this context, the franchisors can easily invest their funds in high-performance campaigns while negating the low-achievers. Moreover, the automated platform also delivers real-time reporting functions, portraying the accurate number of potential leads assigned for different stages of the franchising operations. In the process, the CRM software helps to track the potential leads via the franchise sales pipeline. 




Relentlessly serving their valued customers for over 25 years, BrandWide is undoubtedly the best platform to provide automated franchise CRM software that ensures optimum franchise performance with brand uniformity. Such an automated CRM platform offers completely integrated franchise management functions and helps the potential leads to be positioned directly into the sales pipeline for more straightforward conversion. Thus, choosing such synced-up and centralized CRM software will save the franchisors substantial time, money, and effort while reducing the overall franchising costs. 

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