If you need to make inroads into new or already existing markets easily and really fast to grow your business you can take recourse to franchising your business. In keeping with this idea franchise management software is considered a top-priority solution for franchise development for both budding and seasoned franchisors.

Franchise management software comes up with a platform supported by intuitive technology and helps you be at the helm. The software ensures continued franchise development by helping you devote more time to getting in touch with leads and prospects and spend comparatively less time doing mundane low-value administrative tasks.

Franchise management software helps in scaling up your business by introducing the following powerful features.

  • customizable franchise sales processes

  • automatically generated sales pipeline reports

  • automatic dispatch of sales pipeline reports to concerned email ids so that no key metrics are overlooked

  • instinctive and customizable reporting dashboards that provide information on KPIs

  • smooth integration of franchise management software with various lead portals that help automatically populate information about leads

  • easy and smooth communication with leads, prospects, and brokers

  • alerts for expediting contact with new leads

  • makes sure every lead is allowed to pass through every stage of your sales process

  • visually appealing custom templates meant for launching email marketing campaigns

  • brings about standardization of information, prospects are expected to receive through intuitive email marketing campaigns

  • simple management and processing of royalties and several other fees

  • the integration of Automatic Clearing House while processing royalties

  • the management of FDD especially the franchise count

  • simple collection of profit and loss data

  • easier management of franchise territories

Franchise management software helps in the consolidation of hiring and production activities into a single platform thereby getting rid of the need to include third-party software systems or add-ons.

Franchise management software helps shift efforts concerning franchise development down through the sales funnel. It offers best-in-class franchise development strategies by virtue of which you can bring about automated workflows during the elementary stages of lead generation. This is done to free up the time of senior sales professionals to pay attention to more important tasks and satisfy obligations related to the upper sales funnel simultaneously.

To effectuate robust development franchise management software smoothly incorporates other lead portals into its fold as a result of which leads are automatically populated for franchise owners. How? By setting up automatically triggered events that direct welcome messages to new leads. Even customization of these welcome messages can be done in line with the unique needs of your business. However, usually, they send out thanks to the leads for showing their interest and provide assurance that a sales rep will get in touch with them soon in addition to sharing vital details in relation to a franchise opportunity. In this way, franchise management software enables the automation of the top of the sales funnels, enters the information within the system, and starts warming up leads for your sales reps.

Once lead details are populated in the system, it becomes simple to nurture leads. From the list of leads, franchise management software allows you to swiftly sort out leads utilizing certain criteria such as:

  • Date of inquiry

  • Net worth

  • Total cash at disposal for investment

  • Projected closing month figures

Following this, you can directly reach out to the leads using their preferred mode of communication. All these actions can be executed from a single dashboard that also contains call logs, notes, or correspondences you might have previously entered so that the communication can be picked from the point it was left off. The progress made in communication can also be monitored in real time via automated franchise development workflows.

Moreover, when you reach out to hot leads that are placed further down in the sales funnel, you can right away access information such as quarterly reports from the digital library of your franchise intranet, create events and tasks such as planning to-do lists, scheduling appointment times, or sending bespoke virtual brochures. Eventually, franchise management software helps you automatically identify and compile the top five sources of leads that in turn enables users to bring more efficiency into their lead generation efforts.

Franchise management software helps in retaining the warmth in leads to get better development results.

In franchising, the persistent luxury of talking to hot leads doesn’t always arise. However, it’s a good idea to keep the warmth intact and not let it go into cold storage entirely. This can be pulled off by maintaining continuous communication with the leads. Even though you may face a lot of challenges to be in charge of all leads that exhibit interest, it’s comparatively easier than warming up a lead that has fully gone cold.

Franchise management software facilitates this attempt by utilizing its lead nurturing functionality. Whenever you’re required to turn aside to handle a few other aspects of your business, through the functionality you attain the capability of handing off the ongoing communication to a different sales rep. Since the whole communication history comprising phone calls and notes are stored with respect to the lead profile, your sales representative can continue with the correspondence where you discontinued and steer clear of embarrassing situations where you begin with stating the same sales pitch to the lead that has heard it before.

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