Franchising is a unique retail business involving two parties, the franchiser, and the franchisee. It is a very popular business model mostly in locations, where foreign brands utilize the franchisee business to extend their presence in the market. With the advent of cutting-edge franchise management software, most contemporary franchises have proven their gradual success over the years.

Such an innovative and customized franchise solution renders the franchise owners freeing up their time with automated configurations, and real-time scheduling updates while syncing in the entire franchise network functions smoothly. This one-of-a-kind software platform dedicatedly offered by BrandWide helps in boosting franchise efficiency and performance to the next phase and beyond. With the support of such an intuitive software platform, the franchisors can easily establish and coordinate marketing campaigns comprehensively and efficiently throughout the franchising markets.

The 5 Vital Questions to Ask Before Selecting the Right Franchise Solution

Can The Franchise Solution Offer Easy Integration With Automated Workflows And Campaigns?

For every business, the operational workflows form an integral part of syncing in the lead management solutions. Thus, designing and integrating automated workflows will help the franchisees effectively customize the business at every step while leading to increased potential lead conversions. In the process, automating the low-value or repetitive tasks will certainly assist to boost the optimal efficiency of the franchisees, while enabling the sales team to dedicate more time to other high-value business efforts.

Thus, by efficiently charting innovative strategies and setting trigger points, the franchisors can spontaneously send and record communication, fixing the follow-up assignments. Hence, standardizing the workflows throughout the franchisees, along with in-depth reporting functions for the brand will also help the franchisee owners to effectively measure the performance of the franchising business.

Again, part of this automated workflow can be utilized to generate cost-effective email marketing campaigns for effortlessly moving potential leads throughout the sales cycle. Nevertheless, the franchisors need to ensure that they generate trigger-centric delivery schedules, utilize customized links, and devise automated email responses, without leaving the CRM platform. In this context, all the marketing campaigns need to be recorded in the client’s communication history. Although such advertising campaigns require some primary setup, they will eventually save the time, money, and efforts of the franchisors, and also assist them to expend more resources on the potential clients for the franchisee’s brand.

Do Franchise Solutions Offer Interactive Desk Support And Access To The Mobile App Version?

This franchise management software furnished by BrandWide needs to sustain an essential attribute of the support desk while catering for unique information-based discussion forums. In the process, the franchisee owner shares the supporting functions amongst the franchisee units by taking assistance from personalized instructive experiences.

Moreover, this automated franchise solution also provides real-time access to the mobile version of the system. Thus, the cloud-based franchise software optimizes the franchise-related applications in the mobile app versions, thus benefiting the on-field personnel. In this context, the software platform brings forth accurate route maps and a roster of field service agents. In addition, the unique software can also be configured to retain the client’s initials and payments via the remote digital mode.

Again this intuitive mobile app version can be integrated with the Android and iOS apps, helping to share important updates and alerts to the field executives, tracking the inventory level, and rendering comprehensive access. However, mobile apps should always offer the vital aspects provided by the franchise software and should be free from any setbacks.

Can The Franchise Software Provide Sales Cycle And Inventory Management Capabilities?

Now, the franchise solution needs to be integrated with the CRM platform for offering centralized sales and inventory management. Such effective synchronization will assist to segregate the prospective leads based on their level of needs and preferences, thereby optimizing the number of quality conversions and boosting the ROI. Besides, with the unified stock administration provided by the automated software platform, the franchisors will certainly be able to restore their stock level efficiently and quickly.

Thus, by maximizing the supply chain functions, the franchise owners can significantly save on all the transport expenses and delivery crew costs. Again, the franchisors can track their inventory round-the-clock via the software; while prudently setting automated triggers to inform the logistics team if any specific franchisee unit needs additional stocks. Such cutting-edge solutions entailing vendor configuration programs and electronic data interchanges (EDIs) will effectively mitigate the storage and stationary outlay. With such effective coordination, the franchisors will be able to create increased revenue and easily negate all hassles of demand-supply.

Does The Franchise Solution Has A Secure Intranet And Offers Source Tracking Functions?

For effective performance of the franchise business, it is vital to have a flawless communication platform, whereupon the franchise intranet is undeniably an essential feature. The franchise intranet is quite imperative for brand administration, letting the franchisors share sensitive data with the franchisee units. The franchise owner needs only to upload brand-specific regulations, advertisements, and other vital security for the franchise solution software, wherein all the franchisee hubs will abide by the protocols. Such a highly functional intranet also permits franchise owners to sustain version control and minimize email communication needs.

Again, tracking the source of the potential leads will cause a direct impact on the spending of the franchising business. In this context, the automated franchise management software platform aids to monitor the prospective leads and their approaches to identifying the franchise’s brand such as through social media, referral, or paid media campaigns. Thus, every potential lead in the CRM platform must have its origin labeled upon entry into the franchise software.

It traces whether such entry is done automatically, or manually. After the source tracking of the leads is completed, the franchisors can compare the traffic generated per source and the relative progress of the sales cycle per lead. Besides, it also helps to track the funds spent on individual sources, thereby ascertaining the cost per lead, and also the overall return on investment per sourced lead.

Can The Franchise Solution Bring Forth Insightful Reporting Attributes?

Eventually, the franchise solution should also include a comprehensive reporting platform. In this context, the automated software helps to maintain all-inclusive reporting functions that can be easily shared throughout the franchise network. In the process, discrete types of reports can be customized, such as sales activity and performance reports, profitability reports, lead source evaluation reports, process automation reports, and CRM pipeline reports. Thus, these easily accessible, interpretable, and reviewable reports help franchisors and franchisees to make their business functions completely flawless. Such real-time distributable reporting attributes synced with the business intelligence tool render strategic insights into the vital aspects of franchising.

In Conclusion

It is thus proven that there is no better alternative than implementing the automated franchise solution for the improvement of the franchisees. Therefore, this highly scalable cloud-based franchise management software system from BrandWide will assist the franchisors to utilize unique plug-in modification abilities, thereby streamlining the business performance with core software support in their key areas. Hence, with the appropriate software platform, operations will be increasingly efficient and smoother at every level of the franchising business.

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