Franchising is an effective business model to expand the business of SMEs and startups to different geographical locations. Utilizing the brand name of the franchisors and the unique business model, the franchisees engage in business operations and share revenue. Nevertheless, the appropriate relationship between the franchisors and franchisees can only produce a successful franchise solution, in which case the franchisor supports the franchisees and implements the protocols of the franchise agreement.

In this context, to assist the franchisors with suitable training the franchisees, it is quite imperative to introduce comprehensive franchise solution software. Such a highly functional franchise management suite preferably from BrandWide will certainly help to coordinate the discrete facets of the franchisee’s workflow. Bringing forth customized software arrangements, the solution aids to expedite the franchise operations procedures and curtail the costs, while driving optimum efficiencies. This automated cloud-based solution from BrandWide helps the franchisors to bestow in-depth training and support to all the new franchisees introduced in the business, and also to the employees at various franchisee hubs.

What Are The Distinctive Upsides Gained From The Software For Staff Training Purposes?

Provides Continual Training and Support

The automated franchise solution assists the franchisors to provide extensive support and training to the staff employed at different franchise units via the employees from the headquarters location. Such exclusive assistance and orientation for franchise operations, includes replacement management training, marketing support for new and existing products and services, supply chain management, and more.

Such training catered by the BrandWide software platform is offered through the Intranet-based support system, where the franchise units can interact with other outlets and acquire customized advice directly from their fellow franchise hubs. In addition, many franchise owners provide seminars and process meetings at the regional level, permitting the franchisee staff to directly interact with the franchise system management, other franchise employees, and traders.

Permits Universal Access throughout the Franchisees

With this automated and cloud-based software solution, the franchisors permit the franchise units to control each hub and measure its visibility. This signifies that the franchisee chains will be always able to access the relevant business data in their operations. Thus, the probability of missing any potential lead can be removed. Besides, this unique franchise management platform helps to share the workflows, along with the vital templates for email marketing campaigns. Likewise, when the franchisors finalize any changes in the marketing strategies of the franchisees or want to deliver sales-specific objectives, the correlated updates will be spontaneously directed through the digital portal. Thus, it will never trigger any maintenance issues due to downtime.

Facilitates the Sales Process and Increases the Sales

Besides, with this one-stop franchise solution, administering prospective leads in the sales pipeline becomes pretty simpler, since the franchise software permits the users to gain access to the exhaustive database. This again streamlines the collaboration with the franchisee units and negates the wastage of time that might have been spent on the incapable leads. In addition, more time can be dedicated to enhancing franchise sales by targeting more authentic conversions. Moreover, the franchise software solution also helps the franchise owners and the franchise units to maintain a prosperous track record of all potential sales deals secured. In this process, the franchise staff never has to depend on emails and calls to find any updates on active or inactive leads.

Saves Significant Time and Money

As this automated franchise solution software is robust, it aids in effectively organizing each minute aspect of the franchise operations. With this cloud-based software installed, the franchisees can just log in and obtain any relevant business information, negating the need to search for data manually. Thus, due to the streamlining of communication between the franchise owners and the franchise chain of units, any duplication of business activities can be easily averted. Over and above, this will help to minimize the number of misused prospects, and the possible chances to settle a potential sales deal, as there will be no outdated information.

Enables Real-Time Prominence of the Franchisee Chains

Again, one of the most remarkable mileages of this franchise solution comes with its permitting the franchisors to maintain a hawk-eye on the performances of the franchisees. It also aids to find whether the franchisee units are adhering to the strategies and regulations throughout the sales pipeline. Moreover, the franchise software also maintains a round-the-clock track, while syncing in all the vital details relating to each prospective lead. Now, in the case of service-based franchisee businesses, the franchisors and franchise units can find the dispatched number of quotes and proposed sales figures based on the specific location of the franchise.

Renders Hassle-Free Communications with Franchisee Hubs

Likewise, the franchise solution also helps to synchronize an effective communication platform with all the parties engaged in the franchising business. In certain scenarios, maintaining the business dealings of the franchisees spread across different time zones becomes difficult, wherein the cloud-based software streamlines by storing the data in a centralized location for ease of access. Thus, this single-place collation of information helps to support the franchisors and franchisees, suitably controlling and simplifying all the operational setbacks.

Automates Franchise Recruitment Process and Routine Assignments

In the franchising business, recruiting new franchise units is one of the essential determinants to boost franchise ventures. In this context, the franchise solution or software renders all-in-one control over the franchise engagement processes. Besides, this one-stop solution also automates the entire franchisee functions, including the low-value monotonous tasks such as hiring new franchise units. Moreover, other routine tasks of dispatching the welcome packets and enlisting them to smoothly perform the marketing campaigns are also steadfastly served by the automated software.

In addition, the solution helps the franchisee owners to access all the vital business necessities like imparting training to new franchisee hubs. Again, the automated software platform also helps the franchisors and franchisees to evolve new strategies to build new franchise units, and also inspect their insurance eligibility and accessibility. Therefore, the overall success of the franchise business model is based upon the franchisor controlling all the elements of business operations via the franchise solution, catered only by BrandWide. Hence, such investment in the BrandWide software will certainly pack back effective cost-savings, along with the increased speed in operations, and heightened productivity.

Bottom Line

Contemplating the distinct premiums contributed by the one-of-a-kind franchise solution platform from BrandWide, the franchisors can obtain much-needed peace of mind in effectively running the franchise business. Thus, the most trusted franchise management software solution will undeniably render end-to-end solutions, helping to escalate sales, minimize overhead costs, and make the franchisees highly profitable. Over and above, this franchise software enables a flawless collaboration between the franchisor and franchisee, rendering a win-win situation for both.

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