Things become a lot smoother when you utilize franchise CRM software to grow and empower your franchise partners. But how would you accomplish this? Read on to learn about four principal strategies to promote expansion and empowerment of your franchise partners.

Inventory Management

As a franchiser, having a notion that only you’ve got to sell your brand name is incorrect. There are many franchises that make their own products and include them in their offerings. But, it’s not a clever move to have your franchisees learn your innate tricks. Unfortunately, this also implies that the burden to oversee and maintain your inventory falls mostly on you. The need to track your every item and make sure that the supply chain isn’t disrupted becomes all-important.

Modern franchise management system software finds a solution to this trouble. With the software in place, it becomes plain-sailing to track every item in a centralized manner. These include the items you have, the ones you need and lastly the ones whose stock would soon draw to a close. You can configure and set alerts to notify when the quantity of a certain item drops below the marked level. Meanwhile, you can spare yourself from a great many troubles as well.

Marketing and sales

Ways to Put Your Franchise CRM to Use and Generate Leads

The fundamental and most important factor that controls your business adds up to only one thing – increased sales. You always have the wish to offer more products/services to an ever-growing number of customers. In this context, the distribution of your franchise all over the country or at an international level may put you in a zone where you lack understanding or impartiality. Such a scenario will lead you to a situation where you’re unable to monitor the performance of your franchisees – how to pinpoint the franchisees who succeed or fail in boosting sales.

Here also, a robust franchise CRM software renders a centralized understanding of your every financial detail. This includes sales and analysis of success and failures. When you have the grasp that your sales are rising or plummeting, you may decide to proliferate your brand or rethink and rebuild your strategy accordingly.

Another vital facet is marketing. With powerful franchise management system software, you can handle every marketing campaign and customer need with ease. Likewise, you can look at this data as regards all the departments in your company and find out which marketing campaign is giving gainful results, and which needs further improvements. With franchise CRM software, you get centralized access to every data pertaining to customers. This information can then be used to leverage targeted marketing with options such as email marketing and more.

Inspect your franchisees

With franchise CRM software, you can keep an eye on every franchisee at all times. Since the majority of software is cloud-based, you can also make the most of mobile devices to derive real-time information. A few of the well-known software vendors can provide you with bespoke solutions that suit the extent of mobility you call for. Here, there isn’t any actual action involved other than careful monitoring. For example, it acts as a savior to that one likely circumstance, where a certain franchise has run into trouble and your instant corrective measures can mend things immediately. Cloud-based mobility equips your franchise management system to grow and authorize your franchise partners to discharge important actions, anywhere and anytime.

Furthermore, regularly keeping a watch on your franchisees leads to a situation where physical inspections become redundant. It saves you plenty of time and accords more liberty and flexibility to your partners.

Managing employees and departments

Can franchise CRM software manage your every resource through a centralized platform? Yes, it can. And you garner the maximum benefit out of it. These include manpower, for example, your employees. The software capacitates you to track the performance and progress of your employees on a periodic basis. The franchise management system software ensures that you’ve hired the right people to let your business flourish. Simultaneously, you can extrapolate this feature down to your franchisee level. You can keep regular tabs on how your employees are performing and assess their strengths and shortcomings.

The same principle is applicable to the departments as well. The franchise CRM software facilitates a streamlined workflow and coordinated inter-departmental functioning. This coordination should also hold true where departments involve the franchise and franchisee and it’s even more necessary as the franchisees are scattered over different geographical locations. The system software provides you with an all-encompassing dashboard where every data would be at your fingertips for study and analysis.

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