As a successful franchisor, you must be used to training staffs and franchisees and it can be done easily with Franchise Management System. You’re trying to constantly evaluate the processes and educating yourself on the process. But becoming a multi-site franchisee doesn’t happen overnight, it takes some level of planning and tricks for developing company.

Managing multiple supply chain and sales tasks can be hard specially during these challenging times when the entire supply chain is under lockdown. Speaking of which, the best to upgrade your business, is to streamline some of the components of your service.

We understand small businesses have limited budgets indicating crisis. This is particularly true for new franchise owners in the market. To help them overcome this situation, BrandWide has come up with COVID-19 assistance program for those who are facing problem due to the pandemic crisis.

Under this program, we’re offering free franchise management software for 12 months. Keeping this mind, the blog provides a list of benefits of hiring franchise management software for service owners.

Get Rid of redundant HR management

Using an integrated franchise management system, you can not only have a detailed record of the sales performance, but you can also manage administrative works too. The software doubles as a complete HR management process, which reduces the need for a dedicated HR team. With a complete set of HR metrics being linked to CRM software, it helps to measure any opportunities and weaknesses in your company.

Managing multiple location is no more hectic

Indeed, as a franchise owner, you love the fact that you can dial into anywhere across the globe. For instance, you’re on a holiday, everything is still tracking, and the office is completely available whenever you need it to be. BrandWide’s cloud-based franchise CRM enables you with messaging service and emails. This feature will help you to track and organise all customer communications reducing any chances of misunderstanding. And lets you remain connected to your customers and team members with update notifications. Forget the tensions of managing multiple databases because the software puts all your relevant client information at your fingertips. Whether you need to get in contact directly or just checking the target of a new campaign, all will be done in just a few seconds.

Get carried away with Streamlined CRM and franchise marketing

By now, you must be aware that no franchise can sustain without customers. Yet, its shocking to see some of the franchisors don’t put enough effort to build a good relationship with their clients. Are you doing the same? If so, then now is the time to start doing it.

CRM and franchise marketing services are mostly about understanding, managing and communicating with your customers. The best possible way to do this is to get a standard CRM software. Franchise CRM software will help you learn more about your clients, and track all the communication between your team and leads. Overall, it provides you with a 360-degree view of your leads, showing what they are interested in it. Without CRM software and marketing operations, you can’t understand your customer’s requirement.

The benefits of Franchise management system are endless, thus making it an obvious choice for franchise businesses. It’s your time to make the ultimate decision, whether you need us beside you or not.

But with the BrandWide COVID-19 assistance program in your hand, be rest assured to get better time management, transparent lead tracking and successful performance of your company.

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