Proactive ways to boost your business using Franchise Management Software

In the present time, when each day feels like a year, planning for a long-term business solution is certainly hard for franchisees to afford. But, franchise development leaders, live in the future by planning things, with months of fine-going execution and by establishing arelationship with the appropriate candidates with the help of Franchise Management Software

Given the environment of pandemic crisis today, versus the ongoing imperative strategy for tomorrow, even the franchise owners across various industries must be scratching their heads to think, ‘What now? How do we deal with it?’

Looking at the reality of things when it comes to franchise conditions, the challenge today is to empower franchise owners with a positive change. It is not only to win battles against slashing sales but also to set an easy to execute the plan, to be a proactive business in anyeconomy.

In light of the current scenario, BrandWide has come up with 12 months free franchise CRM subscription in aid to deal with the pandemic COVID-19 effect. So, here in this blog, we discuss the ways businesses can boost their sales using the free franchise CRM subscription even during this criticality.

Before you follow the strategies to deal with your franchisees, take a note at the do’s and don’ts:

Things you should not do

  • Do not panic
  • Do not slash prices
  • Do not cut-down employees abruptly.

Things to do

  • Take a close insight into your franchise industry and get your facts.
  • Listen to your clients regularly, if they’re not making any conversation, get them talking.
  • Identify new ways to deliver value to your clients by educating them on your business.
  • Cutting down prices is not the solution, supporting the customers to spend more money easily is the best answer.

Benefits and features of free franchise CRM subscription

Managing a large franchise business is impossible without implementing franchise software. BrandWide’s cloud franchise systems enable the user to manage a large business network. The CRM is very similar to a retail software that contains a complete set of retail features but supports multiple franchise holders while allowing smooth evaluation of a large amount of data. Hence, it gives you an option to select the type of data you want to send and receive from the franchisees. The boons of such an integrated system are endless, but let’s point out some important features.

Optimized inventory and supply chain

A franchise management system provides the franchise owners with a corporate view on the inventory level. By doing so, you can easily place orders based on the minimum and maximum levels of inventory and connect directly to the supply chain. In addition to that, the automatic stock renewal tool can be utilized across all the franchise chains, giving you details on the historical data and recent trends. In a whole, this means that franchise owners become fully aware of what’s happening where and the franchisees at the same time have the complete whereabouts of their supply. It helps everyone to be aware of the amount of product they have so that they can utilize it when they encounter any shortages or blowouts during this crisis.

Multiplied sales for outlets

To make your customers choose you repeatedly, it is important to provide them with quality customer service and build a good customer relationship. That means, the more a franchise outlet sells, the more revenue you will earn. Our franchise software system provides customer loyalty and sales generation features to drive more customers to your outlets. Of course, the final in-store customer communication depends on the franchisee, but an efficient CRM software can help to boost your sales.

Enhanced marketing results

Sometimes, the problem with a franchise marketing plan can be due to simple adherence to traditional tools. Franchise owners spend numbers of working consultants and market researchers to build a multi-level strategy, but all goes to vain, but they can’t get the entire the team on board.

So how do you make things work for improving your franchise marketing strategy? The answer is simple! An effective franchise management system can be utilized to carry out limited marketing activities. BrandWide’s franchise management software automatically captures on necessary details about your target demographics through the auto-updated pipeline, based on the prior dealings. You’ll also be benefitted from the intuitive reports and marketing analytics, that come with the franchise software. Thus, you can easily find out the avenues you are paying dividends for and keep a check on the cash drain from your pocket.

Conflict free benefits

Nowadays, almost all franchise management software is cloud-integrated, which means you can access it from any device and location. Hence, by looking at it and by comparing your sales and supply chain activities, you can tell how your business is doing. You can easily pinpoint the areas of concern and finalize your management goals without any hassles. Apart from these, through the software, you can easily monitor important reports, such as revenue, profit, cash flow, and expenses. All of this is done without any need for daily reporting.

Summing Up

On a whole, the franchise software brings to you an individual organization management interface, with a range of features such as campaign builder, website designs, staff directors, and much more. Honestly, can you imagine to survive COVID-19 crisis without the miraculous franchise software system?

You know the answer to it! But the call is yours, whether you want to hire an overbearing manager to check in on every task or you want our franchise CRM that allows you to track everything in just a few clicks.

Through our BrandWide COVID-19 assistance program, we are dedicated to helping you through the struggling days. Also, to help you in achieving success. Our franchise CRM subscriptions allow you to keep track on your employees, review reports on multiple operations, and enable you to smartly look over a conversation between customers and staff. It’s an all in one franchise system that you would not want to miss.

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